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Webster Tarpley
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Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Planetary Tantra

May be you are a newcomer, just fresh realizing that something on Earth runs proper wrong. Then please study the archive and certain links till you will have understood/felt:
Yes, Psychopaths are running this planet or  let me better say: are running the human race. This will run out to a global attac on all living beings including humans.
Planetary Tantra is offering you and everybody seeking for it a way to commit yourself to the very source of your being which it is Mother Earth. Please study it and then do it, if it should have hit you deeply.

I was looking for this, now I find it.
Here are the instructions in a written form as a manual outhanded by John Lash. And next you find oral introductions and teachings in a huge Archive

Montag, 17. September 2012

Not in his image

I do not know all his work because it is a lot John Lash studied and worked out. I did not even read his book Not in his image but want to take the idea of the title for some thoughts and questions, which I did not generate through John Lash but my own feelings and observations.
In Germany we do find now an environment in which no animal and no plant including no human can live and enjoy its nature. The God like humans or those who do as if they were God like turnt everything into a "better" nature than it were given by Earth itself. They turnt organic nature of Earth and its way to be into unorganic, in fact dead chemistry.
Chemtrails seem to be the final orgasm of that idea we could be build in Gods Image and would therefore have the purpose to exchange here on Earth everything. In Facebook some people have already party by the idea that they would get some more DNA strains: We are God, yippie they sing. Hello .. ?
A while ago such idea used to bring humans into the psychiatry but now I guess the non-god but normals who refuse this maniac ideas seem to seek holidays in the psychiatries from the crazy humans all over. 

Let us make this simple.We the human race seem to be in concurrence against nature as if we would want to overcome nature. People seize a piece of land and from then they start to exchange everything they are finding on that piece of nature. No worm may dwell in their house nor garden  and that got the law of the human overlords and finally humans build even laws for the dogs when and where to place their dudu and pipi.
In Germany you cannot even find now a normal nice stinking village where you would have to breeth the urine and kacka smell from cows. No even in the villages all the earth gets covered with cement. And people accept that, in fact they rush to the walmarts and so on: they feel disturbed by any nature. Iiiiiih, a beeh ... she could piiiiiik me. Hello? The bees give honey but people crie Iiiiiiih.
Does it really wonder you that so many people do not even realize that they get sprayed with Chemtrails. That their communications with other humans get exchanged with communications in the Internet such like Facebook and so on. They even use the mobile to anounce somebody that they are right around the corner and when they then finally meet the person they wanted to meet they sit together and do not exchange anything but the newest Ipods. Transhumanism it is where it leads. We better do not go there but to nature. So may be John Lash can give us some impacts as he is referring things to the way you got designed: do things you really like and not things you think you should like to do: the last way is insane, it brings you away from your way ... you will have to force yourself to do things which you do not  like but think to like. That it is a Robot .. not you.

Sonntag, 16. September 2012

Civilisation a threat for humanity

We are at the end of Civilisation. We can choose to enter into horrortimes or to get back to our roots. Nobody needs more than one bed to sleep, do you? We do not need to exploit our Mother Earth about bullshit which we do not need. Did you ever sleep in nature, open air? Now, you can`t do it anymore: they throw Chemtrails on you. Is that normal? This far this Civilisation went.

See here an Interview with Jay Weidner

Donnerstag, 13. September 2012


"On September 11, US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three staff members of the US consulate were killed in an attack on the consulate building in the city of Benghazi." (Source)

Meanwhile we should be able to understand how things work . First they show us their newest (internal) sacrifice and then they show us how they will take revenge for their sacrifice. 

Here now things had been a bit more complicated, they had first to produce a video in which they would disrespect Islam people par example with this  Company, which it is specicalized on Anti-Muslim propaganda (Would you build such business unless you get well payment by taxmoney from the US Government?) 

So, when the video would be out there, all by a sudden the protesters can jump into the US embassy and give us impressions about their false protests and  they would now demonstrate to us by their Al Queida Artists how brutal Islam  people  (not these people who kill permanently humans in order of the NWO Gang) would be and show us therefore a
... and then they show their teeth with these missiles destroyers.
Next they will show us where they hided the missiles so far. I can tell you  already where: in Germany/Israel. They are already there because they know their timetable when they need to eat human beings.

Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

Star of David

If you were about to build a secret society, would this not be about something you do not wish the others to know about? So what could this be? 

