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Webster Tarpley
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Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Are you getting stupid? Dementia and more ...

If you are aged under 30 years you probably cannot remember these natural clouds because you never got to experience them, depending from the area in which you were living. But those who are elder should be able to remember them; if not, they should consider or be considered to be sick of dementia. Degenerative diseases of the brain are not anymore only common under over 70 years old persons but we are running to such common diseases for even under 40 years old persons, even less. If already the increase of dememtias under the eldest persons had not been normal but the result of toxic geo- and bioengineering, the same increase of dementias under all of us is more horrible and could be a reason, why people do not realize that they are poisoned from everywhere. You might look already like a burning Christmas Tree, radiated and fully chemtrailed

unabled to recognize anything not even that you are living. Please, if there is a rest of healthy brain left in you, get concerned about the health of your brain. Check out, if you are loosing capacities and if so, do something about it: now. Unfortunately many of the elder generations had been very brave people; they did not practise "critical thought" but trusted their doctors and did whatever nonsense they were telling them to do. The same thing they allowed to happen to their children and many of them got shot into stupidity with vaccines, stupid teachings in public schools, much of TV, fast food and teeth paste. Even if I do not have that intention to increase your beliefs in the "white gods" I also do not have that intention to dismiss those Doctors, who are holding up to their ethics and stand up for health. Dr. Blaylock is one of them. He has an own website with many tips how to reverse the process of getting stupid; next you find a playlist about Chemtrails and how they do with your brain. You can find more videos about the poisoning agenda with Dr. Blaylock in you tube. Please do something to stay brain-healthy. Also do some researches about almonds and their value for your health.

Do Chemtrails Contain Mercury?

Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

Emergency Frankenstorm

I predicted myself a longer while ago that there will not be any election in the US. That it is not bad as it had always been excluding a bad theatre of more bad beings; human beings?- who knows?
Frankenstorm, by its name alone, must be considered as geoengineered Christmas surprize by Obamas and Romneys bosses. I am quite sure about it. Who chemtrails humanity on a daily basis does not have good ideas for us, period.

The question is more: what to do now? Who did not yet get it: how to help them? Please, inform people, but do not waste your time to discuss with ignorant people. They will wake up soon. Again: do not waste your energy with people who deliberatly want to deny things which are surrounding them obviously. Chemtrails did not appear today, not so? For me this is the line: I never ever had any doubt about the Agenda 21 as an Agenda of depopulation since I have noticed the Chemtrails. See Chemtrails in combination with Frankenstorm.
I can only wonder how people cannot able to connect the dots of the war in Middle East, the financial crisis and the food problem and on and on and on. Last year they started the attacks on humanity with Fukushima, went over with the next genocide in Lybia then Syria, now Mali, now Haiti again, and the other Carebean Islands: more than 40 people are killed already, the other people who will die about starvation ... are we going to hear even about them? Are we going to hear about those, who they will kill with poisoned vaccines and poisoned water supply? So, again: stop discussing with ignorant people and use your energy to prepare yourself and those who are aware to do something constructive. If you can: move your ash out of the dangerous areas. The problem will be to where, not so? Wherever there is nature and higher areas which cannot crash down nor can dig under water, areas where you can find fruits. In best case areas where there are caves. Look for such areas with your "group": your family, your neighbours, your friends. Set up rules like one for all, all for one. Forget about GOD bless
America: it is gone.
Nationalities and Religions, forget about this shit. The Illusions, otherwise also called Matrix are crashing now; you will see more clearly. and think on your life and how you can do to hold up, or better create, human social behaviour of value, which does not cause even more problems as there are already but start to heal that social behaviour we had had, which it is the cause Number 1 for all what we are facing now.

Yes, folks: we had been dreaming bullshit. We are humans and we have no right to kill one another, neither our neighbours nor so called enemies because they are hold in other Nations or Religions. Stop that shit. This is for me the most important to be understood.
Please,do not forget:Vitamin C, Silver-Water, Vinegar against any kind of viruses

Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012


we will see how stupid again people will be. How much again they must throw on us until our people understand that things are not anymore funny and a matter to sit in front of the TV to let them tell us lies?

An US TV reported this "accidentially" for what 2 children of the reporter got murdered.

Please think on something to defeat disease. You can be sure that they will present you with certain diseases alongside this shit. So you need Vit C Conzentrat and Silver which you can cook: drink the water and kill viruses and the rest of the shit.

Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2012


I do like this Video and speech by David Icke. Fears are the problem of everything. As soon as we pick them up we are hiding ourselves and behaving like people who must defend themselves. That means, we will build groups to overthrow others who probably can finish us. Fears are the basic of wars, big wars and wars in our individual surroundings.
May be the global attacks on our lives will have something good: we will get heroes and forget about our fears. Because: if we hold on on them we cannot find anything different than damage and death. But if we hold on love and our own creative abilities, there is minimal a chance ... or?

Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

Things are uttterly going astray

Although things are going all over astray only few seems to notice this ... or let us know that they do. Today our class dog (one of my students brings her dog with her along to school) got caught - unfixed. Yes can you imagine that danger? A dog who is moving freely. Police Officers made wind of themselves that the dog must get fixed otherwise ... Did you know: 100 Euro they are asking dogholders if they let them move freely. Is that normal? Mankind occupied any little space on Earth and is telling the animals: Slavery for you. If you want a comfortable slavery accept to be leashed by your holder. Slavery all over. For the humans, the animals and the plants
There is one law for each of us living beings:
Do not grow, especially not the way you want it.
Humans are such mad that they cannot even have a worm freely moving in their garden, could be that worm attacks his furnitures. Better to kill him with some pesticides, or?
Human, who the fuck you think you are to impose such prison on Earth not only on your own race but on any other living being? You are so possessed from your security needs that there is nothing left for you than to imprison everybody. Humans you are mad, except you of course who is reading this.

Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Love and Respect Russel Means left us

May someone or two or more pick up Russels work for the Lakotahs
Thank you for your interest in the Republic of Lakotah. Please write, call, or contact them via this website. Republic of Lakotah 444 Crazy Horse Drive P.O. Box 99 Porcupine, SD. 57772 605-867-1111 Office hours are 8am – 5pm U.S. Mountain Time

Well start in the other world


Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012


I do not know if you realized it: here are changes. On this blog, from blue back to white so that you can see better. And some links are under construction. Do not worry - everything will be set back in place so far.

But more important: did you realize the global warming today. What wonderful. Had it been the new sun which was warming us up today and even the fucking chemtrails could not do anything about her? It is now getting end of Octobre. So boys and girls. Get ready: 21. Decembre she is finally here, our twin sun. Yippieh. May be we will safe some money for electricity? But we should also be prepared that they get desperate and spray us more than bugs with everything they can find. They do not want us to breath that much of energy that we feel we could easily live without them.

So prepare yourself. You need vinegar at home. Spray your house, the clothes and if necessary take a bath in vinegar. Afterwards you oil yourself either with oliveoil or coconutoil. Do the same with your kids, of course. And do not forget the pets. Keep enough of such things in your house, even more for those who have no clue. Stay away from egoism. We need one another. Each must help another. That it is the way we must choose now. Do not hold anything back because you think you get on zero otherwise. That it is bullshit thinking of the past ages (pisces). All you give comes 10 times back to you, may be not from the same person but another source or person. Stop thinking in the manner of a jealeous child. Get into the new age of Aquarius as a person with dignity, okay?

Please also keep enough baking soda at home, also for the neighbours. You know hopefully for what it is good. And concerning the viruses they are going to push among the Chemtrails next more than before: you need any kind of silver to kill them. If you cannot effort to buy collodial silver than just try to get a can build from silver or any other silver, such like a ring or so. Cook water with it and drink that water. Remember you can kill about 600 viruses and bacteria with it. Spread that knowledge.

From this night on you will also be able to see a lot of falling stars. This shall go on till Novembre. Who knows, may be one of them is just for you. Observe the sky. See the moon, it is such big actually. I do not know why but it looks beautiful. Encourage people to watch the sky.

Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

Hidden Meanings

I am jealeous on the US people, somehow. Why? Of course not because of their many idiots who need to crash the beautiful Earth and all life on it. No I am jealeous on the existance of their many groups and Individuals who try to find things out and have meetings around them. Let us call them Study Groups. Compared with this the Germans are like the Greys: just receiving the NEWS. It feels here like there had been an order: thinking forbidden. The Country of the Thinkers does not even offer any small corners where some people gather together in order of thinking. People don`t. Do not get me wrong. It is not yet forbidden here. It rather seems that such law by the gangtsers will not even be necessary. Probably -for sure- it is only the suffernis of mine, which imagines things overseas better than here where I am. I would not like to exchange: too much of fucked off stupid police officers are troubling the US Citizens all over. Here they are still hiding a bit. Over all we still have the Internet and can participate on the thinkers whereever they live. This one is bringing you some revelations to knock on your brain: THINK. The best interpretation of Krishna and Christ and more and the Bible I ever got to listen to.

look more here: www.hiddenmeanings.com

Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

Death Penalty and the human whore

God thanks we still have David Icke. He has got some belief in the human race. I do not know where he is getting that from; he really believes we will change and put these whores among us down. My doubt is: how can whores put down whores? But please, hold on David Ickes spirit at these times. I do not have that believe in the human race but I am deeply disarranged from the human zombie race. When I was young I joined the spirit of the Hippies and Peace Generation and got to realize again and again, over and over: I am surrounded with whores. So, in my eyes: the whores in the video could have saved the money in order to confuse the masses about their plans to kill them. It had never been necessary to tell the people anything about Global Warming and blah, they simply do not mind anything. If it was true that Earth would feel too hot, do not think that the avarage human would have changed his habits in anyhow unless by force and order. And so it is not true, this also does not bring the avarage human to do anything to oppose those who are chemtrailing the Globe and their own death penalty. They rather oppose you who wants them to oppose the death penalty for them. Really, this is the stage of mind of the so called human race which I got to deal with over 50 years. I am happy that David Icke exists, who is not giving up on this human race. I do not have these capacities, no more or for these days. I do not believe that the masses are too much poisoned that they cannot realize what it is going on. They did not do that either when they were not poisoned. I do not know the human race different than as programmed zombies. Most of them; may be there are running different humans around: shapeshifting zombies and humans? Who knows?

Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

I miss you Mother Earth

You might have realized that I lost my words. Mankind is dying in his ignorance against the Paradize. S/he was  looking for the paradize in the Bible/Koran while sitting in it and spoiling it.

    I remember how often you were looking with you empty stupid eyxs into mine and considerring me crazy when I told you that I do not need any TV but to watch this

Freitag, 12. Oktober 2012

You wonna be my enemy?

Things are really desperate now. I am risking friendships over certain things as I do take things as important as they are: I do not wish to suffer the Orwellian State, which needs me in best case dead but minimal poisoned and sick, out of my human potential and so on. I am taking things personal now- that means: I do not see people as friends of mine who do not want to refuse the sightest cooperation with the death agenda against humanity. If you tell me that you need a job and therefore you are doing what your bosses are telling you to do: putting poison in my drinking water, putting poison in my food or bombing my fellow humans: no way, it is okay now. Go ahead but do not expect me to call you a friend not enemy. You are my enemy, if you poison me. Things are that simple.

Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2012

Air and Water:do something to clean them

We can sit and watch it, we can ignore it or we can do something about the poisonig of the sky, water and earth at all till we die and will be out of responsibility, removed from Gaia so to speak. Please continue to inform people but do not waste time in arguements with ignorant persons. Use that time to do something better.

So here is a video which is encouraging us to do efforts by dowsing. You get first an introduction about certain dowsing tools and then you get the technique by Rayman Grace. Who knows; may be this war on us is meant as a challenge to find our true abilities about which we would otherwise never knew about.

And here now certain knowledge and teaching by Raymond Grace. Try it.

Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

Healing with your hands

Things move forward: we are not freed from Chemtrails over our heads nor poisons in water and food and we cannot relax about the efforts to bring mankind in WWIII, the depopulation agenda runs. Many people hold on their mindset to be slaves and it is difficult to accept that without getting depressions. So sometimes we need help for our emotions during these days. We need help to get some light into our souls and bodies. While looking for such tools I came along on the Methods to heal with our hands. Anyway we must think about easier ways to do things as soon as we all might be out of material ressources. Who knows what next we are going to face, so it might be helpful to know some tricks.

Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012

God is "out" - madness is "in"

It is really incredible how deep the Western Humans are fallen into mistrust on God. You do not understand? 

It is simple: why do you bring your children to the doctors right after their birth? From them or their secretaries, the nurses, they get beaten ( they say this would help your little baby to breath) and then tortured in other ways which ends up in a lot of vaccinations. They say: this would help them not to get sick. Don`t you think there cannot be any deeper mistrust into God`s abilities to create a human being such well that it does not get sick and can breath. What about all the animals? Did you ever see their mothers taking their babies to doctors and letting them pass such procedures like you let your babies pass through? 

Do you really wonder why so many people meanwhile are somehow gagga? Imagine you come on Earth and get welcomed with  a hit. But, I am not right. Things can be more worse.

God is really out for these madness scientiest. You better bring him "in" all by a sudden or they will thieve your or your children organs and whatever else from them to copy human beings.

To bring this "God" out seems to me a good idea. "God" should not touch our babies intime zones, or? His angels also should have done a different job than to abuse our children, 
not so?

Unfortunately there are other beings who think they were God. 

Hillary Clinton: Population Control Will Now Become The Centerpiece Of U.S. Foreign Policy

People are waking up against the Monster, which is hiding in the US, EU and Israel. The turkish people are standing up against their Government which needs to lead them into war against their neighbour Syria.

In short translation: they call the US a killer and they do not wish to get their dog fighting their brothers and sisters in Syria. They also say: this thing is going different than the wars of the US usually work out. Libanon, Hisbollah, Russia, China and Iran are standing behind Syria and the turkish people as well. They are telling Erdogan to change ..


Imran Khan: I will order air force to shoot down drones

Imran Khan has promised to order the Pakistan Air Force to shoot down American drones if he takes power in a general election due in the first half of next year. 

Look at this now, the guy had been a key player in killing 100.000 Libyans and this women is telling us with a theatre of tears ...

how mad things can get again? By the way, I would not wonder if he was killed for a reason. He knew too much about the crimes against Libya and Gathafi.

What is needed for the US population to take the Monster out?
By the way, humans can be stupid, but we have learnt. They want us to fight a religious war
Do not let us forget, here they are also playing revolution in order to kill humans and to thieve ressources.
However you call your creator, it is I guess the same as mine and I beg you to do some prayer for peace, wealth and happiness on this Globe

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