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Webster Tarpley
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Freitag, 30. November 2012

May be this helps against Dementia

It seems that plenty people suffer already dementia because they forgot how a healthy sky used to look like. Even the sky above as shown on this picture is not a healthy sky but in parts already spoiled. Healthy clouds appeared without any zick-zicks frames. But this picture anyway can probably remind and make some persons think. If they will act is another point.
What kind of acts do we need? Can we fight the pilotes who are carrying this genocide out? Probably, if we can identify them.  It would be an idea anyway to visit the airports at the backdoors where the stuff enters. There are many actions what could be done to bring the genocide in the open and undeniable awareness. It does not even need my ideas, such ideas are well known. But as we all know such things do not happen. Why?
Actually we face an increasing number of people who realize the chemtrails but the same time there is an increasing number of stupid people either, people who are on their way to dementia and reduction of all of their human abilities. Only for Germany, which holds a population of about 80 Million people we get the "prediction" (read: announcement) of 20 Millions who will suffer dementia around 2020. A quarter of all inhabitants they need to be dement only in Germany. Pray that you are not among them, or? Is that the solution? Is it the solution to find herbs, which can release some of the injuries by these chemtrails? It helps of course  a bit but we must stop the poisoning. There are really some people, who do not deny the Chemtrails but flee themselves into such illusions that humans are going to develope some kind of immunization. Some think they will get god or land in the 5th dimensions, we only wonder how. We do not hear this from those folks. The stupidity of humans is facing high inflation just like the money system. Probably they think that Jesus will jump out of the sky and end the human suffernis; or in the East: nothings must happen than that we have no more desires for this 3-D World.
If the common literally taken understandings of the religions get unfolded we will find the Christians waiting for Jesus coming out of the sky, the Buddhists ready to die (another expression of no more desire), the Muslims blowing themselves and others into the air where they hope to find some virgins and the Jewish bombing the entire planet so that they can hang out in Jerusalem alone. The fully idiotism will be out there. All the people on this Earth who never questioned anything especially not their religions will face their stupid believes. The masters of their mind brought them to the armageddon of their collective idiotism. We wonder why people even scare mindcontrol; they are mindcontrolled.
God thanks not all. And those are the ones who will have to make it. I suggest in the following way:
1. Inform others but do not get stuck in that work nor in the resistance of people who do not want to realize anything nor get stuck in the unabilities of those who are already dumbed down. Just try to reach out to those who have some capacities left and might get ready faced to worldwide genocide to overcome their normal comfort zones of not doing anything in order to make the human behavior on Earth a better one. (Note, we do not need to change the wonderful Mama Earth but our ways to live on her). Yes, it is the human behavior which caused all the mess. The Elite is carrying this out through us -mankind- which is allowing this by ignorance, apathy and corruption.
2. Get busy to understand your religions as deceivers and stop to follow their misuse of the scriptures. Study them by your own. Read them until you understand them properly.
3. Practise the ideas of your scriptures, not sometimes but all the time. Train yourself in discipline.
All the scriptures are telling you indeed the same things: you must use your brain because therein is the Kingdom of God. (By the way there is a saying: what you do not use you loose). In short words: you must do meditations and some other mind tools in order to get rid of bullshit-beliefs about yourself like you would be
  • powerless
  • stupid
  • useless
  • unworthy
  • poor
  • weakett
  • sick by conception (of God)
  • a sinner by conception (of God)
You are not one of these things unless you believe it. What you believe (think that it would be true) makes the you and your way to be on this Earth, it forms your and other people reality. With other words: as more of us are continuing to believe the fully program of bullshit written above as more harder things will get. Do you get that? Do you want to get that horrible experience any longer?
Let us discuss some of the mentioned common limitations which the average human usual thinks to be true about him or herself.
Powerless. Can that even be, that humans are powerless? It cannot be because we are made from power, which it is another word for Energy. We are part of E=mc2 what means we are from Energy formed into masses (bodies) which we inhabit with our souls during the daytime.
Stupid. Can that even be, that humans are stupid? Yes, it can be that we think (not that we are) and behave stupid as long as we do not use our internal gift (the fruit of the tree: the pineal gland in the middle of the brain. The brain is symbolized as a tree because it looks like a tree. Do you see that?                  Source
In your right brain you can create, in the left brain you cannot create but copy and mix some former creations from other people and your own ones in this or that version. With your left brain you will harvest what you created with your right brain. If you created in your Garden nothing than stupid ideas (as mentioned above) you will harvest that shit in your reality. The Pineal Gland sits in the centre of the brain among a lot of water and enlightens (electricity) you, it is your connection with all what is (God) and could be for you if you bring it from heaven on Earth,
source (Arche Noah among much of water)
that means through your snakes (moving up and down through your spine) into your heart generator into matter existance. Connect it with the 7 heavens (Chakras) and get a glimpse of who your are. A miracle, a wonder, a temple and much more. Able to create heaven on Earth and with Earth. So we must create our healthy clean Sky and Earth. Note below the videos some thoughts.