When I used to work with children it had been our rules to share everything. This used to appear a bit hard to me for the following situation: how could I share a plate of chocolate with 20 children? What did I do then? I kept it secret and ate it alone. 

The Star of David got somehow "Evil" since all the exposure of the Secret Societies and their fuck off plans. But don`t you think, that the star could actually be the Chocolate they tried to hide from us?

For my understanding it needs more than naivity to go in a tortured and killed country to be there the ambassador of the monster. And this (see video) needs a high level degree of insanity after presenting herself to the world as Julius Caesar after the raping and brutal massmurder of hundred thousand Libyans, including children and their beloved Leader Muammar Gathafi. But I would not even wonder, if this "event" would have been the 911 sacrifice to be launched to order even more rape, torture and killings in Libya and Syria. Obama even got mixed up and delared the Syrian Ambassador lynched.
12 News KBMT and K-JAC. News, Weather and Sports for SE Texas

Sonntag, 9. September 2012

War or change

I am tired about the US way of conspiracy theory. What we find there is:
1. over 10 years of exposing what had been obviously since it happens: 911 as an Inside Job
Let me ask you (USer) some few questions about this never ending exposures. What did you do in this 12 years against the wars you followed up since your birth as United States? Whether it had been an Inside Job or not; would it not have been somehow "fair", if it was not an Inside Job but revenge? As we get to realize, your country is filled up with "believers", who all believe more or less in the Old Testament (Jewish, Christians and Muslims) and therein is fixed: Eye for Eye ....
So the US Jewish and US Muslimes must have felt well about that fairness of their beliefs to come through? What about the Christians? They should not fix themselves on revenge but on forgiveness. What about them? Should they not be able to forgive  those, who went for revenge especially as their countries had to pass never ending horrible agressions by your people?

So all of you believers should have taken some minutes of meditation on your core believes and then taken some steps to correct your policies. We do not find that but a lot of bullshit, that China were on the way to invade America. We must wonder why China got not yet accused about 911. And then again we have the rest of the believers: the TV believers. Do you Conspiracy Theorists followers really believe that it still makes sense to expose 911 as an Inside Job to those TV believers? They did not check it within 12 years, so now they will understand? Meanwhile many of your people died or got homeless  among either earthquake-terrorism(Haarp) or due to chemical poisonings of them and you people have nothing better to do than to defend the horrible "moral" of capitalism, what it is nothing different than the destruction of mankind and the planet in order of the Founding Fathers of that system?

Can`t you people think any clever than among the Matrix of the 2 party nonsense: Capitalism versus Communism? Why did you never try to figure out a third or fourth way? Or tried to find out what could have went wrong in Russia and China? And also what could have went well there, in the interest of their people?

It is very obviously that all mankind needs another way of sharing than what we have. How can it be that some few gangsters have control over all resources and now even over the air? Things are even worse than ever before in history. Not even in the Antique there had been such degree of exploitation and massmurder on this Globe than now. Those days only some areas where infected by that shit, but not the indigenous people. They were not only free but also happy till they got visitors from those groups who had developed farming and slavery. We call that Imperialism. Or the Roman Empire (The East had another Empire). This Evil never died since then.

Of course a communist state in which a small club again does the same than the traditional Oligarchs is not a win. But this must be studied. What really happens in the communists states? 

We all can see now how the posession of land and landressources in the hand of few gangsters kill the rest of us and you still cry for such horror? You still call such thing freedom? For who? Only for those who own the land. But land is given to any being which reached this Globe, by God (and if you ask me that God does not exist in the Bible nor Koran nor Talmud). 

We actually have the problems on this Paradise Earth since landownership got discovered by the (land)Lords as a way not to farm them own but through slaves. As long as humans did not farm they actually had nothing more than nature gave. No reason to fight about it. No, I do not say, that we should go back to that way of survival. We can`t even because we got too much people. But the discovery of farming by savery caused the fall of men, so to speak. Farming could bring more than necessary. Who got most could get rid of work and that was only possible by slavery. So some indeed very bad humans build secret groups, tried to seize as much land as possible and attacked humans to enslave them and let them work for them. Do you know who exposed this first? Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Richdom must be limited, of course it must. It cannot be allowed that landowners or super rich people can buy any poor guy who will then fight for these guys against you and me and our children. So we must work out something to unable such things.

