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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Samstag, 30. März 2013


And now learn more about your enemy and how they are fucking with your mind, your life and the earth.
Do your research and do your thrive on it
For the meanwhile you need to defend yourself: this is the onliest way which seems to function, unfortunately they have a lot of poison to drop on us. So you also need a lot of Vinegar ... minimal sometime you can use it. Spray out your house with it. Wash your things with it and even drink it. Just try ... do not blubber that you do not believe in it. Try it and then blubber. Another thing you should do is to cream your eyes and skin with Olive Oil. You can even take a bath in water with Oliveoil. You must give your skin some strength and oil. Chemtrails are drying you out.
And here is something to build to protect yourself  and neighbours from microwaves

Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

Obama ...

I would not ride on this but when I saw so called Obama the first time it entered immediately into my senses: he is not real. All of such sudden impulses in my past turned afterwards out as true, unfortunately.

So, please try the following: Can you get any kind of intellectual sense out of his words? May be you can. He is not speaking my mothertoungue. You, who are native English speakers must understand him better, not so? Of course, usually my English is good enough to understand lots of other people. But this guy: sorry I cannot press any reasonable sense out of his speech .... Then, he wonna be crystal clear ... How many times, he is repeating this term?

But furtheron this guy has to fight with a lot of shadows on his face, not so? And, okay .. Americans do talk a bit like they would chew on something, but Obama never gets his big tounge shortened a bit. Lovely even how he is referring himself born by Disneyland. If you wonna wonder a bit more, just watch this video. May be you are more interested into your own clone.

But let us follow Obama now to Sacred ISRAEL
Obama Puppet Goes To Israel from Brother Nathanael on Vimeo.

I love this one, especially the advice

Dienstag, 26. März 2013

Archons, Demons ....

Is it possible that "they" can invade our bodies and senses? Did you realize how you are constantly doubting your dreams and decisions? Did you realize how you constantly fear that things go wrong for you? Isn`t that "special" ... totally destructive but it happens again and again.

Please, consider "them" as existing parasites and find a way to deal with them.

Samstag, 23. März 2013

Sheikh Imran Hosein

I do not promote Islam nor any Religion: you know that, if you are here more than one time.

But I like to listen to Sheikh Imrans Hosseins lessons. Within this one it comes to the point of marriages and divorces. It is unfortunately true that the western families are destroyed. But I do not think this is caused by Monogamy ... which I still consider as the normal relationship between a man and a woman. In fact a man cannot truly provide 4 women with all they need, especially not concerning sexuality. This is utter nonsense as it is utter nonsense to look on some women as not beautiful ... and what? How many men do not pass that test?

But on another level it is not very good as well for a society if there are too many lonely people. And that it is not what the monogamistic family system caused but the Propaganda for Feminism and free sex. But let us remember properly how this got placed. They first promoted free sex for men and disgraced marriages. The free relationship (free sex and liberation from any kind of responsibility for men) was it with what they deceived men to leave their women alone ... and then they raced Feminism. And they could race Feminism because men left them for free sex. Women felt betrayed by those deceived men. Do you remember?

From those days our families got broken. Feminism finally delivered the women into work and the children into governance by the states. That had been the death of values.

Dienstag, 19. März 2013

Move it Rasta - now

Lucky Dube was singing his heart out of his body to reach you before they (always the same gangsters) take him from us. Now move it Rasta Black Brothers and Sisters all over the Globe. I regognize you as the soul of mankind and beg you: show the world what it is spirit and love, happiness and dance and lead us out of this shit.
Thank you Boys for this
That it is love and inspiriation and everything, not so?
Chant Babylon down
So now folks listen to me: they want to invade in 35 African countries. Libya tried its best to stop it, now it is Syria. Move your ashes ... all Rastas on this Globe Here is how we are going to do worldwide as our revanche on the slaughter of our people

Montag, 18. März 2013

UN Agenda 21

Normal people do not know anything about the AGENDA 21, which it is unfolding already. Apart from the special goal to depopulate the most of us by geoengeneered poison we find the ownership of certain subjects on the then wilderness and the parts where they wish to install the rest of humans. You better get aware about these unbelievable ideas: Fascists ideas in Green Mask.
Here you get a lot of informations including the UN Script for  for Agenda 21
 But first listen to Rosa Koire, who find out a lot about that Agenda, they have not only be planning behind our backs but also introducing. You, or your children and grandchildren will not be more than a pig.