So called spiritual people tend to withdraw themselves from what happens on Earth but especially the "Positive Thinker" cause a lot of ignorance, at least they deepen this habit of common men. It is not positive to see a hungry crying child and to ignore it by thinking "I am well". This is ugly and even more than ignorant, it turns our world in that horror we have already and could get more, if we follow such style. You can get a lot of Newsletters with the newest tools how to think positive and get more money and so on; every day new masters like that appear and are telling you that your suffernis will end if you only concentrate on your wealth. It is an illusion to think that you would be alone on this Earth, independant from anything around you. Do not mind that they are bombing people everywhere but concentrate on your money income - and see what you will receive. War and a world without love, everybody excluding thinking on him or herself. On the other hand it is bullshit to withdraw from this Earth by non-desiring anything but especially no money (or what it represents). If you want: kill yourself than you are out of desire (minimal for this life) but as long as you do not do that you are here on Earth and should have some desires such like clean air, clean water, clean food and some kind of shelter for your body to keep it warm and comfortable. So do not get mixed up by Buddhas desire to no more desire anything or see it in this way: do not attach yourself to the outcome of your prayer as long as you do not see things manifesting or what could happen much better manifesting than you could ever imagine. It means: if you ask God or the highest source of creation for help you better listen to the unfolding help and do not get in such mood to know things better. It does not make sense to ask for help when you are out of knowledge how to do and then to refuse the incoming advice through your inner voice because it brings you clearly out of your 5-sense-stand point of view.
In the featured links on the right side you find an initiation to open your 3rd eye/Kundalini. I know that Nithiyananda passed some strange accuses and do you know what? I think the guy is such beautiful that it is 1. no wonder if he enjoyed his beauty and it is 2. no wonder if there are people who get into envy and jealeousy such much that they need to destroy him rather than to work on them own and their own beauty. Why is it that people need to judge anybody around them who is doing things better or different than they? In the bible you got the story of the prostitute which should get stoned and Jesus should have said: who is without sin please throw the first stone. So please stop judging peoples enjoyment as long as nobody got harmed; it is not your business. But if somebody got harmed, like plenty of children get sexual abused around the Earthly World by a lot of priests and politiceans: what about opening your big mouth in these cases, who truly need your help? Finally: there are many roads to Rome. We can understand this verse this way and that way. We can understand Rome as the centre of horror on Earth where they put themselves as Gods over us; we can understand the verse also in this way: there are many ways to come to a certain place or achievement. So the way Nithiyananda is providing in order to open the 3rd eye and Kundalini energy might not go for you. This could simply be the case because you simply do not try it but are judging it before you try it. Or you try it and cannot make it somehow. So it is: people have their own time to achieve things. People also have different ways which fit them better or more worse. Just pick out what fits for you and stop critizing like a foolish child. If you want to critizise, critizise something of disvalue for a lot of humans and animals and then do something about it. Soon you will find yourself critizised from stupid thinking and acting people who hold on ignorance and jealeousy.
In order to open your 3rd eye you should know if you really need that already and if so, you are going to find a method to do so. How do you know that your 3rd eye got opened? Things you wish manifest soon and stronger. Do not get too mystical. Your 3rd eye is even a bit opened otherwise you could not have manifested anything but you did that already. But you did it unconsciousless. Not bad at all. Jesus said: be like the children. Why? Children just imagine this or that and jump into it without doubting it for a second. So in fact it is not anything totally new for you. You must only refresh your Pineal gland and get it used with your own creations instead of creations others manipulated on you. For certain it is also not very usefull to overload your pineal gland with wrong food (milk, meat and a lot of poison) or to dry it out because you do not drink enough. Drink enough clean water (or black coffee) and forget about killing animals and eating them. It is anyway not a nice habit to eat your fellows on Earth. How can you expect peace on Earth while you are hunting beings to death, you who does not need to consume flesh. That it is rather crazy, don`t you think so? By the way: also humans are beings and this is also valid for all humans who are not citizens of the United States or the common crazy countries like UK, France, Italy and Germany who are causing a lot of horror on Earth by their exploitations and wars (or permissions and participations that this can go on and on. But to put the flag of the United States on Jesus and then to bomb the rest of the world and even the moon is the highest state of idiotism. Could you please stop that?

Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

Nazi Establishment - some researches

Please note the following researches by Benjamin Fuford (German language) (English language) and therein this well research about the Netherland involvement and spread like a cancer all over.
Watch next what they are working on for those of you who might survive the Genocide they are unfolding everywhere.