What about wasting some times about such important question rather than wasting time about 911 again and again and again. It even sounds to me as if these endless lamentations were part of the policy of those who need to get rid of most of us humans. At least these never ending exposures of 911 work mentally for the Eugenics. You should realize this and start something constructive to think about and then to implement it. There is no change without vision where to go. The first step in such procedure should be: stop demonizing communism. In its deep sense communism means sharing. It is the most human thing to do so. How can one sit among many others and eat alone? That it is absolutely against the nature of mankind. They even had to implement this picture in Christianity by the figure of Jesus, but of course they let him die that you people never again come on such idea to go back to your nature: sharing with other human but obey the Lords. First many of them, later lesser till one God came out of the race.

The Rothchild/Rockefeller/Clinton bandits do not follow that idea of sharing with their NWO but their idea of having it all. They follow massmurder of the most of us and slavery for the rest. They comprimized your humanity by giving you much more than they let for other humans on Earth so that you would be willing to kill many humans on Earth. But they never let you in their club. They do what Mafia always does. They let you kill and send you somebody who will kill you.

It is really time that you people understand this and reclaim your humanity: this starts with sharing. I do not talk by the way about your democrats and their health policies. I do not talk among that Matrix in which we are living. As long as these land and waterowners are in charge of this planet or big parts of it, governments are nothing different than their bankers and mercenaries. They do the collectings for them. The same thing like in the Churches. After prayers you pay that they do not bring you to their hell. This had been Catholic Christian History. But when they developed this, people actually went into hell, when they did not pay these gangsters tax. This Catholic Church formed the states, the Monarchies than Democracies. These democracies were caused by their fears after the French Revolution. Too much of their Aristocrats lost their heads. People were fury on them because they were starved to death by these Monarchs. After the Revolution they worked out the democracies: Theatre Shows of Politicians so that in case of mankind resistance they could sacrifice the heads of the Politicians. They do that now even them own, whenever they want a regime change. So, I am not talking inside of this Democratic Matrix.

Sharing is the natural state of mankind. Just have a look on the indigenous people and how they do. Do they look in anyhow unhappy?  Yes they do. They know that they will get enslaved or have to die because the Imperialism is not yet finished. There are still some few free people on this Globe.

To understand what had happened in Russia and China and other socialists states you have to understand the following thing. If they cannot beat a movement they infiltrate it. They talk like those who promote better conditions for nature, animals and mankind. They even wear their fashions and sing their songs and then start to change them little by little or/and try to catch the confidence of the simple people who then will vote them into positions of power. Karl Marx, by the way, had been very aware about that problem and therefore gave the idea of elections which can be revoked on the process by the voters. How can it be that elected people are not responsible to those who elected them? How can it be that those who elected a person to act in their interest cannot stop that process when they get aware that the person is working against them? So, Karl Marx, suggested long before you people ever heard anything about communism, that responsibility of elected people towards the voters must be implemented in the system, he called that system 
Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

