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Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013

Their way against you

Some words: in the Internet you can find a lot of debunkers. They are debunking the debunkers, or so. Wether they go after Alex Jones, David Icke or the following guy, speaking in the Video ... they find something to tell you. Par example that Icke`s finger would be evidence for him to be a Reptilian. For Alex Jones they found that he is married with a Jewish woman and so on and so on. Away from such "researches" they usually do not find anything to provide you with.
What are these guys looking for? They wonna warn you? Do they?, are you sure?
First of all, of course there are a lot of disinformers out there. Let us start in this point with the Massmedia-Workers. Are you finding the debunkers busy to expose those journalists who are providing you on a daily basis with disinformations and useless stuff? Let us go on to the Politicians? Do we find those debunkers providing you with some backgrounds about your polititians? Not so? Why not? Okay, they might "argue" that you know "these things" already but must be informed about the dangereous insiders, who could let you astray. Are you that stupid that after being healed about your trust into public figures that you are now running after anyone who seems to expose the NWO Agents? This is what these debunkers are implanting into you: that you are again unable to find out what to trust. They do that very clever. They make a personal thing out of it by "exposing" this or that person. They do not wish you to focus on the topic and facts and your own researches but on persons, which you shall follow ... Leaders, so to speak ... Anyone, it does not matter who: as long as you follow without questioning a person you are a well sheeple. By the same time they get into your mind some kind of paranoid stage in which you get such horrible impressions that you cannot trust anybody. And such impressions can bring you very near to suicidal ideas. And they can bring you to stay away from other people. What better can happen to the Illuminaties than that? Humans in isolated positions, who are unable to stick together and put their numbers against the Criminals who are trying to kill them? So, what to do? Do your own researches, proof the facts. So, even if Alex Jones might work for the bad guys ... without his informations you would probably not know as much as you know now. And so on, enter any name here to understand this. The only thing what it is important is, that you stick with your habit to rely on your own impressions and researches. By the way it is not really new that the bad guys are working with  spies. Things are done that way. The onliest thing which might be new for you is to grow up and to proof your opinions, to proof the opinions others are giving you and to simply check out the facts.
The next guy; Mister brian Gerrish gets accused to be a member of scientology. Who knows ...where he got the excellent data he is giving to us. I do not know and do not mind, but everything he is pointing out here is running. If you were spending your money to feed the children in Africa to this or that charity ..  just go to Africa and find out if any child there ever got anything from these charity organisations (unless bad vaccines) ... whether they are even starving. They love to tell you that the African people are the biggest idiots who cannot even effort to feed their children. But yet the most African people are able to feed more than one or two children, but you in the US or EU are not able to do that. You really have to proof your opinions who were made  up over years by your teachers (Most of the time they did not know either, what they were talking about. Actually they are teaching your children that the Globe is burning up  and that they are sexy little beings who should know about all kind of sexual tools. And much much more.) Your opinions were made up with the toys which were given to you to play with, some Soldiers and Supermen and so on ... or Barbie and such plastiv beings without real human faces and nor feelings. They were made up through the films and music .... Do you remember when they brought you inside of the house so that you would play with Playstation instead of playing outside and getting friend of the Nature? So in this sense I hope you can get a lot of help out of the next video.

Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013

Don`t worry US-EUsers ... you never did, why should you now

isn`t it? "Politics does not interest me" is by the way the European way of expressing their Christianity. As long as they have their daily food, they do not mind any living "thing"

Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

Mindcontrol and Slavery

The Internet is filled up with Tools how to get better. Why? Obviously people feel not well, otherwise these plenty nearly occult offers how to get better would not exist. Who would look for such tools - not anyone who just feels well.
After the offer of plenty of antidepressants, after the flooding of the environements with drugs and alcohol, now we are getting told: we have to program ourselves better ... God did not do things well, or? We got in a way created that we do not function but feel more or less horrible? Happiness appears if too much pains disappear for a while?
I am telling you something. That it is all bullshit. We are created well, this includes that we feel bad whenever there is anything bad. So by this sign we can naturally move away from that -whatever- does not feel well. Isn`t it time folks to acknowledge that things are so pretty bad, that it is natural that we also feel bad?
When I was young(er) I used to not need much. If some sadness came about it had always been two reasons:
1. Someone closed to me made me suffer
2. I came somehow near to Nazi-Minded-State-Control.
Number one could get solved easily. Some tears, some arguements and some rest in the Sunshine and things turned well.
Number two could never get solved. Of course in Germany we passed compared to now well days. I am born in 1956; the war "only" remained in the minds of our parents and in the institutions like kindergardens. I remember when my mother wanted to live in the big city caused by economical problems. This had been a big tragic for me because from then I could not stay with my father in their little shop and village but had to survive the days in a kindergarden. There had not been any solution for this unless my parents gave me in care to my aunt and grandmother. They were living in a village where I could enjoy the nature the whole day. Everything fine again, even I missed my parents, I had then still be among my family and the nature. Of course this could not go all the time like that. My aunt had children her own. But the time with her among the Nature had always been a release.