You also should check out the following video and get rid of your idea that the US had ever been free.

Sonntag, 17. März 2013

Things were designed

How long are we going to wait? Till a new black death take place? Do not tell me that this was not intentionally designed. There had nothing been wrong with our climate nor our food. Now all is toxin.

Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

God is the Boss, nothing more to be known

Dr. Hawkin is giving the main point; I think: get rid of demons. First of all realize them, second: demand them to leave you. They will. He is right.
I think Hugo Chavez was more loved not only in Venezuela but all over the Globe, much more than the Interviewer knows about. But of course the Darkside hated him, the brainwashed people might not even know his name.

Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

Argentinia, Chavez dead and The Jesuit Francis in position, so so

Hugo Chavez might not yet be cold but a new fire was already prepared within Southamerica, in Argentinia where some people consider A. Hitler and many many friends resting somehow around, some dead, others not so dead. The smell must have been around: look at this speculation some days before the smoking election. Yes Dears, we got the first Argentinian Pope: speaking for some reason, which we do not understand, even well German. We did not even need time for deeper investigations: Wikipedia announced us the new Speaker of God like the BBC was announcing 911 before it even happened. Pope Francis, how he wants to be called with a German name, is also the first Jesuit, who will openly reside for a while in Rome - if you should not know who are the Jesuits: The Junta, so to speak, of the Vatican. What else can we speculate about for the moment? Do they plan a transfer to Southamerica? Of course Family Bush and such folks bought much of land in that continent and the prophecy is telling us that they want to fuck up Rome. We only do not know which Rome: the one in Italy or Russia, which stands for Rum ... in the Koran. May be they wonna fuck up all the Northern Hemisphere? If they can succeed to kill 90 percent of humans: of course they prefer to live in Southamerica and Africa. Why should they stay in the cold regions.
Let us have some look into the Heaven till we know more than for the moment.
However our speculations about their plans  to go on, we also go on: we will take them down from their motherfucking throne from where their raped and tortured so many humans. A new Pope is not going to change that our Agenda.

Dienstag, 12. März 2013

Monopods like Ipods

Unfortunately I cannot find the first part of this video, but you should listen to this one. How did they call these creatures, Credo said? Monopods like Ipods?

Sonntag, 10. März 2013

They are taking over ... your parents, your kids

"The start of Amy Lillian's fight against Social Services and outrageous injustice (an every-day story in child-stealing Britain)" (David Icke)

Samstag, 9. März 2013

Let us talk Holocaust again

As said already yesterday: we are not going to see any change on this Globe before we do not acknowledge the genocide-s of Native Human Inhabitants of this Earth,  by the Europeans. Let me say some of the Europeans. Let me even let that topic open ... There is a lot of research to be done, who when killed who. But for sure we know, that Europeans genocided the American Natives, African Natives and Australian Natives and their own European Natives and that their American Branch is not yet finished with killing people, especially Natives.

We will not even understand, what brought us into the mess - the Global Fascism we are seeing already growing like a cancer and what will finally bring about the total destruction of mankind - if we do not go through the process of acknowledgment as well as regret and grief about the horrible genocides. We need to ask for forgivings.

I see the Natives as the real humans (minimal the nearest to them) who had been living as hunters and gatherers. They lived in harmony with the Nature - so far we know. 

But there are many things in the darkness - and will probably stay there till mankind could able to open the records of its own history which got stolen and hidden by and in the Vatican. 

Par example don`t we know yet and for certain, what kind of societies they had had in the Southamericas: the Incas, the Mayas ... Their lives seems to have been pretty much simular to the lives of mankind during the Slavery Times with the Pharaos in Northern Africa. They had these special Pyramides overthere just like all over the Globe. We still cannot build them by ourselves. 

Who then built them?

We also do not know why mankind suddenly came on the idea to go for agriculture 10.000 years ago and after 190.000 years (if not more) of our existance.  Especially in Africa had not been any reason for such change: it had been the Garden of Eden, so to speak.  

Agriculture is a very hard way to make a living. In Africa things are growing from alone - even more than one time a year. There had not been any human need to cut off all the trees, which provided the people with all kind of fruits - for free, without any bigger "work".