Samstag, 24. November 2012

Who are they

I like the style these fellows are doing: they do not hide that we actually do not know who are they but have to find out in consideration of: all we know is that we are getting deceived as much as better and this since a long time but minimal about 6000 years. This seems to be the starting point of our slavery. It could also be a fresh starting point. Who knows if they aren`t doing their depopulations of mankind on a regulare basic? Do you? I remember that I listened once to a Buddhist Guru, unfortunately I forgot who this had been, and the guy told that mankind would die after 6000 years as all other civilisations came to that point. So it would be wise to prepare for the afterlife. I felt pretty much disgusted about his teachings but these dying civilisations seem to be part of the belief system of Buddhism. If we could able to know and connect all of these so called world religions we might probably see the whole story of our slavery. I am utter busy to check out the bible and cannot even come clever about the Koran but again the Pali Canon and the Sanskrit? God thanks we are many.
As questioned in the video there is also the very confusing statement in the bible about the Jewish, who pretend to be Jewish and they are not. There are certain points in the Bible who do not go together as if two different parties had been writing them. But be careful, we cannot just accuse the Khazarean Jewish people of being behind the problem. Allthough we know that they are building the capitol of the NWO in Astana  it must not be that a certain folk is behind the shit. Many people from Kasachstan are even pretty much fucked and poor, just like us or even more ... so do not make any judgements before you do not know things. Like the doctor in this video we must consider non-human forces behind all the shit. For me this sounds more rational. Even the worsest humans, so I think, cannot hold on slavery and slaughter of mankind about such long period without that they would have gotten destroyed by the masses or among themselves. Avarage criminals tend to destroy themselves usually. They can`t hold on their doings over more than some 10 years or so. They need drugs or alcohol to keep themselves going like that but to imagine them as being able to operate the entire human race??? 
Weird brutality and mindcontrol seem to me the aspects which we have to follow carefully to break through the matrix. In terms of mindcontrol I suggest everybody to check out any  availabe knowledge about Voodoo. I consider par example these events in Bohemian Grove as such events of voodoo in order to invoke certain things. They could par example kill one baby as a representation for the many which are to be killed all over. So the ritual is "only" the initiation for the mass events and probably brings the "Code" into mankinds brain, may be using the blood and multipying this "info" in water. I do not know how and what ... but I got to see a lot of Voodoo practized in Africa and the Karibik. And things functioned.
I am just on such trip like these people in the video. We must find things out and therefore we must think different as usual, getting out of mind programs and just follow our own ideas about the topic. As more of us are doing this as more ways we can discover and follow up. We do not need permission to think for our own, what ever might pop up to our hearts, intuition and so. We are dealing here with pretty much crazy stuff. So it will be a good idea to think crazy, it might turn out as not so much crazy but coming to the hidden points. In the video they are speaking about a hidden area somewhere in Asia. Unfortunately again I forget the Author but long ago I heard about such author who was writing about people (beings?) somewhere in Asia who would be able to leave their bodies and rush to another point where they could pick up another body. May be somewhere out there knows the author of that book in which this was told and can follow it up. May be the story was even a bit different; as said it is a long time ago that I heard about this. May be I can provide you in some days with the datas in case I should remember things.

Dienstag, 20. November 2012

The Concert is going on

We do not know and must dig in the darkness, sensing somehow what it is on because the medias are totally under control of the New World Killers. It is really hard to take it how Netanyahu-s are accusing the people from Gaza to be a threat to them. Imprisoned people are a threat to a highly militairy bastion which owns about 200 Atomic Bombs??? On the other hand, they did not trust yet to attack the Iran. Probably this operation on Gaza is their substitute to cause mayham and in best of their cases against humanity WWIII. The same time it could be just part of their strategy: we know they go step by step: Egypt, Libya, Syria involving Turkey and now Palestine: who is next? Some new Hurricane in the East or in Australia? Long time they did not "treat" Southamerica ... Hope people are getting the picture: it is against all humans not. What about the economy? Total collapse soon? Interestingly Germans are still sleeping and sleeping and sleeping while Spain, Ireland and Greece are already on the roads. but more than this we need to wake up and bring the Cabale out of office: everywhere.

We need Glass-Steagall.

Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Collective Murder

I hate the term warcrime because war is a crime in first place, it is collective rape, torture, robbery and murder. Period. After such "happening" in Libya and during such "happening" in Syria and more countries indeed (in Africa) the choosen people from Israel now showed up with another murder event on the people of Palestine. Let us get this straight. Palestine is the real name for that area and not Israel.
The Germans are still dreaming, I fear, that it would be a good thing, this Israel. In their collective guilt about the second worldwar (what a bullshit, the whole world had been stupid enough to kill one another) they do not trust to think a bit. How comes that Germans are paying for this Horror Entity Israel much of money? For what? Are you folks able to think? Then please do some researches to get out the truth instead of hanging in front of your TVs and shopping around in 1 Euro Shops; sorry for you that more is not in anymore. You are dreaming you Clowns, who are living from Socialsupport. There is no such thing like an universal law that it is guaranteeing you social pensions for ever.  The middleclasses got ripped off. Do you get it: soon the Jobcenters will be closed. Or what do you think: it is all so far away? Only the lazy Greeks and undeveloped Espanols or drunken Irelands but not you fucking Germans are crashing into disaster? How ignorant you folks can be again? Why should I get outraged on the average US Dummie if I am surrounded with a lot of German Dummies?