The State and all its institutions is Nazi, alike where you look around on Earth. It is unnatural to human beings, it is forced on us and makes us feeling bad. Unfortunately this topic cannot be solved without you people. As long as you feed this system, I have to suffer with you. I tried to escape from so called Civilisation. I lived for a while in Africa and lateron I could manage to live during the Year half in Jamaika half in Germany. I passed my most happiest life times among black people, their way to be natural and their those days unspoiled nature: dschungels and nice bush-deserts. Meanwhile they are getting sprayed like us and more than that they get bombed (Libya, Syria, Mali, Algeria ...) or hurricaned and biowarfared (Haiti; HAARP Attack followed by US occupation and spreading of Cholera) out of the planet. And who do we got to see in Jamaika? The Nazi Son of Lady Di who now openly declares how fine he kills people in Afghanistan. The Nazis are hunting us all over the Planet. Not a single Dschungel they wonna leave us free people: Natives to Earth. They want Robots, those who comply. And they are very happy if you try every day to program yourself ...
I am well ...
even if you feel how things are: fucked. Living in Africa (Gambia) I got to know the following issue by surprize. I was used to  the European Christian Colonialisation of Africa but not of this one, which had been much older.


Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013

Got Reptile?

If Jordan is right, and I have no doubt that he is (by reasons of own experiences) - note he does not claim to know it all and I do neither - these Reptiles are somehow our "parents". That probably means, we should not go into stress with them, but into acknowledgment of them and probably ... love. If we fight part of us, we get schizo ... just an idea. 
However, we better get an open mind and try to find a way of freedom and love. Please do not mix love up with sexual perversions. A certain amount of homo sexuals seems to be normal but what we are facing these days is getting unusual. They are teaching now in the schools little children how to use sexual tools. Our foods also bring us ballaballa and reduce our natural hormones, including the hormones of men.
And this is how it goes on and it goes already ... If you want to be sure about it, do researches in different areas and connect the dots, then you can see this picture easily.

Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

Defend yourself and others .... Shungite

No Shungite is not a new Asian Fighter Gun for the last Samurai on this Earth but a mineral stone, which seems to have the power to clean up water and air ... did you hear me well ... water and air. Yes, while many USers are stressed about Obamas latest spell from his hidden owners, that they shall give them their guns, we are talking now with my Russian Brothers .. Remember, I was telling you yesterday that I do not feel pretty much safe in the realm of Western Power but prefer somehow intuitive to "follow" my brothers and sisters from Russia.

