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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012

Americas Death

The Agenda of the Freebies who went to America had never been anything different than to murder humans & animals, we are coming now to the End of this and that is the good part. Unfortunately we do not know how many humans and animals again will be tortured and killed because of that Agenda which does not respect any life. 
How to place a war against innocent people, in this case Libya ... and how to get rid of the main witness_ the US weapon dealer
Sorry US, can you imagine that we are disgusted from your killer Agenda and do not mind the death of your weapon dealer? You built up a Mafia and that are the rules- they kill each other.

Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012

We reform ourself or we will be reformed

or shall I add: removed from this beautiful planet? It is up to you and you and you again and me: either we go with the flow of the Waterman and push out all the gruesome habits or .... anyhow it does not matter. The program is done for Earth wether you like it or not does not matter any longer. God thanks.

Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

GOD and Evil

We do not know how but all by a sudden the era of Aquarius which is supposed to hold on some few 26.000 years got reduced to the End of the World - on a single doomsday, which would not happen or happen - however blame everybody willing to concentrate on God as foolish idiots and by the same time would nevertheless create much of fears on what they could feeding on.
So to repeat it: we are in now - till March of 2013 we are crossing into the era of Aquarius. And we can be happy that they could not succeed WWIII ... yet. The danger is far from being over.
We are in a battle, a spiritual battle and a serious battle and if you do not wake up and turn your face to your creator you will be under the supporters of Evil or however you will call them, it does not matter: the name. In fact we are in WWIII if we understand this as a battle which uses everything to kill humans, animals and nature. This doomsday is an every day doomsday when they either bomb you, or poison you, or slaughter you directly or prepare you mentally for this to be happen for you by making you crazy.
It is not necessary to tell the humans in the regions of the Middle and further East and Africa that they are under attack. They are receiving bombs, drones and passing slaughter. But it is a shame that there are still sleepy humans in the Northamericas and Europe who do not care about it but ignore this as if not our brothers and sisters would be killed. How stupid humans can be again? How can they not realize that a human is a human no matter with which nationality or religion they got laballed, now it is the label Terrorist. You are either a Conspiracy T(h)e(rr)orist or a Suicide Bomber ready to blow children out of Earth. One false flag attack after the next appears and yet there are people too stupid to understand this as provocations to get us into destruction and war on humans, animals and nature. They love to create mass shootings in schools: it is not the first time such thing got celebrated but again and again people are believing that nonsense that all by a sudden a single youngster could able to weaponize himself proper enough to kill lots of students and teacher.
That it is the battle: ignorance and in its further step arrogance and corruption are the mindsets the Lizzards need. It does not matter wether you call the Lizzards Ufos or Satan or Lucifer. It simply does not matter but it matters wether you get clever that you must fix your heart and soul on God ... not false Gods, who are claiming human and animal and sacrifices of plants.
You still meet the doctors, who will give you poison in order to reduce your pains so that you can go on to sleep, into the stage of ignorance against all the suffernis what it is happening with you and around you on Earth? You wonna beat your heartattacks caused by poisoned food and air and water and HAARP and Mobiles and stupid working places where you work on the destruction of mankind and the animals and the nature itself .. you wonna beat this with chemicals, what you call medicin? You wonna beat your certain cancers caused by poisoned food and air and water and more by using chemicals?
How if you first treat your brain? Did God not give you such thing called brain to be used from you? So, why then you are using it as a copy machine? How many people do you know who are copying everything they read in the newspapers or hear in the Radio and TV stations? Are you one of them, have you been one of them? In your boring schooltimes it might have been an advantage to copy from your schoolcamerades ... but now you are grown up. It is not usefull any longer, in fact it had never been usefull to copy the writings of your neighbours without understanding what you are doing. It had been your refusal of responsibility. And it had been your laziness to use your brain by your own ... and probably your fears that you could find out that the teacher is not God either.
You still meet the teachers and professors as if they were Gods? You do not need to check wether they talk bullshit and deceive you into non-sense? Did God not provide you with your senses? You cannot see the differences between a blue sky and a crisscrossed dirty grew sky? You cannot taste the difference between a natural fruit and that one from Mister Frankenstein (Lizzard, Evil, Lucifer, Satan, Reptile, Alien, Clones and so fort). You still listen Techno and call this Music? Or are you still calling this your tolerance against your children who must listen to it? Are you really wondering that they get heartattacks even earlier than you or cannot hear anylonger because they got Tinnitus. How many vaccines did you cause them and the children of your neighbours who you wanted to report to the Evils: they are not taking their vaccines?
You still respect the controllers (state or church authorities) because you love to impose your will on other people? They are your real Gods and Goddesses? Think again before you refuse these ideas to check your ways. Isn`it that you get mad on your neighbours if they love another way to do their lives than what you call common. If they tell you that wearing green is the common fashion of this year you were ready to buy new clothes, even your boards had been filled up with clothes? And now it is what: what could be common next? Some Aliens whith who you resonate ... you are re-singing Sonates with Aliens from the Galactic Federation because so many people are telling you that this Federation is coming? Why is it that you always need to copy what others are telling you and why is it that you can never see the difference between brothers and others, sisters and min-isters?
Are you a robot? How are you programmed? Are you able to shoot down humans? Or do you only report them? To who? Or do you only pay for this to be done? Taxes in order to kill our brothers in the Middle East and Africa. And again taxes in order to know everything your neighbour could do different from you: controll is better than trust, isn`it? Yes, it could be: the question is what do you control and in what or who do you trust? You should control (check out) your beliefs. Are you using your Religion or Spirituality in order to impose your newest ideas on others? Are you actually ordering the rest of the world to unconditionally love even if you have no clue what love could be like? Are you always the one who has lots of advices for others and lots of cries if you are on the line with problems? Yes it could be that you get homeless like those on who you were downlooking as if it never could happen to you. You are so God-like, isn`it? So, in who do you trust? In yourself? Sorry, but I cannot follow you.
I do not trust you. I do not even trust myself. I try to check out my beliefs and to get rid of them. Beliefs are programs and cause me to get a robot. So there is not much left but knowledge. And that can be another problem, if I do not understand that knowledge has certain levels and how many I do not know. So the highest level of knowledge is: I do not know what all could be and not be and that sums to one word: GOD. Where do I find God? Inside myself, nowhere else but I am not God. I had a dream when I was a child: God is dreaming me. It was the greatest insight I ever got presented. God is dreaming me. Do you know what that means? I cannot be GOD, god thanks. Please folks, we do not need to challenge GOD with getting better than him. You got prima organs, keep them proper and do not waste them with poisoned ideas and food so that you never come into such challenge to require other human organs? How can it be that you want to have the heart of another human? Something wrong with your heart? Could be: you better check that out. You better check out if it is go(o)d to support all the Evil which I tried to describe here ... and if you are not too simple minded you might have got the message how deep the rabbit whole is going. I guess nobody is able to describe all the levels in which humans could fight GOD and think that they know things better than God. So, finally: it is a matter of logic that if you cannot be GOD another human cannot be GOD either, but a CHURCH????? Hello???? Everything okay? Wake up to who you are and more than this wake up to who you are not: God. That it is my onliest advice for you: Connect yourself with God inside of yourself: call GOD and let God lead you as you are his/her dream. There is, so I think, no other way to escape Evil.

Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012

How can it be that you dit not realize anything

Since years they are  changing our daily life and environments, little by little but therefore strange ... yet we have people who do not understand anything. They are imprisoned in their ideologies of any kind ...

Montag, 10. Dezember 2012

Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012


Many of you might have already understood that the scriputes around the world are holding symbolics which lead ordinairy people astray, if they believe into them literally or by the presented pictures. The Symbolism in fact has to be decoded and folks: do you think that our poor ancestors who had been working around the clock to find some food and shelter (at least since about 6000 years what it is called civilisation) had time to find these things out? They could not write either. They got these things to know in different ways, called Slavery and Inquisition.
Latest when our ancestors were burning on the Schaffott they knew the meanings of the Catholic Church and their armee: the Jesuites. But until they brought the folks all over the world to bow down to them, it took some while to rip them off and much of the knowledge which they could manage to preserve. Everything folks, nearly everything is based on Astrology, Voodoo (Spells (read: at the beginning was the word) and Poison) and Ritual Forces like Rape and Human Sacrifice. You must remember your days in former incarnations, probably you can then feel the fire in which they cooked you to death. Look at this, the 3 levels of the kosmos, and in each 3 different inhabitants. German culture before the Romans christianized our ancestors.
Christianity did not come along with nice words but therefore with nice swords, which you find symbolized on the flags of Suisse and Red Cross and many other Countries. No,  I am not saying that things must have been romantically among the former German Kingdom: Just the Aristocrats had been hunting the folks down, all over the world but also fighting one another. And yet we do not really know, who they are and if they had been the ones, who wrote or rewrote the scriptures: those scriptures could be understood as knowledge of kosmology and its mikrokosmos, the Human Brain (for those who got initiated). But it could also be used as Symbols to be shown to the uninitiated folks so that they might feel scared to death and hell. Do you think the crisscrossed Jesus full of blood by that procedure of his sacrifice ever felt comfortable for the children? Or did they get more these impressions: okay, this torture is going to happen to me, if I follow that example? The Jesuits slaughtered the Gnostics to death. And still they do. All over the world they try to dumb us down to the most stupid idiots, who shall not eat from the tree of knowledge. It is time to release them from their rule as Lords of the rings. They cannot bear it any longer, and so do we. (By the way: compare the German Kosmology with the second video ..)

Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

How to do

The 21st is coming and I hope you are prepared, minimal mentally. You should buy some food which can carry you and your family and pets along for a week or something like that You must also think on water and candles as well as how to keep yourselves warm. I would not joke with it: Hahaha "Conspiracy  Theorists" but open my eyes and do researches. Unfortunately we are under threat of Conspiracy Terrorists. and with us Mother Earth and all what it is dwelling on her. I for somehow lost meanwhile my mercy for the sheeples who have nothing better to do than to party and watch TV to find more mindhypnosis in there. In the opposite it is getting time to confront the corrupt police officers, soldiers and workers who are carrying this shit out. No, I am not speaking about Riots. They are weaponed up to their teeth. I am talking about confrontation among your families. It cannot be that you still do as if there were nothing in case your familymembers are among the corrupted folks who are killing us. You get guilty like them if you do not open your mouth and let them know that they are  disrespected. Furthermore you have to train your God given gifts as some are mentioned here.

Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012

The initial force and further manipulation

This, is it somehow. Before getting there: as far as none of us has evidences about ideas how things could (have) be(en) I feel free (anyway) to follow my inner searches (intuition) which I connect with certain knowledge or things which we were told, teached or shown or could research. Above you see an imagination of a Reptilien Man and you find what it is written in the Bible, that they are dwelling among us.

S. Freud had been finding out in the early 20. Century that the so called "hysterical" women he got to treat had been raped, usually among their families. Freud did not work with women from the worker classes but rich women who went astray. And by his so called Psychoanalysis he found out what all of them had in common: the experience of rape. Freud publicated this but got visitors who gave him some advices ... I guess you know. So the story changed and since then a big bunch of Psychiatrist and such folks  told hysterical people that they have to find  their Ödipuskomplex in themselves: their wish -allthough of being children- for sex with their parents. Alice Miller opposed this nonsense and they drove her out of the Society for Psychoanalysis. But she then went on for her whole life to bring the rape of children into the public. Meanwhile sexual abuse cannot be denied anylonger but the Queen and the Vatican are accused for centuries of sexual ritual abuse of children through their organisations. And we now know that the centre of pedophilia as well as organ trade got transplanted into ISRAEL. Do not worry: it is only the Management Centre, they are "working" worldwide. We are talking not only about the initial force on mankind but the permanent force which gets its biggest party when there is war, men got killed and their wifes and children raped. We cannot imagine that ordinairy human man who - after a battle - are filled up with fears feel in the mood nor strength to rape plenty of women and children unless they are possessed, unless they are dwelling in them. Just think about that, what it is happening in each war. Rape of children and women on a large scale. Could it be that they need this fears to enter into us even easier? 

Listen to this source again. Please stop to laugh on people because you cannot see into other dimensions. You consider yourself as intelligent being, so then use your grips and the knowledge from science: there is no matter that way you see it. How can you believe just into matter and use electricity? Can you see it? You can feel it. That`s it. Connect with your inner feelings but realize that you might have even got used to call your beliefs (judgements) your feelings. Many people do not even know their real feelings: they are afraid of them. They do not breath ordinairy but flat. If they would realize how they breath, such flat as if the earth still would be flat. The Inquisition is still working. They killed our shamans. Do you remember? Please remember. Get back to use your breath; especially when you are afraid. Did you realize that most of us breath flat when we are facing fears? Why is this? It makes no sense, does it? No, as soon as we do not breath deep we get even more afraid and out of ourselves. They will be in. I know you got used to stop breathing when you are scared. Please train yourself back to breathing. At any time you are scared: breath and do it deeply. Train youself back to who you are, even if you do not know yet who you could be.

Laurence Galian is giving us some insights in the fears which US Citizens are passing these days. Even I do not agree with his words "David Icke and such people", I can see his point that US Citizens are deeply afraid and I have to give a big compliment to the US Citizens either: they are doing the best at these days to study what it is really going on and to find ways forward. No nation has brought up such much of people who are part of the so called "Conspiracy Theorists" , risking their lives even. But be fair: David Icke is waking up since years while US Citizens still have been supporting the wars on other people on Earth. So, do not let us separate from each other but try to overcome the old paradigma of wars. We all must do something together. So, please listen to this video.

Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012

Mafia all over and Israel

Note: I do not support the concept of Nations including the United States. This is part of the Matrix to keep humans in bondage of wars and concurrence against each other, just like the religions do so. But  the interview gives actually ideas how these  criminals are working as a global network in order to suck out all humans. So please do not fall into that trap that the yellow invasion would be on the line. In fact they want to eliminate much more Chinese humans than all others together. And you can be sure they have no problems to suddenly turn the United States against Israel or whoever again. You have to check the system:  they are not identified with Nations nor Religiions but power over any avarage humans on this Earth. Note as well: I do not support the NWO but I support free humans all over the Globe.

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