There are days when I cannot stand this human race, especially if they consider themselves to be the crown of creation on Earth. Dogs and Cats have more empathy than humans. If their owners die they hang around them and grief. But you people turn the TV on and are talking bullshit: you must focus on your daily business. And that it is your TV. Now some clowns in the US have been finding out what had been clear since conception that Obama is using methods of Mind Control. I do not think that this had ever been necessary. Things are far more easy. You people are sheeting yourself into your trousers and therefore you accept everything, even stripes in the sky. Since those days you even avoid to talk about the whether. You do not want to come into such small path what could force you to tell the ugly truth: they are killing us. All over the Globe. No man, nobody is telling me again that he does not know anything what it is really going on. You either benefit from the Gangsters who are raping us off or you are supporting them with your ignorance and cowardness. And in many centuries you people were willing to do so, you went to kill people at the end of the disasters. May be this time we get things done in few days: WWIII. But I do not think that they follow such strategy. They make it more clever. They go from country to country and rape, torture and kill the people. These maniacs are ashwholes but they knew that you humans are ashwholes as well. They love ignorance. How many years now that ISRAEL is killing Palestinensians? I grew up with that knowledge and you wonna tell me you do not know? Why aren`t you a bit honest and tell me that you had had never any interest how many humans get killed in a war as far that one was far enough away from you?

There are the Positive Thinkers out there. That it is a new tool to avoid the ugly truth of the conditions of mankind. Just bind some positive thoughts around your eyes and you will not see the crying children who they killed.

I do not know but sometimes I think that the current running human race is even more fucked off than the one who had had the WWII murder party.  Those people had not had TV nor Internet? You could be informed. It really takes a lot of ignorance to do how that running human folk is doing. May be I am wrong. May be it is the silence before the storm. Hopefully, if not there will be a big awakening but not a sweet one. Financial collapse, starvation, no Gas no electricity and so on and from the sky some bombs and chemtrails filled with viruses. And the Germans will complaint that they got not told ... there is a war on you. Fuck you guys, how long shall we tell you how the things are. You do not want to do your own researches and you do not want to do anything about it. That it is the situation in Germany. There are only few who are different. Horrible to face such mentality. In Berlin had been a demonstration against the murder of Palestines but too few. Shame on us.


Archons Cryptoterrastials

Things are getting more weird every day and human people are getting somehow confused-depressive-agressive-nervus-dizzy and more like that. And we do not know what it is natural about it due to the transition into Aquarius and the Solar Flares and what it is artificial done by the NWO and its masters. Who did enough of researches and has also open senses cannot refuse anylonger that we are not alone. The black societies anyway never refused this, but the North-American and European Societies are threatened since the times of Inquisition to not even think on different beings from us. Those days they killed all of us who were able to see them, they called them witches. Just to remind you. It had also been times in which they designed the big depolation of Europe around the so called pestilence (virus based, biological warfare). Before that they finished the Gnostics and replaced their teachings with Christianity. None of us avarage person can actually decode the Bible.  Who has time like Bill Donahue to spend his whole life on decoding the Bible. This is how I see things; they used Gnostic teachings but overwrote it with their stories, such deeply that we could not understand things anymore (most of us could not even read over centuries), while Insiders can use the whisdom. Something like that; we are researching and not knowing exactly.  However, unaware people are asking why somebody should poison the whole planet with Chemtrails. Where would they themselves survive? That cannot get answered without considering other races among us or/and under us, what means in the underground. This seems to be the key: they do not like light. It seems to go to the traditional vampire story, which we took as a story. We better don`t. Did you realize the kind of warfare they are doing on humans in Libya, Syria and lately Palestine. They love to cut their victims organs, including their hearts while being alive. In all these countries these kind of attacks where reported. If you can stand it you can find this on You Tube.

The following Video is discussing a lot of things, unfortunately the US people mix things. US had never been a free country unless we define it as being free to live from warfare abroad. They are taking this "right" away from the US people, which it is the good part in it. Who ever needed US people to go around and kill other humans? The Natives of America? Vietnam and the rest of the list of countries which got invaded from US Soldiers? They should start to consider themselves as pretty much brainwashed by those beings, archons or cryptoterrestials.

Humans have to get out of such point of views like nations. We must unite as humans. It is also to be mentioned that China had been undertunneled since a long time. I knew about these undertunnelings since the Mao Revolution. But for sure they are modernising them - not only in China. I am pretty much sure that Mexico and the South of the US is undertunneled. We also know from such things in the Arab States. So the thing is: there is a fight against humanity. They wonna get rid of a large number of us and probably they wonna stay on the surface of the Earth. Just observe how they are slightly exchanging the architectures everywhere. They hate grasses.

Here is the link with the Interview about Crypto Terrestials. And here you find Cryptoterrestials in pictures. I do not know if they are true, especially not in the case of Putin ... but we must be open minded.

Samstag, 17. November 2012

God-Allah and my philosophy

Long time visitors of my blogs (Modern Scout and this one) might have noticed that I am not in love with such habit of people who blindly follow either Religions, Scriptures or which ever Guru again and if it is a scientest. I rather prefer knowledge over belief but both things are not equal with neither Religion nor Science. How to come clever through this disasters of thoughts?