You better study these things properly before you reject them. He even said that such kind of system would only be a system for a while until mankind would have forgotten the horror of the money system, with other words never ending fights for some money for the many and growing greed of the few who got it. Such state would be needed until, so to speak, mankind would have healed itself from all that nonsense and came back to their natural way to be with each other: loving, caring and supporting one another. Do you really think that such stage can be reached by some few flyers which state: I am love. I am so positive.... Hallelujah, what a childish nonsense. We are dealing with 7 Billion people on Earth who suffered a monstreous history of murder and exploitation for about 6000 years. Please God, let some brain grow on Earth. How long does an Individual need, who got raped and tortured, to get over this, to not fear anymore any other human to do the same to him or her again and therefore better to do the first attack. That it is not really so complicate to understand but to do it takes a longer while and most of us will not live anymore when this comes. But it will not even come through for even further generations, if we do not start that process now. Many of us will not even like to live on, if we do not start now to practize some kind of communism. We will have to understand, that Russia and China did not failed totally. We can see now very cleary that they are the shareholders for world peace. India and Venezuela, South Africa ... all these countries who fought already the brutal Capitalism. Yes, they made a lot of mistakes. Horrible things happened even. Did they happen by those who wanted to bring mankind forward? No, the horrible things happened through those who infiltrated the system as described. The same folks who we, the 99 percent, face now openly aggressive towards all of us: they rather dy than to give up their positions. So they are weaponed up to their teeth and are ready to kill us. And that it is what they do unless we stop them to do that. So think about it and do not waste any more time about 911. You know what it is the truth. Waste your time better and develop a system which works for everybody, excluding those who simply wish nothing different than to end up in their own hell or how to describe people who do not wish to give up massmurder and pedophilia? They need to be imprisoned for that.
2. The permanent exposure of Conspiracies Theorists
There is not any of these persons who went public who did not pass exposures by people who find themself pretty much clever to expose everybody. They get described as agents for the enemy. Hello? What it is this. If anybody knows something concrete; par example: David Icke rapes children, and can proof this. Please then: put this to the court. But just bringing statements that he or Alex Jones or whoever among them, from who you actually got your pieces of informations are in reality agents for the enemy ... This is working for the enemy. It destructs the rest of confidence of humans into their abilities of thinking and finding own conclusions. It also destructs something very important; the consideration and exchange of ideas, ethics and statements. Since when do we need to love somebody rather than to refer to the ideas, ethics and statement of the person? By the way, how comes, that you exposure-people did not expose all the TV speakers and Politicians and so on, who brought you into the situation in which you are now? You actually did nothing. So, would it be an idea to show some shame about that and then to do something senseful. If you exposure-people got better ideas how to do, will we see you helping humanity in the public? Or are you looking for a dictator, who knows it all and can take  you under his loving arms that you feel secure that you never ever need to overtake own responsibility for anything. So, if you do not like Alex Jones voice, what about listening to other voices instead of insulting him a warmongerer just for his voice. That it is madness. Or another thing: Is it now a crime to be married with a jewish women? Just because you now found out that certain subjects among the "Elites" pretend to be Jewish now every Jewish must get slaughtered into your eyes without any trial nor proofs? What kind of manners are you developing? Of course, can it be, as mentioned above, that people are infiltrating our trials to get free from the horror. But please, to expose that we go the way of humans. We do not just throw dirt on people. By the way: nobody excludes you from risking your life for humanity. What shall we think about such questions: why is David Icke not yet taken out ... with other words assassinated. Are you praying on that so that you can be sure that his researches are really true?
3. The concurence among Conspiracy Theorists against each other.
They seem to get over this childish behavior now, but still we find this. I guess this appears caused by Capitalism. They need to sell their books, radiostations and so on. Even Conspiracy Theorists are products of what they expose, as we all. Capitalism provides the idea that we have to fight other people who sell simular products than we ourselves do, otherwise one would loose customers. I said already that it takes a longer while to heal such nonsense out of ourselves. Another thing is: who is deeper involved in all these Conspiraries might feel permanent frightened, even more than others who just find out. They do might inhale a certain mistrust into anybody by that work they do. So we have to help them to get more "relaxed" and this can only come through by many of ourselves to help them and our energies to turn things into the better of humanity. So, in fact it does not really matter if one is calling the things which might lead the mad Elite Reptiles or Aliens or Archons or Demons: it ends up by the same horrible problem which we have to solve.
4. Benjamin Fulford I know that Fulford is giving real challenges but especially for the most uneducated people among us. Could it be true that there are certain ninjas with who he is in contact and that they try to defeat the Oligarchs? The answer is: of course this could be. It could also be bullshit. But probably you would be happy, if it were true. Or, could it be a not such stupid idea to make such thing getting true?

The Love Movement had been already. That had been the times of the Hippies. Most of you or your elders opposed them. Those days had been the times you could have come out with Love, peace and harmony. You did not do that but insulted them people as dirty and out of debate and whatever else. But without them WWIII would have happened already. The same is to say about Kuba, Russia, China and Libya and some countries in Latin America. What about developing some respect for the real founding fathers of something like humanity against the brutal capitalism which runs over dead people? What about thinking by the way? How can it be that you people in the US find out that you got lied to by the mainstream media and their owners but cannot be able to consider that the people in the East of this Globe actually got different informations than you? In certain issues much better and clearer. How can it be possible that you cannot realize that the brainwashings are in you ... probably also in the people of the East but different from you? Come down from your horses, so to speak. US as an Empire is finished. If anything is clear, it is that. They wonna crash the US Empire and turn to Eurasia as their centre. You people are nothing for them. Just stupid idiots which they used to kill Africans, Arabs and Eastern people and more ... And let me tell you a secret. They think so from all of us. So, come home to humanity. We need one another to come through these times as best as possible.
Here now I am linking you to an interview with a Russian Professor,  Andrej Fursow . He is an historian and Leader of the Moscow University for humanities. He is also a member of the international academy of science in Munich. You will be astonished how much of the researches of Benjamin Fulford you will find confirmed in his view of the global situation. Of course, as a Professor he expresses things different than a journalist. Do not cry for Indivualism and then cry that all people shall act and express themselves like those folks you are used to by the American Stupidity Media, very uniform.
So here it is: We have a German version and we have a Russian Version. So, all other natives please use the link and google translate.