Only a fool would exchange such nice lifestyle against tuff hard work, would you? Why should people have developed the very tuff hard work on the ground after 190.000 of a gathering lifestyle which provided everybody with everything?

Can you believe that this happened because Eva was taking an apple from the forbidden tree? From then humans should hardly suffer, digging the ground and getting children under pains? Are you kidding me? 

Please man, grow up and stop to believe in the Christmas Man, okay? Apples do not even grow in Africa, in Africas hot areas. Apples love to grow in the cold. Allegedly the whole story of Adam and Eve happened somewhere in hot Africa but not in cold Europe nor China. 

So we can really forget about the Apple. Minimal we should forget about the literal interpretation of the apple in the Adam and Eve Story. I guess there are some literally to be taken parts either in the Bible but not the apple which Eve took from the forbidden tree. Interestingly we can track the real apple fruit back to Kasakhstan: Keep in mind that the Zionist Jewish (they say they are Jewish but are not) are from this area and not from Palestine; also keep in mind that they are building Astana in Kasakhstan. Also keep in mind that the apple got somehow vaccined by snow whites stepmother. She was put into sleep before she got married to an Aristocrat.

Of course we can see an apple also as a  shareholder for the alphabet. What might Steve Jobs have been knowing about the Apple when he created his computersystems, demises which create reality by spellings? Do you know that the Voodoo Masters of the Natives can still produce Spells? At the beginning had been the word ... which beginning? That one of God or that one of Lord God alias Satan (Saturn)?

Am I confusing you? If yes, it is fine. I want to bring you to think and to do your own researches. Shake your brains and bring things in different orders than those who never made any sense. I want to bring you to connect dots, even if you have no evidences yet. I want you to just play around with words ... all we know already is that they were playing their games in front of our eyes but we had not had the eyes to see: we did not know the codes and so we could not decode the Spells on us: Genocide-s on mankind. 

There are many ways to do that. One form is just by murder of an entire society. Another way is to kill off a lot of women or a lot of men. Meanwhile they love to use vaccines to sterilize us. They also love to fuck off the food so that our men loose their abilities to produce strong sperms. And again there is another way which is called genmanipulation. Why should that not have happened 10.000 years ago throughout beings who are not humans? We can do Genmanipulations now. Are we so arrogant to believe that only humans can reach such knowledge?

Back to our former creative thoughts. May be the Zionist Jewish did not want anybody than them own to be in the ownership of spiritual knowledge? 

Unbelievable? Why, have you never been jealeous? People can kill about jealeousy. I guess this happens even more than murder about material greed. Jealeous people feel powerless and that it is not a nice feeling. It takes some strength to overcome such feelings. And for sure our leaders are everything but not strong people. They are the most weakest ones without any honour.

So the Zionist Jews might have got pretty much angry when they got aware that Eva also knew how to produce spells? 

Whitch hunt got a very tuff need of the Catholic Church throughout Europe. It had been one of the biggest and horribles massacre on Natives, which ever took place, a Genocide over a period of about 1500 years till about 500 years ago, a Genocide on mainly female Natives of Europe who were able to do spells and healings and of course to get human babies. What kind of humans can do such things?

I am a jealeous God, you shall not follow other Gods. (Bible) Who could have been the other Gods? Our real creator-s who had had that special conversation: Let us make man in our image

In Chapter 1 of Genesis/Bible we face God, who confirmed the Earth and its beings including man to be good but in Chapter 2 of Genesis/Bible we face Lord God and from there things get really fucked off. Again a Human is made ... and we must wonder, which God is that now and which human is that now ... and from there we find Agriculture and ..... sacrifice and much more of such shit is running through the old testament and is still running and running and running on Earth.

Slavery times might have started with the Jealeous God-s- the Lord Gods. Somehow they drived the real one-s out and took the One-God in their ownership. We used to call that institution Vatican, I used to call it Vati-Clan.

But back to the topic: Why was agriculture introduced and by who? This timeperiod lasts only about 10.000 years.  It simply makes no sense, why mankind suddenly came up with agriculture and alongside with Slavery Societies. It does not make sense. We still know the Lives of Natives somewhere deep in the bushes and we never see anything like slavery among them nor agriculture. 