Religions seem to follow their scriptures, don`t they?

If you follow Bill Donahue and his lections about the Bible you will find out that the Catholic Church is far away from such statement, unless we see things in this way: they are playing out the dark ideas which are mentioned in the Bible: killing people, of course not without raping, torturing and exploiting them first. Actually we cannot even come after all the revealations of their nice doings on humans (and even more beings and nature). Everytime we find a new priest who got accused about rape. So what it is going on here? Is the scripture (Bible) bullshitting us into the darkness? It seems so: if you take things literaturally you might come to the conclusion that it is not a problem but even holy to sacrifice your children. Even Abraham did so. But if you do not take this literaturally but in its deeper level: you know that you overhand not only yourself but also your children to God or Allah or however you call the source and cause of everything. But: You do not overhand neither yourself nor your children to people or alien beings who claim to be God, you overhand yourself and your children in your and themselves to God because God is dwelling in you and them. So there is no bloodshed but the understanding that you were created in the image of God, as offspring of God, so to speak.

So we continue to think and then understand: if you (and me) are the offspring of the highest source, this highest source build you (and me) in the highest way to be and not as a broken, fucked of mankind because God had had a bad day, when making us. Sinners on who he could pull out all his anger and rage on one of such bad days? I do not know who exactly is described by such habits but probably more blind idiots than God, don`t you think so? And who is describing God in that way? Priests, not so? Here again we must understand what it is a Priest. I use this term in this way: everybody can come along in yóur life and play Priest on you. He or she or a Demon is telling you this and that to leave but this and that to do. Probably your Doctor is such Priest for you. He could be the one who is telling you that you must overhand him your breasts because they would be full of cancer and he would know how to get rid of that waste by cutting them out of your nice body. And you the idiot would follow that demand of your priest.

Say: Hallelujah; I am an Idiot.

Say again: Hallelujah, my Doctor is my priest and therefore I sacrificed my breasts to him and gave him even more; some money to pay him for his nice actions on me. How many times did you do that? How many times did you see other people acting like that? Do you really wonder about Obamacare? Obamacare is just another stage of the first virus: you, who followed a priest. Blind Slavery on your idea that another being or person or institution would be cleverer than you if you would have noticed, that you were built in the image of God and that God is dwelling in you and had not had a bad day when creating you but in fact a good day, such good day that God even gave you the free will to contact him or her at any fucking time just by a phonecall: God, did you see that? My breast are swelling somehow different than usual. What can I do about this? In this inner phonecall connection, otherwise also called prayer or meditation, you will get some answers. One answer, and I promise you this for sure, will not be under these answers: go and find a doctor who will cut them off. If you were built in the image of God you were built perfectly and that means that there is no need to cut your organs off. It means that you did something wrong: eating meat par example or elsewise poisoned food and got sick about it. So you will get answers that you better stop eating animals because they do not like that. Why should they? They did not read the Bible and thought to be Abrahams son. They just wanted to live and enjoy their life like you want this. Or you get answers that you better stop to use strange chemicals to clean your body, especially under your arms. This dirty fucked off chemicals might smell nice but ... You might get answer to use oliveoil in order of your need to put some creme on you. Probably you will get answer to just use water to wash yourself (would be an idea, not so?). Or you would get an answer to separate yourself from certain persons because they are poisoning you too much with their anger of themselves. However, there are many answers possible: I do not know them for you, but your inner God knows them for you and your special situation and circumstances. And for sure you get answers if you ask. But now-after getting answers from inside (right brain)-  it could be in your case that you think(left brain): I am built in the image of God and so I do not need any advice and especially not such foolish advice to no more eat the cows or pigs. Well, God might now have other phonecalls to be answered. God does not care if you follow his or her ideas. God is not after you like the Police Officers, who are working for the Government and are acting as if they were higher than God. God gave you free will to do whatever you like to do and God also gave you free will to leave whatever you like to leave. Also his advices.

Do you like to be a Slave?

So, if you like to be a slave and take orders from governments and their weaponized police officers .. why not, you are free. Some people get really mad about such freedom. Freedom, they think and argue is good but not to such degree that God does not do anything if some idiots play their slaveholders as more strange as more better. But there is no slave without slaveholder, not so? They cry: God does not exist, otherwise God would interfere and have stopped all the wars since a long time. So, we know God did not interfere but kept his promise: you are free to do whatever you like to do and if you like wars ... okay then enjoy them. God even gave you that freedom to ignore any other beings suffernis.

Do you like Ignorance?