Freitag, 7. September 2012

Hillery and Esther and War

Please find Hillary Clinton`s idea who she would  like to be here and in the following video the production of that idea which we of course find in the Bible, Book of Esther. It is their manual of world terror.


The story can of course be studied in the Bible 
King James Version
Companion Bible condensed

And there we also find more precise dates when and where things will appear, if they keep their traditional  screenplay. In Esther 9.1 we find the dates
13th of the 12 month 

(of their calendar), what means the month Adar
Trying to find that out  I end up around February/March. But there is  a very complicated system to count things out. Probably you like to do your own trials here. A map of Esthers happenings you can find here, not such big surprizes anymore.
Can you imagine Hillary in the Harem of Mahmud Ahmadinedschad? I guess she will go ballistic by his refusal of her. He is not this guy nor this one, some people are still immune against sorcery. But she is this ... Listen properly, what she is announcing. She is going to provoke the war against Iran, if they do not obey, and then she will be in power for as long ... no comment, I cannot vomit in the PC.
When are you going to stop this bullshit?

Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

Indigenous Revolution

There are certain people out there, who cry if they get to hear anything negativ. I want to talk some very serious words about this "movement" because it can bring a lot of confusions and will damage humanity seriously. I do not say that this damage is intended by those who are following this style, unless by some of their  promoters. I do not want to focus here now on their promoters but on those who move into their footsteps. I say that the result of this style is causing a mental damage, which can do a proper portion to the extermination of mankind. So we better have a deeper look on these things and how they work out.

The indigenous Revolution is unstoppable

As one can see here is that fearless intelligence wins senseless arrogance.
May this be. Get here some more informations about the people from Southamerica and their efforts to come on their legs.

Mittwoch, 5. September 2012


Anybody who is (getting) aware about the New World Order enslavement is passing a lot of overwhelming feelings and thoughts. To realize to get sprayed with poison like bugs alone is a challenge which might end up, for a proper horrible while, like this.
The rest of informations like the poisoning of the water with Fluorides, the attack of Fukushima and contamination of the Earth with radiation and so fort ... please do your own researches in case you should not know anything yet ... might bring the drawn path in front of the hyp(notiz)ed persons eyes even longer and stronger:

no way out
so it looks like after a trauma
According to the huge attacks on humanity one must really wonder that the resistance seems to be sometimes relatively small. The reaction of the chicken in the video might be a possible explanation for that.

The agony could also be multiplied through mindcontrol with HAARP and by the extreme results of Chemtrails on our brains and energy system. We better do not underestimate these impacts and connect the dots with the many of depressive people and the continously growing drugconsume since about 1970.

When ever in history such thing was reported (in the West)? People are literally loosing their natural functions. The elders are getting Alzheimer, what about the younger ones? I definitely know people within their 50th, who cannot remember the skies in their natural stage although they had passed them.  

I desperately tried to find a video from the days without spraying (and came to the conclusion that they forgot nothing, not even to change them). Surplus they started the spraying first in the US. 

As far as the Holy Wood ever filmed outside and not with Playmobile figures they probably filmed already Chemtrail Skies. What about the German films from those days (in color)? Gone. They took them out of the Internet. We find now such pictures by Mercedes Benz, you know those business men with the nice star in front of their car.

So now I use music of these days (which we in the West got to pass) to force the rememberings about those days without spraying out of you. Do you remember the days you were laying on the gras watching the sky and dreaming from your spouse? Try again with this time-frame, another propaganda but it will bring you back to those days. It is important that you keep your rememberings in order.

We found so far a lot of reasons which could explain the human agony although of the strange attacks. But did we really loose such much of energy that we cannot gstand up for our lives? No, we still see our  US-Europian Idiots shopping as usual, minimal one time the week they occupy Walmart (God let brain grow in humanity) or Ikea (God let brain grow in humanity) instead of the bankers; they love now to waste 1 Euro/Dollar for shit they do not need instead of former 10 and even 100 Dollar. They still have enough energy to do this(Do not worry, soon this game is over, no more monopoly money)
So they cannot have lost too much of energy (yet). Probably the old hypnosis frame might still work within them:

However. Who really can know, what it is happening in the masses of people by the Billions of them. Often enough, we do not even understand ourselves. 
But if my "Chicken Theory" plays a rule in the human agony, we must somehow be happy, that not all of us get aware about the attacks on us at the same time. Let us study this again.
Imagine all of us would stare the same time on the issue of our awareness, that they wonna kill us.  We would be depopulated (< you better study this) within few weeks. This was not performed like that for some reason and so we are facing .