How are they going to fight us, Obamas Owners? You see, they will not use usual weapons. If so the US Superstate would never have come into existance. The Europeans could not win the Natives with their guns. How can such an idiot army which is internal disconnected from Mother Earth and all what it is dwelling on and in her fight  native humans who are not disconnected but connected with Mama? They really could not. Do you know how they win them nevertheless and unfortunately?
By the misuse of kindness, trust and friendship on one hand. The Natives could not consider anybody such horrific like the Europeans showed up as soon as they had find their ways into their midst. They got the lesson with the Lizzard in the White Sheeples. But yet, allthough pretty much weakoned by this abuse of their loving kindness ... after a while they checked out what kind of Lizzards they were dealing with ... the Natives were much better in warfare than these Lizzards. Unfortunately they could not yet imagine that these Lizzards from Europe would have even more disgusting levels to show up with.
They spoiled the water so that the Natives died from thirst and hunger.  Yes folks, this brought the Natives down all over the Earth. Let us repeat it:
1. Misuse of trust and kindness 
2. Gruesome warfare with torture and rape
3. Biowarfare
And isn`t it what we are facing now globally?
No1; they are dwelling in our midst in EU+US; they are programming our youngsters and more with TV and Mobiles and so on
No2; they torture, rape and kill our brothers and sisters, mainly in Middle East for everybody to be seen openly. Message to everybody: see how we are going to do with you either, if ...
No3; Biowarfare. They spoil everything: water, air and earth-foods.
If we know their ways to do, we have better chances to get rid of them. This time we are all "united" ... the whole Earth Population ... That it is our chance. We will rise up beyond their labels on us: such like US or EU or Canada or Russia or whatever. We will identify ourselves as humans and the others as Lizzards. Lizzards can dwell in any ethnic group on Earth. We simply must understand this point. They are dwelling in our midst but mainly in US and EU. As far as we know already that they are gruesome we must not fall into the big deep shock which we were used to fall into in former days when we realized their real Lizzard faces. We do know now. We are prepared mentally. Second: we know that our brothers and sisters in Middle East are fighting for us as best as they can. (Of course not Al CIA Da) We honour them. We honour the Libyans and Syrians and so fort. We honour their resistance against the NWO Dictatorship. Third: we defend ourselves as best as possible till we are able to show up globally (all human ethnies) and tell them Lizzards: Fuck you, leave this Earth. The Russians discovered something we should try, and if it is good, we must use it.

Montag, 21. Januar 2013

EU-people, want to know what it is in for you?

Call Obama. Of course he has nothing to say than: Yes we can ... but thus you better take serious. He says, yes they can do it: dictatorship for you and the rest of humans all over Mama Earth, this is what they (we still do not know them such exactly, we must ask Obama who he calls to know what next he shall order to kill) like. The following German guy got the idea to leave the EU, unfortunately you must read it in German language. By the way German folks: we shall be the first to give up our Nationality. Yes! Reason? Because of our guilt. You were not yet alive those days? It does not matter. Since Eve ate the apple you are anyway fucked. I for myself also consider to give up my Nationality and claim Russian Citizenship. I do not know yet what they will ask me to do, to get that passport but I want to be somewhere safe and I do not think that we are safe here in the EU.

Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

I am getting out of words

The EU traitors are regulating even how we shall make kaka while they throw Chemtrails on us and people don`t mind. They are teaching little children in schools which tools for sex they should use ... and people don`t mind. In Germany next they forbid smoking in restaurants - and people don`t mind. What next can they dictate on you, what next? If they dictate you to kill off the ill people, you are going to do that? Are you? If they tell you to kill of the handicapped people, you are going to do that? Are you? You think things will not go such far? Are you sure? Did you do researches about this? You better do.

Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

Idiots wake up call

Did you hope to be able to do your life according to your dreams?  I guess you did. Most in the Western Empire (US-Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Suisse, Danmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland) still do and do neither mind that these countries are on their way to not only colonize Africa in a new fashion style including beheadings and other nusty methods of torture before the otherwise called endsolution of human death (Libya, Syria, now Mali and 35 countries on plan .. more will come ..if ..) but also to be the main acteurs in the Depopulation Agenda21  which kill off anything alive. Okay; I am sorry to tell you but your dreams will not come through as long as you do not consider the existing Powers on this Earth and all their helpers and do something about them: They are crying for their release and if you do not catch that and get ready to overtake power and responsibility, you and your children and your pets and your whole environment will be dead.
I am whitnessing a generation of zombies who are busy like the childrens  of idiots with their Internet and other virtual tools, many of them are already senile and this is not a matter of their age. Not only that they do not realize what it is given to them in Air, Water and Food, they cannot even put 1+1 together. They cannot write properly either but think? ... and that all after many years of school. Their parents do not realize it, they are senile them own and their teachers ... do not ask me what happens to them among the teachings of political correctness by the Green Party and their Sympathisants. While they identify themselves as Bio-Conscious-People they, the same sympathisants do not realize how dumb they got. They bring their elderlies, who are sick from Dementias of all kind to the elderly cares and never ask: why are our parents dying from Dementia, Cancer and Heartattacks in masses? Many people even do not know that water, air and food is essential to them; they are - as said already - busy with their virtual tools and if they feel somehow bad, they rush permanently to their doctors.  A lot of young people under them. And they eat drugs given to them by their spoiled doctors from who many if not most are part of the killer agenda. Some pains, no brain and so they eat what it is given to them: they do not question their doctors treatment. They, the doctors,  are calling this now "Pain Management" .
I am so sorry, I also wanted to do my life according to my dreams. You are not alone under those who get killed but you still think you should not acknowledge it, or do you? Your dreams are more important to you than your reality. You are defending them, not so? There is no space for your reality: yes, that reality is fucked. Do something as long as you can. Idiots wake up.

Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

National Socialism

Gerald Celente is quoting Einstein that it would be a sign of insanity if people await by choosing the same methods (and ways) different (better) results.

It could be that soon we are facing a new rise of National Socialism as a result of "resistance" against the centralisation of power in few hands.

We know that the Elite is heading to their idea of the New World Order. Do we know how they do it?

They concentrate power by the overthrow of (their) Nations and the creation of Superstates just like the EU or Africom. Before discussing this deeper we should acknowledge that the Elite is not heading to a New World Order but actually they save their  Old World Order: they keep it going, their power over humanity.

So they need to kill most, sometime many, sometimes a part of us from time to time (epoche to epoche) and re-start their system with some of us who they wish to mindcontrol again. To achieve that goal they need not only to kill us but to be able to devide and conquer us (permanently).
They need conflicts between the avarage humans on Earth.
We have a German saying: if two are fighting a third one will win. The Elite is and always wants to be that third party. So how they do? They cause on one hand technocratic fascist Superstates which by the same time increase problems between the avarage inhabitants of these regions, who will probably do not understand the big picture but think they should call for "their Nation" to be saved from the "Foreigners".

From that point it is not very difficult to embrace racism and wishes for "end-solutions" .. the readiness of people to fight anybody who could be a threat to ones own (people) survival chances. And there will be a lot of argues why the others are not worth to live ....

Napoleon went for Russia ... and where did it end? In many wars of Nations whose slaves were killing each other. And the outcome was fine: for the Elite. The soldiers and folks from all the Nations were dying fine and finally in the death camps of Russia: much of ice. On their way they left death camps all over Europe and Napoleon retired after the well done job ...Korsika, not such cold like the loch ness of the Russian Tundra. Of course the whole bunch of Elite went also on to feel fine and save. Do you get it?

So how they are doing actually and always again and again: they create horrible economic problems for ordinairy people all over the Globe but always somewhere more than elsewhere. And of course by trying to survive, people migrate to wherever it could be a bit better ... and then it looks as if these migrants damage the chances of the people who are invaded by migration and who think (by mind control) to be the owners of "their Nations". Are they? They used to forget that they are not the owner of these Nations and had never been. All Nations since Civilisation had been in the ownership of the Elite. The Elite is doing a lot before they are flashing the mobs to war in order of making them identifying themselves with the Flags of "their" Nations. Flags, National Authems and similar symbols are well to create such mindcontrol.

During the processing of the EU exactly this was orchestrated. They flooded the Nations with Migrants from all over and finally increased the amount of Migrants through further threats: regional wars and inflations through currency manipulations and the printing of money ... Germany par example is flooded with Migrants since a longer time but increasingly during the last let us say 10 years. They flooded in especially Muslimes and former inhabitants of the Sowjetunion. But the years before that they flooded in Latinamericans where they had faught the people with inflation and famines and certain civil wars. Meanwhile they called these movements Globalisation. Those people who did not migrate but remained in their birth regions used to get stress ... unfortunately not over the point that the Elite is orchestrating their disadvantages but over the Migrants. Funny things are coming out then. Par example: the USers feel stress over the flooding of "their" region with Mexicans and Muslims ... They forgot that they them own once flooded the region because their ancestors got outflooded from Europe. They were not living those days and those days of their ancestors are too far away from their conscious mind so that they do not realize: Hey, what it is that? All the while people get outlawed from somewhere and flooded into somewhere else where they shall kill off the former mobs and get the next mob.

