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Webster Tarpley
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Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

BBC and 911= Victory

Max Bliss  is informing us
"Friends.... Watch this to the end.... Our wonderful Jackie from Jamnoise72 is covering the Tony Rooke court case. He refused to pay the UK TV tax because of the BBC obvious complicity with the events. The judge did not want the court to view the damning evidence!!! Jackie makes a startling link to 7/7 towards the end. Please share far and wide... Put the unity back into our community...a change is taking place.. The truth is getting outed...PEACE 4 ALL"

You might like to find out, if you did not know yet, what and who is Al Quaida
Al Qaeda doesn't exist - The Corbett report - 1 von xav_powerovitch
Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist ? (Documentary) - 2 von enlil78
Al Qaeda doesn't exist "part 2" (3of3) - The... von quintaldo

Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

Truth is always stronger than any kind of betray

Probably many of you might not agree with my statement, but let me reason with you. Truth has value, betray has not any solidity. Betray needs violence and lies. And any singly lie needs 7 further lies to cover the first one. Did you know that? May be you remember your first lie and how difficult things became as soon as certain aspects of your lie caused doubts and questions so that you had to deliver explanations: fresh lies. If you did not want them to come into light you must have been ready to record your lies and to who you told them. When did your stories got out of your control?

That it is the point which we reached now concerning our so called Royals. You might love to watch this and to check out this website

Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

What about guns

Americans used to make a big mouth about their so called Veterans who they like to send anywhere on the Globe, in fact to murder other People. So now things are getting clear, but yet they do not understand: they got used to fuck humanity into slavery and now they are on the line. They better stand up now, they still have their guns. They better stand up now for and not against humanity and never ever again come on the idea to genocide people and call that freedom. They can put the Zionists down who are hiding mainly among them.

Samstag, 23. Februar 2013

Wonder what it is going on in people`s mind

How can it be that people do not realize what it is going on? 100000 people were on the roads of Greece . They are telling the Germans in the media that the greek people would have been lazy as if none of us never had been in Greece and could see how hardly these people were working and build the most beautiful country of Europe - before they got manipulated (forced?) into the EU. The lies are crying already because of such much of work they get forced to do by the Politiceans and Media. Even the lies get fucked up to be used liked that. But yet too much of mankind is starring or sleeping, probably pretraumatized on the ongoing horror. Seems that we are loosing the fears and enjoy some humor instead.

Montag, 18. Februar 2013

Vinny Eastwood - interesting Radiostation

The Pastor is clearly part of the traditionell so called Elite; it is not for nothing that he is having so much of informations. So please take things with a distance concerning the Anti-Eastern Propaganda as well as the Anti  Muslim Propaganda. You must learn to differentiate. Most of the Muslim world is not different with Christians, they are living "moderate" and do not have anything to do with the SHARIA Law fanatics because they were suffering under that bullshit - okay? Why so many Muslim should want to come to America? They are blended: they think it is a free country. The Sharia Law Fanatics are indeed Al Quaida Drug-Mafiosis: you can study these things well in Libya. Libya had been a Muslim Country before the G5 Countries decided to massacre the Muslims in Libya with the guys from the Muslim Brotherhood. They are no Muslims, they are Murderers and Drugjunkies who are operating ander the cover of the Muslims. Do you get that? The same thing happens in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Syria. There is no hunt against Christians but the conception to let you believe this would be the case. In the Bible as well as in the Koran things are written like that, so that at any time a war between Muslims and Christians can be created as a matter of GOD or Allah. Such Godallah does not exist unless in the heads of the Elites. The Koran was written 600 years after the Bible and the Bible is also not the oldest scripture but based on many scriptures which were teaching Astronomy-Astrology. Please, take the lessons I placed on the right side.

There is a hunt against humanity- all of us. And they are using any kind of Devide and Conquer tool. They know that their plan to crash the economy will bring social disaster and they wonna be able to get away while they bring Christians to kill Muslims, Muslims to kill Christians. Do you understand that deal? In all- again- in all countries they are flooding foreigners in. Those foreigners are  running away from their countries economies or wars and hope for survival elsewhere: nothing more, nothing less. But the Elite needs this to be pushed; they are scared of Revolution against themselves and the Genocides they were planning for us. . And this is what exactly must happen, if we the people want to survive. We must stick together against these Elites. This must not be done bloody but wise. We do not need to depend on their money which it is in fact our money. We can exchange under us.

The next point to understand is, that there is no longer one Elite but groups of them. They are no more united, that means they are weak. In the first step we will indeed face the Aseans to overtake the control of the Globe. For my part this is okay. India, China and Malaysia are countries with longer histories than USEU and they did not fuck up the Globe -so far. So get calm and exchange your views on these Countries. China is feeding 1/4 of humanity. People are not dying overthere from starvation. Do you get that? But where the Western powers came along these things used to happen. Consider your mental help for the Eastern way to establish a new currency system which will be backed up not with wars but real values. Please, all you citizens of the G5 countries: you must step down from Superioty ideas. This is over. The humans of the Earth need to live just like us.

Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

Already dead?

I am not a Babyboomer but born next to them and under the timeline which is mentioned in the Video below as one of those, who could be called humans. Those afterwards get somehow called mindless and heartless  robots, who got programmed by the system and go along with it. In those days, when this video was made, they might not have known, that days will arrive, when Maniacs are spraying the whole Globe with poison. How would they have described those human looking beings who are moving under poisoned skies and refuse even a little talk about the weather. In better days the weather had been one of the most usual topics among humans: we had good weather and bad weather, of course depending on the point of view and needs. Farmers sometimes needed rain while Citizens from big Cities were more happy to face sunshine. Of course we had all been Sun worshippers, including the farmers: or would you like to digg in the grounds while rain is coming over you? However, the weather had been the common daily conversation.  It had been a form of greeting and starter point for a conversation, just like this: "Nice weather today, isn`it?" Yes man. Of course we all knew that we had to take what God (those days it had been God) was presenting us and so there had also been a lot of poems like this one for the children: "You are not made from sugar!" That had meant that they should play outside and nowhere else alike wether it was raining, snowing or sunshining. Now children do not play anymore, they are hanging in front of TVs, Internet or playstations or they are using their mobiles to call their parents or whoever and to talk bullshit about the latest technology of so called communication: Ipods and Smart Phones and things.
But we cannot blame the children. They were born into this. But my generation and all those who had passed natural weather seem to be outminded. Even people who consider themselves as political interested or in this or that way interested in health issues refuse to talk about the weather. I personally have two friends who refused me directly to even think about Chemtrails and what it is going on in the sky. It is not that they do not know, they actively refuse this topic among their conscious mind. I wonder if HAARP can cause such mindcontrol or what it is wrong with such people. How can adults refuse to think about the basics of their life: air and water? Sometimes I am scared that these mindless people will be the cause of my death, not even the Chemtrails themselves. I am loosing trust in mankind by the hour. Adults, mothers and fathers, refusing to think about the basic needs of life, can you imagine that? Is this the big awakening they were bringing up in 2012? Or do the people tapping the problem out of their environments with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): afterwards they feel free from any worries which could come along about the poisoned skies? Are they using Positive Thinking when their children are sick or their parents and friends are dying about poison? Or do they hope that Jesus will come and save them from all the shit? Shit, which they pretended not to realize? I wonder who the Maniacs are: they or the masses.
Look at this one: Chemtrail Pictures for Positive Thinking, incredible but true. Some people are training to speak with the dead people for their coming deathparty.

Freitag, 15. Februar 2013

New Bomber Style

You can choose: Do you believe that it had been a "natural" Meteorit which caused the BUUUM in Russia or had it been a Rockefeller & Co Show?   I guess we are now coming near to the Alien Invasion Show. Then again you can choose:  Will you believe that they are real Aliens or will you believe they are not so alien anymore because they had been here all the days or will you believe that they are artificially appearing by some kind of thechnique they call holographic?. I will not choose nor believe but follow my intuition. In the case of the Russean Boom I think: Rockefeller & Co KG-B.
Seems, it is not only me, who is having such special ideas. Please note: the Haarp Video is from today, the boomsday against Russia.

I got this link, just now: Earthquake in Russia, when? Yesterday. Any doubt that they attacked Russia?

Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

Pay attention

It cannot be that you never did a look into the sky. It simply cannot be. You did and what you get to see there is not a blue sky but a chronicle grew sky, interrupted with crisscrossing lines. If you now do not pay any attention to this, you and your children will have to pay your mindless way to do your life, that way of a childish person which refuses any kind of responsibility. If you continue do so, you want to be governed: of course in that childish way of  many people, dreaming that they must be governed nicely. Many children wish to get something nice as a gift for Christmas, don`t they? And do they get that? Most children on this Earth do not even get proper food but still they might hope that their parents might feed them better. And do they? How many children in the US are starving? A lot and you know that but did not care. You thought it was not your responsibility, didn`t you? You thought the government should take care on that "issue". And did the government care? Never, but yet you are thinking the same bullshit, that you should not care but the government. What if they think in the same way as you do? They do not care and think that  people must care for them own- and how they are doing: only thinking on them own? People are really behaving like childish beings, not responsible for anything, not even their air. Change, change now and for ever. It matters, if you care.

Montag, 11. Februar 2013

You know what it is the problem with the truth?