1973, it is some while ago since they brought this song into our heads but it is still there, isn`it? Or is it the wonder of repetition which keeps it in our mind?  You remember how they teach you in school? Permanently they beat the same information in your brain. Could it be that this caused the name Beat-les?

Are you one of those, who deny the force of hypnosis? Whenever I get new students and confront them with this question, I get to wonder again and again how deeply people are convinced, that they would think their own thoughts. These are the moments, when I wish to take a big hammer and knock through their brains in order to free them from their hypnosis. No, of course I do not do that but show them how it works. Look here again how it works, also with you.

You might like to do some researches about the meaning of Ben-Hur, the son of the whiteness (or the son of the hure?)You know that the birth of Jesus by a virgin is still a bit special. So, if he had not been a synonym for the Amanita Muscaria may be he had been the son of a prostitute or unmarried women like Cleopatra? and Ben whitnessed this. Who knows how these relations mixed up those days. I do not think, that that was better than today. Things are a long time ago but the symbols in the film should be recognized.
Let us see this impressive video with Lizbeth. who had been very desperate not to be unmarried like Cleopatra. She also converted to Judaism and supported Zionism and? Right: Israel. Notice the topic: a virgin (unmarried woman) comes to offer her son to his father in order to get legitimation for him as a king? Does that sound familiar to you? Obviously the Egyptian Empire had been a female Empire, the Roman Empire was not that anymore. You should think about that as well.

Sorry for the Christians, I cannot bring things from the Islam: was not the culture in which I grew and I find it more the Muslim business to find things out about their brainwashings. (Like I also prefer them to handle their areas in own regie) and the US EU  out of their regions. Simple and healthy.

The Christian Church is superrich while people are starving. The money must have been moved somewhere, not so? Did you know, that they wash a lot of money within Churches, any of them - of course not only the Christian Church. How that function? Easy. You donate some of your superwealth to the Church. The Church is exempted from Tax Payment, so the money is untouched. Behind the Church, they will give you your money back and take a "little" for themselves (if you are a member of their secret society, of course). It should wonder you, that you find the biggest criminals in the Churches. Sexual abuse, murder even massmurder, torture: anything you might not even able to imagine but them. They are free from any judgement, you not. Your judgement day is on (they call that Armageddon), theirs not yet. Here is only one of the many examples around the world how that Mafia works.

Untold Story of Mass Murder by Church and State in Canada from 666ExposesTheVatican on Vimeo.
If they would spend their collections for excluding fine things it should be no problem for them to issue their taxdeclaration, not so. But they are having a better idea. Look at this.

We are back to the middle ages. Without any shame they are talking how they want to thief the atheist, what means in reality those, who do not pray under these people command but in their own way. The Chinese find this trick as well. They taxed anybody, who got more than one child, with an huge amount. Had been the order by the US-UK Mafia, by the way.
I wonder how USers and EUer can believe that their system works in anyhow different than the one in China. Is there a difference, if masses are brainwashed to believe in communism and other masses are brainwashed to believe in Christian Massmurder Slavery-Freedom? Brainwashing is brainwashing, not so?

Try it my dear USer: tell any other USer that you find communism not that bad as permanent war and look what then happens. Just a test. If you are right, you do not need to scare anything. You are in the land of the Free, they will love you for your choice of free speech in first line and in second line, they will abuse you like shit that you are not a good christian patr-iot (sounds like id-iot). Sorry so much my dear friend from the US. We shall not judge you such heavily because we were not raced by a TV by the age of a baby. They started that program in Europe later than in the US, so we do not really know how brainwashed we would be, if we had to pass that as long as you. Even the smaller time in the EU did enough to fuck up our brains. So there are many European people who do not even know that the EU take them over into  dictatorship. They (many) think that everything is like before. And among them are educated people, so called intelligent people.