Probably. Europe and Northamerica is filled up with people who like(d) ignorance. How much of freedom did our governments and armees already bomb on the East, so called undeveloped countries (what a wonder after permanent destructions by wars). Who supported these governments into existance? Do not tell me that you were used to vote and voted for freedom and peace. On one single day in four years you thought you would do something for peace? Are you telling me to be pretty much stupid or are you telling me that you are pretty much ignorant and lazy? You have no time to care about those your government let kill, even more precisely: you enjoy in a way the outcome of these Killings? Some money, which they share with you in the aftermath of the wars on other people countries? Probably you are even one of those guys who like to watch the News: US is bombing Irak. Life enjoyment. Did this happen? It did. Did we hear about US people who would have got outraged about these killings? No, God is not responsible for this and other darknesses. We got free will and if we like to kill, we kill one another and if not, we leave it. So, in fact: mankind could exchange the horror on Earth within few months.

Slavery starts in the mind.

The Matrix is nothing different than the cinema of mankind and their fucked off program to love to do or to watch the suffernis of other beings. Next we will even get the sky program: Jesus, Krishna and all the other guys of the Religions will be seen in the heavens. And if this comes through (into reality) all the Slaves, who had been surviving the collective party of WWIII will love again: we are slaves, we believe everything we get told. That it is the plan of the Illuminaties because they were studying probably the Bible and other scriptures (Sanskrit, Pali Canon and so on) and knew Aquarius would come and bring along not only the new Sun but new thoughts of people so that they would not listen anymore to them. They hope that they can keep us in slavery as before and like this:
We never check anything and we never change anything and we never ever want to grow up and have responsibility. We love to critize God about our bad outcomes and we love to suffer in them. It is somehow great to be a Slave and to suffer like a Slave.

Here we are: we could act in free will

Yes, you do not need to wait until not the doctors but mercenaries cut off your breasts (as this is happening right now in Libya and Syria) which you filled with cancer cells while following everything they told you to eat. You could phonecall God or Allah and ask what you can eat, what will keep you healthy and others (the animals) as well. What about grasses? Crazy? Okay, keep on killing animals: as mentioned already you have your free will to do whatever you like and if it is killing you like .... But you could also get crazy and eat grasses of all kind. Par example marihuana. There are plenty of greens, yet ... unless you continue to create Slavery and the idea that your images would not cause anything. Your images together with the sounds which you are producing are creating reality: do you get that? So if you do not like to experience that your breasts get cut off or any other organs than you better create yourself as a free being and also your neighbours and any being on this Earth.


Yes, this Agenda exists and it exists because of us. It includes every single bad mind on others which humans thought and kept in their hearts. A human has about 60.000 thoughts a single day. Can you imagine the amount of bad energies this brought into existance? We are about 7 Billion humans, I cannot even count the amount of thoughts this brings into reality  in one year, but more than one year? How many time I heard people talking: there must come a big beng. That had been their clecerness in order of politics ... not caring what they talk and think, not caring on the impact these stupid thoughts have on our reality. So, if billions of people continue to think and talk such kind of bullshit like a big beng which must be on Earth, what will be the outcome? What do you think? The Human Experience is going to get astray if we do not understand quickly that we are Co-Creators as we are built in the image of God. We are going to face depopulation and it is not quite sure that you and me are among the survivors. Do not get into ignorance. This depopulation is not naturally unless if we see this as the natural forcing outcome of youngsters, who neither know who they are nor what they can cause.

The new Sun

She arrived already, you can see her now, shining in Silver Mood different than our old Sun who was shining in Gold Mood, so to speak. I know unfortunately lots of ignorant people who neither realize the Chemtrails nor the new Sun. It is really hard to stand that fully amount of ignorance against nature (God Allah). Many times I just want to be without such people, really.

The new Sun will bring a lot of energy on our brain and body and cause that our thoughts will be somehow unstoppable. Hallelujah. Do you get that danger? Do you get that chance as well. We are now going through a transition from Pisces to Aquarius and we should try our level best to act as responsible beings. Some people are advertising that some humans will go into the 5th dimension and such things again. They are also advertising that the rest will be left behind. I wonder how they gain their "knowledge". I do not support those ideas but see them as a cover up from sources who like depopulation. I see them as propaganda to let people even wish that many people die: those who think they would transcendent into the 5th dimensions (how? by leaving their bodies, not so? We used to call that dead.) and those who would be left on the old Earth which will be a hell filled with (mental) killers, who do not want to change their ideas. With other words: I do not like depopulation and wish that no human nor animal will die during the strange time of transitions (21st Decembre til March 2013) nor afterwards. On the other hand I do not have any argue against such point of view: as more people continue their ideas to be irresponsible on anything happening on Earth but to be Slaves as more suffernis will appear.  This is a simple matter of Mathematic. We are Co-Creators and so Slavery minded people are creating Suffernis, as more of them as more of Suffernis, especially if we get more power by the new Sun. There is no reason to look down on them people (only arrogance could be such reason); in fact each of us more or less in different areas of his or her life had been slavery minded and is still slavery minded. We have to "work" on ourselves to get rid of that and the best thing to do so is together, to help one another to overcome the Slavery Mind and to get responsible Co-Creators by using the rest of our brains (right side). This will then cause an age we can call the Golden Age but as far as the Sun is shining in Silver Mood we can also call it the Age of the Diamonds. But if we do not do this: you might not wish to be here any further.
So, please learn the tools which "enlighten" you into power but stop your ignorance and arrogance against suffernis. I was giving you yesterday the tool of sounds. Please use them or better ones on the Link bar. You will find there also Hare Krishna Hare Rama ... this is not because I would like to lead you to Hinduism or the Hare Krishna Folks but because of the beautiful music. It gives you peace and that it is my reason to link you there but not to fix you on another Guru again. You also find a Gregorian Song out of the Catholic Realms. I am far away of that cult; but my philosophy is: If my Enemy tells me that the Sun is shining I do not refuse this truth because my Enemy is saying this. That it is the same thing about the two triangles which match into the sign which gets used by the Illumanities and Israel. That does not make the sign worse? Do we refuse to use the alphabet because other people write bad bullshit by the use of letters? Free yourself. Many things had been hidden from us; bad people or Aliens (who knows) used them to create our reality. Bill Donahue seems not to believe into these beings; I do because I got to face them already. However the outcome is the same: if we connect ourselves with God, they cannot do anything against us. Let us learn these things and use them for our advantages. Peace, love and harmony with all of you.

