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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Freitag, 3. August 2012

The Watchmen becomes God America don`t worry, your Future as Watchmen is safe with him, Dr. Manhattan, the "nuclear scientist (is getting) into what is essentially a glowing blue god". 

For sure (are you?) by then Iran`s Scientist will have left this Earth so that nothing can disturb your way to get Gods over the Gentiles. But by the After Attack Radiation from Japan it could be that you had been ripped of with the rest of us Gentiles. Or what about these folks, the "ever enemy"? 

Shit happens, isn`it? 

Yes folks, it could happen that there will not be any American Watchman. Let us pray now with the Elders.

Snakary home
What, America, you do not bow down to your parents? 

You know everything better?

who is not with me
gets killed (do no be too sure, you could die there and never get your hunter loan)

Sure that we need you, not you need us and our wisdom?

Wisdom Source

Who the fuck is this?  Blue?

What it is this? 

Long before you overthrow the Natives from America the real Indians knew already what you try to find out now:

Are there UFOs? >>>>>>>>
                   Lord Krishna
Yes, it is true, they had more taste 
those days than you.
And Krishna loved human women as more as more better. 

Yes you are blue blooded as well but not too much, hopefully 
 Some more studies on our part-Forefathers here

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