Of course there are differences in the brainwashings depending on "the input".  But if we can able to see things beyond these inputs then things look like this:

The Chinese people are programmed to be the workers and the USers are programmed to be the soldiers.  What it is in for the EUsers? I guess we are best in buerocracy. They were producing a lot of papers in which they lubricated all maniac minds into bills. The newest one for Europe but especially meant for the Germans is the so called ESM.

Sorry man, it is not far away but around the corner. You were brainwashed while they did that. You watched Football and Olympics 2012. And when you wake up, you will feel like that chicken above. 

We, who woke up a bit earlier, passed that stage already. But sometimes, when we are seeing you, our brothers and sisters worldwide in that horrific hypnotized idiotism, we just want to go back into the position of the chicken. We then do not see any chance that you could recover from your mindcontrol sooner and join the worldwide resistance to make sure:
We are many they are few.
Noop, do not go back and cry: 

We can only do something if they all join us. 

Do not do that. Things do not function like that. You must use the number one of the hypnosis tools. Repetition

Do not let any of your people escape your repetitions:
They wonna enslave us totally, not only a bit like till now. We must do something.

Do that in Red. It is another tool of hypnosis. Tell your friends and familymembers how much blood they got already recently in Libya and Syria. No, not they but they. The blood of your human brothers and sisters should make you to do some researches before believing everything the TV is telling you. You are not in the ownership of the programmers of that TV. 

Even, if you want to remain  in your  Jewish, Christian or Muslime believe, remember the 10 commandments which are in a way a success of humanity what they (the murderer and abuser and so on) had to accept somehow.

So why you do not use these commandments: You shall not kill. You shall not lie (and this includes of course the repetitions of lies). Why you do not check out for yourself whether such hard accuses they told you about first Gathafi then about Assad and next about Ahmahjidad and Putin and Chavez.

Dienstag, 4. September 2012

Shaman Knowledge The Shadow People

It will take you time to listen to the whole program but I urge you to take that time. Thunderstrike is an half Cherokee half Irish Person who learned a lot from his elders of the Indian side. Also the Interviewer is somebody you will like to listen to because he miss so wonderfully any arrogance and brings about a constructive and loving athmosphere in order to open up to the Ander World (or however you like to call the different dimensions, we got told to ignore). Many people got declared crazy when they could not ignore these dimensions but felt or saw beings surrounding them. Here we do not find the typical and in my view made up Galactic Federation Bullshit but the real things we will have to recognize. Before they are coming to discuss certain pictures send by listeners of the show, Thunderstrike is giving the prophecy  of the Cherokee and other Tribes in case of a bad choice of humanity. This sounds pretty much different than the fixed, and that means not changeable programs of Armageddon of the "usual" Religions. For me it is very interestingly that Thunderstrike, who I got to listen to my first time today, is telling me in that dark prophecy exactly my feelings how things will appear, in case that Humanity, but especially Northamerica will not change their way to be. They will be taken down by an alliance of Russia, China (and I guess more of the East like Japan, Korea, Malaysia and so on) and the Middle East ... I guess even more and hope that the German Citizens this includes all our Turkey people, will know that we belong to the people who need Freedom from US Terror. Nobody needs to bring that along with war but in case the US goes forward in their extermination of humans we must hold on the opposition of that horror.
Dear US Citizens, you are the majority of people on my blog and I guess for a reason, probably something like reconnection to humanity. I am begging you to do all your level very very best to bring down the Evil which is moving through your area like thin shit. I do not visit Jamaika anymore because of the US. Do you get that. One must be scared that they will get a hit with HAARP and intervened by your soldiers like this had been the case in Haiti. Jamaika got pretty much turned from the US in a hidden or open source for drugs and prostitution. You citizens are spoiling the people up there. Seriously, I am sad to tell you. You people really need to know whether you want to get regonized as monsters all over the world or as humans. We never saw you as freedom fighters, none of the people you brought your way of life by your bombs and poison. It is you people who got proper deceived into the feelings of Superiority and that also makes you such ideas that the Evil  would rest in China and not among you. Of course there is Evil all over the world but the concentration camp for that is in the US. So we are praying that you people wake up and turn things into the better, in your area ... not in our areas. Therein it is us who will have to clean up.
Dear Germans, you also better wake up sooner than soon. We cannot stand on the side of NATO, which is EVIL pure and needs to kill about 90 % of the living beings. Especially our youngsters; hei wake up. We do not need to get back to the third Reich but to our indigenous roots as tribes. I am calling you to disable all the politicians, all of them alike which party. They are all in the Evil Federation together with France, UK and the US, Sweden and Italy, Norway. They allowed them even without public acknowledgment to have their war management in our area (Stuttgart). Talk and pray and do whatever you can that we can disable these corrupted folks to harm humanity.

