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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Freitag, 3. August 2012

Not new but as usual

the US-Freemason Fraction is meddling in foreign countries to cause reason for their business: war. New is that they cannot hide it any longer and that more and more humans all over the world realize this. Let us do our part to let the whole world realize how these murderers are operating. By these words I am demanding all US UK France German Citizens who should benefit from these wars by their money-games: Stop it. It is rather not a polite demand but order out of my spirit. I am asking all those who do not benefit from these wars: do the same thing out of your spirit. Order the end of this Shit. NOW- do not mix this with NWO. We want to get rid of the Murder Class which is ruling the World. It is over.

Disgusting, these mind and soulless Killers including the brainwashed people in the background - or are they playing in with records`?
Unfortunately we must state that we never saw any significant outrage of the US Citizens, this is a shame for them but should nevertheless not result in a police state

Better they wake up now than never. They are not the chosen people to free humanity and we also do not need a hunt of Jewish people in the US. That it is utter bullshit out of disresponsibility. As today I received a newsletter from the US in which they accuse all Jews as the EVIL inside of the US. 
Here it is:
What to say about such way to get rid of own responsibility in the matter? We find either the Communist aka Chinese or Jewish accused but never the very common 

US-MC Donald Food Eater
who is lying his fat ash in front of the TV and enjoys how the rest of the Globe gets tortured and killed. I am sorry but I cannot believe into such innocence by the common US worshipper of its Supremacy on us the Gentiles (the rest of the Globe). The Jewish Mindset is in fact the Mindset of common US Citizens in general. This can be felt by only entering the Country. It is absolutely not necessary to be Jewish for such feelings of Supremacy  ... It was the common pride of US Citizens, especially among the Middleclasses: how comes now they put the blame on the Jewish? Hello? How stupid you think we are?  Overtake responsibility! War, war and again war and making money out of it. Disgusting.

I do not confirm the idea of the speaker that these people wished to serve their country, they do it for the payment and because they sell their souls. Better know this and stop to dream. It will not be different in the US. A mercenary does not mind who he kills.

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