They do not work: they just go into nature, pick what they need and enjoy live ... till they get visitors ... like the Natives of America got visitors from Europe. But the European Natives also got already visitors who hunt them into slavery by the Inquisition, lateron the black death (a big depopulation tool by the use of Biowarfare: spreading the viruse) ... The deeply suppressed European Natives were then troubled into submission; they lost their humanity somehow ...They got civilized, put into prisons or reservations ... they did not call it that way. They called their institutions hospitals, schools, care centres and things like that. We can see the same process with the Natives in America. They got "civilized through torture, rape, murder and drugs or alcohol. They got broken just like the Europeans got broken before they break the Natives in America, Australia and Africa. Broken people can be used for everything. And this had happened. They used the broken Europeans to kill the American Natives ... and they used the broken American to kill a lots of other people on the Globe.

We will have to find the reasons what had caused the Slavery Times and Man to slaughter Man.

After they had been burning our Native Shamans or some of the real Christians (Gnostics) in Europe to death by their accusation of being whitches we lost our spirituality and inner connection with God ... and as well our abilities to smell demonic shit. 

They then did another attack on us in Europe: through Scientest, who now declared demons as not existing and that even they had been hunting our women as whitches over 1500 years. Incredible... but people were pretty broke: spiritually and by their health. They just took things how they then were given.

Within the then following 250 years of  Industrialisation they hospitalized us: they put the sick people in hospitals, the handicaps in governed care and so on ... they destroyed our communities and families and infiltrated us with State. They put us into their schools where they taught us bullshit. And it had been pretty important for them to teach us now that demons would not exist; they would have imprisoned everybody who said he was smelling such beings. They needed the Lizzards to be out of our minds. What we could not face anylonger, how we could fight it?

We will have to relearn to follow our senses and to get out of their mindcontrol. We need to get able again to smell Evil and even if they come along in human faces.

Freitag, 8. März 2013

Learn about civilisation

I wonder how long it will take that people will recognize this Genocide and will understand that civilisation is fucked off and against our nature. US Citizens: I am asking you seriously and for all humanity: Take steps about this so that you can able to stop your Genocide on all humanity, including yourselves. The following video refers to the German holocaust on Jewish people ... as we were led to believe in this ... there are now many doubts if things happened that way. However, it does not matter ... there had been such much of Genocides which all followed that example of the third huge holocaust .. the first one had been the Inquisition on European Natives (so to speak), the second one had been the Black Death which killed of from the rest of Europeans another half ... and from there they went on to America where they killed so many Natives ... I still have no words for this. They are killing Mankind in there true essence and "civilize" the rest.

Dienstag, 5. März 2013

Hugo Chavez died - Announcement

It seems they do not want us to know what it is going on. There had already been speculations that Hugo Chavez was dead, it is today better even tomorror March, 6 of 2013 that RT announces us officially the death of President Chavez. I am very sorry about that and want to express my respect to Mister Presidente Chavez, one of the last Mohicans.

Disclose.tv - Hugo Chavez dead body Cadaver de Hugo Chavez Hugo Chavez dead body

Sonntag, 3. März 2013

Nothing to add but your intent

A Question to the US Citizens:  Can you tolerate such habit? The guy besides her should feel some shame.

Freitag, 1. März 2013

God versus the Pope-Aliens

Please do not ask me to know it all; I don`t - neither I believe that anyone knows. 

Followers of this blog might certain times be confused because they sometimes find here Interpretes of the scriptures, who take them historically or literally.

This is so because I am asking you like myself to make up your own mind, senses and conclusions; with other words: I do not need to hide any Author from you. That it is censorship. The onliest issues I usually do not bring out here, usually not generally, are things concerning China and Muslims. May be I will come to the conclusion to change that style. But in the past till now I followed that line in order of peace, love and harmony on this Globe. There are warmongers enough out there. I think we have enough to do to clean up the mess in the Western Society, criticism about China and about Islam can better be done by them people who are concerned by it. In generally I follow such line: care your own path in life then you do not need to point out on others.  With other words: you and you can believe and do whatever as long as that freedom does not attack me or other beings. The same principle I  follow concerning countries. May the people living in these countries handle their things by them own. Don`t you think that this world would be a nicer place if more people would stick with such principles?