Please watch this in order to develop your human heart, it is really time to get rid of your ignorance

Freitag, 16. November 2012

The perfect circle of sound

The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:
UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
SOL – 741 Hz – Expression/Solutions
LA – 852 Hz – Awakening Intuition
They bored us with Religion and they bored us with Mathematics and while that they knew the secret and had been hiding  it from us. Give them some love (528 HZ) .

Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

Non Compliance

Are you still complaining what worse things are but do not mind to work as chemical worker in compliance to that very idea to sicken or kill your fellow humans all over the world? Are you still doing your living from unethical works like:
Medicin in favor for the pharmaceutical industry
Science in favor for the Reptilien Aliens
Militairy jobs which do not know any other "good" than killing people? Do not complaint, if so. Things are backfiring to you, sooner or later but they will.

Do not "blabber" with me. You are neither a familymember of mine nor friend, if you comply like this. You are a killer of mine, if you comply like this. No - do not tell me you cannot do any other living. You got all tools presented how to create. The Law of attraction, Meditation and other tools are given to us, to create what we like and can be responsible for. If you really never wished to sacrifice your fellow humans, you would have asked God or Allah many times: how you can do your living without spoiling your human and animal and nature fellows. Did you? It is pretty easy to excuse oneself with: I must live from something. Please, if you did so, be nice and return to your heart as a human, overtake responsibility for the hurtings you went already for and commit yourself to: never again! I am finding a better way to do my living.

Dienstag, 13. November 2012


What if the moon is an Arche in which there is a Radio Station from where they -the Reptiles- beat us into time?

Years ago I joined a Silva Mind workshop. There they offered us hypnosis in a very deep level. We got programmed to wake up whenever we would need to wake up. It works till now. I just decide a day before: wake me up at ....and next morning 5 minutes to that time I will be waking up. So I enjoyed that for some years until a question popped up to my consciousness. From where does my subconsciousness know the time? If time does not really exist and my dreams do not watch a clock how then????? David is accusing the moon about something simular. Really I do not wonder about nothing no more as I also got to see the Reptilian Eyes watching me through the eyes of my former husband when he was totally drunk. Those days I did not even know the word conspiracy theory but these entities which were dealing my drinking husband. The moon again, so my observations got somehow exchanged. This happened last year short before Fukushima. By accident (if such think exists) I got to observe, sitting in the evening outside, that the moon suddenly got hanged down, much nearer to Earth. Crazy stuff. But since then that moon always used to appear somehow crazy. Better you do some observations for your own.

Montag, 12. November 2012

Eugenic or Milk and Honey?

Good news appear: Killery wants to disappear herself soon from her public celebrations of her murderings around the Globe. Bad news: other Killeries will appear such like Susan Rize to show you her version of vampirism. It seems that Alex Jones is getting somehow mad about you - the US Citizens - who are still appreciating your killing government, even if they kill you not only the humans in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Irak ... and the never ending list of the US Killer Biography.

But some might like to look for ideas how to stop that nonsense here. The author suggests not to play their games but probably you like to learn the following   method to keep yourself alive; better than eating poisoned food but how to do with poisoned water and the sun blogged with Chemtrails?  

Drinking Water & gazing Sun

Okay, may be you cannot follow my sense of humor and desire Milk & Honey?

Probably I go into the stage of Enlightenment as it seems pretty much dark on this Earth: Hell is empty, they are here, the jewish, christian and islamic fanatics who really believe that God ordered WWIII just because they refuse to think, to love and prefer to hate and kill. Here just one of the few leaders who used to tell the truth. Just to remind you on a big chance to overthink your  way of ignorance  

Sonntag, 11. November 2012

Thinking and Feeling versus Creating

In the Western Civilisations there had been that culture which celebrated Thinking as the Mastership of human Intelligence (control) and Feeling as the Excuse to feel as a victim. It is the System of the Dark Ages which needed humans not to realize that they are creating, that they are Co-Creators by their thoughts. You know that we can think in different ways. We can analyze this and that and usually this ends up with accuses on a system or person who might have caused bad situations and the bad feelings about it. We can also copy thoughts from other people or the Television Entities. The Western Civilisations have built from both of the described ways of "thinking" huge mountains which end up in a lot of shit. People in the West have about 60.000 Thoughts a day. It is not really a wonder that this causes bad feelings, total stress but not relaxation and bliss.