Samstag, 1. September 2012


Germans ... who we even are we do not know, because we are living under occupation since the roman invasion, in fact we then had passed already the khasarean migration as well ... So, those of us, who did not name themselves Germans but got this name by the Romans ... who now consider ourselves to be such besieged "Germans" actually lost our indigenous roots just like the american Natives, it is only longer ago. Not only us but the entire world is near to that point to loose these indigenous roots.

We in Germany are still under occupation, it is now the US occupation. The whole area is round up with Atomplants and Atommissiles and under control of NATO which needs to go back to their roots in Astana. Go and google the town they are building there. Unfortunately they do not wish to give up the rest of the globe and to isolate themselves in Astana, they feel bored so they need a new place to keep the horror going on.

The last time we Germans had been free people we were Natives simular to the Natives of the US. Those days we communicated with Mother Earth and our women had been the spiritual leaders of our tribes. Did you know that? No, that had nothing to do with this idiotic Emancipation Movement of novadays which only gave us another knock on ourselves after over 1500 years of catholic-judaistic inquisition. Times in which they tortured  and wiped out our spiritual women  and men which they used to call witches. Does anyone of you see in Madame Merkel a spiritual leader? So we do not need to blabber about that. This sounds as stupid as seeing in Master Obama the spiritual leader of the black people. Oh my God let intelligence come back to our brains and hearts and let our rememberings come back.

So, I do not know about you, but I feel since my very early days on this planet, that I need some kind of bushes where no neighbor nor policeman nor buerocrat is telling me and the plants how they are allowed to grow or will be cut or even totally exterminated. How far again we are "developing" into the prisons of cementaries which we really call homes. Look at this shit. In Germany it is now a real problem to be a dog. If they shit outside it could happen that the philisters fall over his guide, or himself and accuse both of them to the police; you know what it is meant, I think. Most of the human guides of the dogs anyway do not see themselves as guides but some kind of owners of their pussydog and never resistet the implantation of chips into the dogs. Can you imagine that? Of course you can, you might be one of them, or your friend or your relatives or your neighbor. May be you even take your dog to meet a psychiatrist. Let me tell you a real story. People, I got to know, reported me, after they had adopted a young dog (in exchange to racing own children?) that they bring the dog in some sort of dogkindergarden one time the week. Why, I asked? I got an answer: the dog needs to learn how to be with other dogs. No comment, I leave it with you to find out what could be wrong here. But let me add another phenomen like that. Since some decades also our women must go to workshops where they learn to breath correct while giving birth to a child. Isn`it only a question of time when we have to pass a workshop before coming in life?

Since the New World Order, which is nothing different than the total replacement of nature and its natural functions, is getting obviously, all the Western Religions have high inflation times. The Christians are as busy as the Muslims and Jewish, and the New Agers actually reproduce their themes and tell us that a new Earth will arise, whereon there will live only those who coud make it. Hello? Does that sound familiar to you? The Judgement day is coming (they need war) and we better bow down to the messias they printed for this or that region, in which name we shall kill each other. The last days I tried to find out who could be Jesus and why I should bow down to him, who seems to be responsible for "our" area. But: I am a "German". I have indeed nothing to do with that death cult. Not really. Our tribes tried their very best to resist the Romans. Okay, they won us. But I remember the indigenous ancestors. And so I could not find any reason but bad feelings of some kind of  nusty  and unnatural "guilt" caused by my resistance, probably embedded into my rememberings due to their occupation of us those days. Horrible overwhelming feelings. Humans you must remember how much of humans had been slaughtered due to these Religions. And those who survived got enslaved somehow into the belief to be bad, sinners by birth. What a bullshit.

You must be strong to hold on this inner resistance or to rediscover it and find out how to catch back to ourselves as free humans otherwise we will finally find ourselves in the completed prisons of the New World Order. That it is not written by God but the editors of Judaism-Christianity and Islam, probably also the Eastern Religions ( I do not know but do not advice anybody to exchange "our" religions with other religions again, which you do not even understand to their core meanings, I guess they are the same).  

What about just living with nature? Is it in you to go for war? Is it in you to eat burger king? You know what I mean, or? Is it in you to live just for paying debts? May be the following videos give an input to catch back to ourselves.

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