Folks, we must do a lot to overcome this lack of understanding; we have to understand the patterns which are used against us - otherwise we will face by the rise of National Socialism the NEW-OLD World Order by killing one another. Chinese will kill USERS and USERS will kill everybody and Slawes (Russian folks) will kill Germans and Germans will kill everybody ... and the fucking invisible Elites and their Lizzards are residing somewhere after their big meal of our suffernis.
French Revolution (Part 1): Part 1 of the French Revolution. From the Convocation of the Estates General to the storming of the Bastille
French Revolution (Part 2): Royals try to escape. Champ De Mars Massacre. Declaration of Pillnitz. Movement towards becoming a Republic.
French Revolution (Part 3) - Reign of Terror: The Reign of Terror
French Revolution (Part 4) - The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte: The rise of Napoleon Bonaparte


Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Benghazi explained: Interview with an “Intelligence Insider”

By the way: they are now in Mali in order to kill off people over there. They will come to you as well. They had been in Libya, Jugoslavia, Syria ..still in ... and they continue and continue ...one country after the next, laughing on the human cowards who do not do anything to defend themselves.

Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013


Few, I scare,can follow this history. But those few might be crying like me. The rest might go on like before, using Chemtrails instead of air and water and food and horrific buildings to live in where they must communicate with the animals and even other humans through the use of the PC. There is no more nature around in which the birds could give us pleasure with their songs, where our children could listen to the conferences of the frogs instead of Ernie and Bert, artificial beings.

Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

Montag, 7. Januar 2013

You are waiting for WWIII? You are in

It is the most interesting, unfortunately fucked off experience with humanity, that they (still many of us) do not understand that they are getting sprayed with poison and covered with darkness. Those ignorants are busy with iphones or mobiles and do not realize how they are getting ripped off their brain. Step by step people get more stupid and forget things (dementia of their own humanity). Especially the people with so called political consciousness refuse to see what it is so obviously in front of their eyes, among their lounges and making them daily more dizzy, scared, confused, depressed and sick.
So now no more pardon. We have no time to waste. You are not going to die, if you  inform minimal one person and from there two persons and so on. But for sure you are going to die if you do not do that because we must stick together to end this. Can`t you see that? You can but play yourself as an idiot. They are in war against us, worldwide without any exception. Don`t think that the aerosols will somehow spare you and your family and your food out, they won`t.

There are certain New Agers out there, daily busy with positiv thinking or lucid dreaming; there are certain Muslims, Christians and Buddhists out there, who are daily busy with praying: What about this prayer for each and any singly human and nonhuman who is spraying us. Visualize or lucid-dream or pray for something which makes senses? You cannot breath Money.

Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

Need some Microwaves?

Are you sure that your children need your control all few minutes wether they are okay? Could be you are the one killing your child. Please refuse mobiles for your children, please!!

The way they had been developed the genocidal killer technology is overwhelming horrible. It seems that we cannot do anything about it. But this is not true.

We can but we must get rid of our weakettness. Everybody must count well: do you think you will be under the 5-10 percent of survivors they might let alive? Do you think you are going to enjoy that survival? Probably you are  then begging to be killed or to be allowed to kill yourself - in case you should have hope you are not going to be traced back after death.What do we really know what they are holding under secret in the resurrection-science-box? So in fact I am talking about high treason ... not of those among the Elite, they do not do that crime because they are surving their masters .. I am talking about you and me. 
So to make people able to count properly I think it is very wise to show them everything what it is going on even they get for a while overwhelming feelings of fears. They must know where we are going if they continue to sleep. Only this is bringing up the correct countings and much of heroes.

The next point is: get rid of your beliefs, anyone: there is only one truth and that is called GOD or ALLAH or Source or however again ... and it is not equal with the Religious Systems which some dark forces attached on God-Allah-Mannitou, clever arranged different in different regions so that humans might fight each other in the name of their (different) Gods. You must understand this design: their messias-stories and who will win at the end are designed perfectly for wars of humans against one another. That does not mean that the certain scriptures do not hold any senseful teachings. The dark forces might be scared from us: just imagine we humans are going to win them, they can still tell us: but it was all meant mystical, we did not tell you to understand things literally. All these scriptures are written on different layers and so they can be interpreted. 

So please come to the simple conclusion: GOD-ALLAH-MANNITOU or however you call him/her is the source which created you and me and him and her.  

It has power, more than any technology of any dark forces

Let that power grow within you and act through you, let it lead you and let it push the dark forces first out of you, then they will have to leave the planet as well. 

Your main powerstation is by the way not in your brain nor in your pineal gland but within you heart. God-Allah-Mannitou is dwelling therein, you must not do much then to call on it and to concentrate on that area. But do it.

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