According to Paramahamsa Nithyananda these societies and their members are going to depressions in the ongoing days of 2012 when we are passing the new cosmic alignments. With other words the

System: I think so I am
(obviously bullshit: are you dead if you are silent? But we got used to blabber)

will crash. People who are not used in silence will get frightened as if they are loosing their identity, their personality, their lives. Cultures in which these kind of thoughts did not have such value but where they practized

Talking is sometimes Silver, Silence is Gold

will feel really exited and enter into the natural State of humans as Co Creators:

Few thoughts (more likely to decisions, imaginations) bring much of actions (realisations). So it is senseful to practize Single Eye Meditations. Learn to keep quiet, now and stop blablabla. If you think: imagine/create: Peace. So, even I do not advice anybody to continue ignorance and not to realize the Agenda of the NWO nor to invite other people to reflect this Evil: we cannot make this undone by the same way this came in place. The Thinking - Victim system had been the way to come to that stage of war and all the problems on Earth. Now we will have to understand: we must end this and go the way which was given by Krishna (Jesus):

practise your prayers in your inner church (Pineal Gland) and be silent.
Nithiyananda is talking about Samadhi. Please find explanations here and here

Another thing is the question of responsibility. If you and you and you decide to continue not to have any responsibility on what it is going on, what do you expect? Paradize on Earth? A savior who will make it instead of you?

Samstag, 10. November 2012

You know the drama - will you change it?

Many people (yet ... it will change) still pray on the body (Materialism) and their so called intelligence (most things they think are actually not their own thoughts but copies from copies from copies picked up from the Manipulation Machines and their owners) ...You must know where this leads to, if you continue to do this shit. If you want a change and not get destroyed you better change yourself.
This one is very great

Montag, 5. November 2012

Are you the one

Although the part can be interpreted as done here, neither bad nor wrong but I would like to add:
You are neither the left side of your brain nor the right side of your brain but must unite inside of you.

They are giving you here the Freemasonery Mind Tric: they tell you buy this one or that one, elect Obama or elect .. what again is the name of the second Idiot? Alike who you choose you choose a puppet of your Mind and Reality Master. With given choices by others, even if there are more than two ( listen the guy in the film saying: "we are many" .. they are a bunch of shit, but not many) .. you still choose among their given ideas... and do not realize that you neither wanted Obama nor Idiot No 2 nor Idiot   No 3, Ron Paul ...


You never wanted anybody to rule you. And the onliest way to rule yourself is if you are using your real eye, the so called third eye, symbolized like above. They know it exists in you, you do not know it, therefore you do not use it but believe into all of their reality-films for you, stories which they told you from your first day in this your body, in radio, public schools, TV and so on ... every day: they are many to tell you that you are a Slave. In fact they are not many but manipulated many humans to believe them so that it appears to you that they are many and not only a bunch of human eating pedophiles. And if you continue to believe into their power and  continue to waive your ability to create your reality, you are going to stay as their slave in their prison for you. Have it nice in there, if you choose that way. Get into the show here:

Did you get it? They do not like you folks. They think you are too much. Do you get it? And they did something to end that problem. They do that permanently.

Sonntag, 4. November 2012

War on Nature

"This is happening now. This image has to reach the rest of the world. The Kayapo being expelled from their homes for the construction of the Belo Monte Dam, which will flood 400.000 acres of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil." Get more details here.

But before you fell in that special concern of "civilized Humans" out of the so called 1st World: please have a look at your own environment. It is the average civilized human who made this shit possible all over. Since many years people looking at me as somehow crazy when I am telling them to please let the grashoppers jump in their gardens and to please stop to transform nature into cementaries.

Last days I trusted myself to have a walk under the chemtrailed sky and went into a so called forest, here in Germany.
Crazy impressions: from 10 trees there had been one left but still people were moving therein with their enslaved dogs acting as if it were a forest and not a warfield, where they had been killing a lot of trees.

Freitag, 2. November 2012


The Ignorants are causing many people nearly an heartattack. I wonder what has more impact on our hearts: getting charged with HAARP or by the Ignorance of so called humans; may be they are not humans and we wonder that they do not realize anything...hahaha.  Imagine we were living all the years together with reptilians and thought they were humans. I still  hope that this is not the case, minimal not for a big amount of them. But that people move under these clouds as if they were normal is really more than ridiculous; people are getting flooded, sharps are swimming in the towns and after all the humans are getting frozen and the state has nothing better to do than to install Martial Law.
Hallo-Lujah- are you waking up?

Haiti attacked again.
Long Island, US - disaster inward and outward

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