This said it must furtheron be explained why I bring scholars here who are true believers in their Religions, Churches and Scriptures.

I do so because it is the best way to get a fast overview over the scriptures. I am looking for Scholars who can give such overviews, because these Scriptures and Religions obviously play a big role in everything what we are facing these days.

So again, it does not mean that I feel committed to any of these scriptures nor does it mean that I would not agree with parts of these scriptures.  I myself do not feel committed to any Religion nor their Churches.

For me Religions as well as Churches are enemies to anything to do with the Creator, nature and the life which was meant to us, the animals and plants: the Earth and her inhabitants.

I have one Boss and I call him-her God. The onliest thing which matches with Christianity is that I was brought up in Germany,  a Christian (oppressed) culture. But of course I also understand Allah or Source or Creator, it does not matter anything to me - nor do I think that it matters to the Creator how s-he get called.

For me the onliest way to face God is to go inside oneself where we can find answers to this and that. How can any Pope, a 2-leg just like me tell me he would be the translator of God to me. Can`t you people see the Evil coming out from Rome? They are owning nearly the whole Globe: how that? People are starving. Does that not come into your brain as something not so very much holy but horrible? That there are still people who follow the Churches is for me more a wonder, unfortunately a bad wonder. I cannot follow such mentality at all. For me it is a sheeple mentality but as that a big problem for all of us. It is the refusal of responsibility to rely on a translator such like the Pope.

Another thing occurs with the Scriptures. In fact most of the religious people do not even know the scriptures of their religion. And that is true; they simply do not know what they pretend to believe in: horrible, such habit. But some do and the way they are believing into them can bring us into a big disaster.
Both of these groups cannot help us to free ourselves from the horror which is out there. They are expecting (either the next sportevent or) their prophecies and think that God or Allah was planning them - not ... and now we come to the space where things get tricky: other humans?

Can that be? Over thousands of years ago they formed scriptures which would fullfill themselves now - in the so called Endtimes: Normal human beings? This sounds a bit unbelievable, not so? So it must have been God or Allah? Why? Why should Godallah have planned the destruction of mankind, animals and plants - the destruction of what he created? Does that make any sense to you?

If God did not plan the total destruction of its own creation - who then did so? I for certain know that God did not plan to kill the planet nor humans nor animals. So for me there are only two parties left who could do that: humans or Aliens, this includes beings who are on Earth but are neither humans nor animals ... "Aliens" hiding in or behind humans.

In the last case we must consider these beings to have much of hypnotizing abilities, but not real power.  They are acting like vampires, like viruses who need others to dwell in them. A virus cannot live for its own; it needs a host. But a virus can stick on the weakness of a host. What it is the biggest weakness of humans? You name it: ignorance and arrogance. For my part I think the version of the vampires (demons, lizzards, djinns, archons) could  be the true version, but if not, I am not unhappy as it will be easier to remove them from power.

I see the scriptures done in certain layers: one layer is the one for the simple minded,  who will take them literally. Other layers are embedded into them but mean in fact the function of a human being, his or her inner connection with God or Allah and also disconnection. I referred here often enough to Bill Donahue, who tries to get the real science of the Bible out to you. I also referred here to Santos Bonacci who is showing you another layer hidden in the bible: the astrology or: how it is above so it is below, that means: in you. But why even scriptures? Why should we function such complicated? Did we ever see any animal reading a book, but yet they are lovely. The Natives all over the world were living nicely together ... till they got killed by the Romans, the "holy bullshit" and their manipulated mercenaries.

Anyway: if we wonna survive we must remove the Armageddon Players from power or their theatre (scripture-s) will end up with our depopulation. What really you can find out is that the scriptures of the Western Religions get played out: step by step.

If you continue to see that as the will of God, good night. The other opportunity would be to stand up and to build a better society.

There are certain idiots out there who have nothing better to do the whole day than to debunk this and that person. One of those who gets "debunked" is Jordan Maxwell. And of course he seems really to be finished with the human race. Shall I tell you something? I understand him. One after the next of my friends are falling apart into: ohhhh, my sport event ... oh, no I do not like to look into heaven and see all the chemtrails but I am helping the foreigners against Nazis. How crazy again things can get. Nevertheless I do not come to the conclusion of Maxwell that something from out there must come and help ... how to help people who do not even consider to need help?

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