It does not follow your ignorance.
Some very sad news again: He is gone and she will remain. Things are not yet finished. They first like to digg under. Beatrix, Benedict ... who next? We heard the Queen wants to quit as well. But do not worry: as long as this Clone is telling you the News you are safe, for sure. You only must have stronger faith. Probably, so David is hoping, they are panicking, however: we see them all leaving the sinking ship. Where do they go?

Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

Direct stolen from David Icke

David writes: "I am now going to slip away quietly and ponder alone on the fact that one day I shall withdraw from this holographic vehicle and go home to the sanity from which I came and speak the words that I have waited so far more than 60 years to speak ... hello everyone, I'm back from the bloody mad house. This is what happens when the India-Pakistan border is closed every day ... oh, how I wish it didn't, but it does ..." And David continues: "A word of advice ... just shut the frickin' gate, say goodbye, see you tomorrow, tell the people watching not to be such a bunch of prats and then go home for your tea. Even better, don't shut the gate at all and just realise that we are all ONE. Mind, I'm sure I have seen all this somewhere before ..."
And now my own words, how the fuck silly you are walking? This guy is not as foolish as all of you who are sleeping faced to total dictatorship and depopulation.

Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

Thank you Bob for everything you did

Bob Marley was born today. They killed or prisoned our prophets and they are about to kill us. Let us stand up nor ourselves.

Montag, 4. Februar 2013

God- Alllah, Jesus, the Bible (Scripture) and the NWO

I have found two "experts" of the Bible. The one is able to tell you the so to speak Luciferian Layer of the Bible, he is Professor Dr. Veight. He is full of historical knowledge and able to connect it with the Luciferian Layer in the Bible. Unfortunately he is not the source I can advice you to follow in terms of your and my freedom. He is fixed on his idea that the Bible is the Word of God and will be followed like the Communists thought that history should have followed the Communist Manifest and the fixed stages of the Proletarian Revolution. With other words, Professor Dr. Veight is a believer in the obvious layer of the Bible which ends in the Armageddon and extermanation of many humans on Earth throughout WWIII which will be startet between Jewish and Muslims and end up all over, on top their will be famines and so on. We are seeing these things unfolding in front of our eyes and if you wish to know the details of the project, you can follow his teachings. They are excellent. 
Get the German  Version here Part 1 and Part 2. There are many more, also very interesting videos in German Language, also concerning health issues. In his unbiblical Life, Prof. Veith had been biologist. English Videos you get here.

So, as you might know meanwhile, I do not believe that God has created Armageddon. I do not know who but for sure not God. My understanding of God is more that one of a all loving being but not of a Monster which creates such horrortrip like the Armageddon.

So may be there is another way to read the scripture, not literally but ... Bill Donahue is the expert for that. He studied the Bible from the begin to the end and the other way round and is looking for the deeper understanding. Here you find his website Hiddenmeanings And here you find his interpretation about the Armageddon.


Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

Tribes, Nations and Superstates

What is the difference between a tribe and a nation? Is there any? Indeed, a big one. A tribe has no unnatural government, it is an organic living social-being: a family so you want to express it. Who rules the family? The child? No, of course not. How can a child rule a family, the one who cannot even help its own? Now have a look on an ordinairy Nation. A Nation has a State and the members of this State are "ruling" the Nation. These members can be very young: 24 years old -or something like that- Buero-crats are giving you the Elders formulars in which you find your rights and non-rights. They are giving you paper-shit in which it is written how to do this and that and even how to take care on a baby. A Nation is indeed the very opposite of a Tribe. In a tribe the youngsters follow the Elders. Who rules the Tribe. The council of the Elders. Things are simple as God had created them simple. A young tree is growing in the shadow of a big tree. This will give him care: not too much nor too less sun, not too much wind nor too less, not too much rain nor too less. You get it, I guess: indeed this is written in your DNA, your heart might be a better expression. Is it normal that you, if you are a young mother, has to go to work and leave your baby with somebody you never knew? No, it is neither normal nor healthy. It will break the chain between you and your baby. Why are you doing this then? You are doing this because of force. There are no Elders around you who can help you to survive for your own nor can they help you to feed your baby. Do you know where they are, those Elders? Yes, that it is right: they are somewhere in Care. Imagine this foolishness. States put the Elders in Elderly Care. Whar are they doing there with the Elders? The same thing as they are doing with your babies in the care of the State: they destroy them. They give them vaccines on a daily basic. They give them drugs till they are out of their knowledge and whisdom. They find a new word for it: dementia. You might think this would be a natural thing which just appears by getting old. You better wake up and ask yourself how it could be that in tribes the Elders had always been the leaders. Do you think they had been foolish, dement? Of course I am describing here in short words a longer process of the destruction of the Tribes and their families. These things did not happen over night. Wars "helped" a lot to displace families from their original regions and to destroy them into all directions, if they were not killed. Step by step the Industrials took over. Very few people do have access to the basics of life: water and earth. This process was called the Industrial Revolution and it might have been the worsest which ever happened to mankind. This does not mean that the Middle Ages had been better for people, not where the Churches had been ruling their dark ages and theft from the people their daily bread. It also does not mean that the time before these Middle Ages had been better, where the Pharoes had been ruling ordinairy people, enslaved them to death. There had been times before these emperors appeared. Those were the days of real tribes, our way to be, the real human way to be. We still find elements of this way to be in those tribes which we call the Indigenoues or Natives. Some could hide themselves deep in the Bushes in the Amazonas. In fact the destruction of mankind went on step by step over a long period of time, but another big attack happened by the Industrialisation: this was the starting point to kill of the rest of our familysystems. Just go back for the last 30 years and you see which Young-Fashion-Cult they were celebrating in the Medias. In the German Government we find today on the Top a woman who is not a mother and a Man who is not a father but homosexual. The exception got the model and not by accident but by long term performance and plan. These politicians do not worry what will come after them. They worry for themselves. They are not parents neither grandparents. And so they are disqualified to lead those their claim to lead: a whole society. This is that simple. In fact they do not lead humans, they lead a company which it is called State/Nation. They are leading unorganic systems. And unorganic systems are written for death. War is their natural end, no matter how much life is destroyed by that. The United Nations are those who shall remain at the End of this destruction of humanity as the One World Government over Slaves, not humans. You better think about it. Nationalism is as bad as Internationalism: these things are unnatural forces, governments which never grew out of natural familysystems.  If we cannot stop the process we are going to see a storm of Nationalism against Internationalism in which Nation will be against Nation, brothers and sisters will kill one another in WWIII or alternative in plenty of wars one after the next one. After all the surviving rest will be governed by the UN. That it is their plan. They know that you prefer Nation better than Supernations and they did a lot to let you identify yourself with a flag and national hymne by the use of their Olympics and Football Games. They know how you miss to belong to somebody since they separated you from your Mama right after your birth in their hospitals. Yes darling this is how they were doing to you and me and our children, each of us got separated: they broke the chain between us and our parents on all levels. Right after birth they beat you and tell your mother this would be good for you, otherwise you were not able to breath. And you were scared to death by that very day of your birth. From that very moment you would act in fears and accept the Nation rather than the Tribe and Family. You would be impregnated with the virus that your Mama cannot defend you properly but the State. And of course they would do a lot more to discredit your Mama in your mind. And if you were a boy they would lead you against women lateron and if you were a girl they would lead you first against your Mama and then against men, who would not trust you because you are a woman. They had had so many tools to destroy humanity but they were all the same in their character:
devide and conquer and order out of chaos.
Actually they are invading Africa, our Mama, the land where the human race was born. The US, the Militairy Arm for the coming UN wants to invade 35 countries in Africa. What do you think they wonna do their? Bringing them prosperity? No they want to kill the people. They will tell us that they suddenly got bad Muslims who suddenly kill good Christians who must be defended. Or they will tell you that their Dictators, who they had been installing there before, kill the people and on and on. The lies, which these people, who profitize by these unorganic systems, can tell, are unspeakable: but not for them. They are professional lyers. Unfortunately most of humans are professional ignorants. I do not know how this virus entered into us. May be the same way: by the beats which we got by the States and their hospitals when we are born, by the fears and probably on top by the vaccines. Who really knows what they had put in these vaccines we all had to pass: Something what can close our 3. Eye properly. Who knows. Do you? What is causing your knowledge? Because they were telling you that? Your teacher said a-b-c and you then told you Mama: it is a-b-c - you Mama do not know anything. You see how easily you could be deceived? The State is telling you that your Mama is bad and you believe it because you are in governmental care about 9 years of your young age. They call that school. They want to change that now. From Age of 3 you children shall be in governmental care, indeed even earlier. You do not know that? You are spending your time in front of the TV, so you do not know much but what they want you to know: nothing. The EU is setting up a system in which they control anything. And part of that system is babycare from the age of 1 year. They produced already a law in which they forbid the call of Parents as Mamas and Papas. They say it is discrimination. They need you to call your Mama Elder and your Father Elder, but they will  not have any gender anymore. Yes, that it is their plan and their plan is not foolish, their plan is to kill you and me.
The State is not your Mama, not your family. The State is your Enemy- alike which one on Earth. You better start to remember and to know this. Deep inside of your heart you know this.
Okay, now we are in these States and we realize that they are killing us with either chemicals from the sky (Chemtrails), in the water (fluorides) or in medicins and food. The other way to kill us is by bombing us, or radiating us. Did you forget already how they were radiating the Japanese people in 2011. There is another storm again in Japan and again near an Atomic Plant. Do you want to remain foolish and ignorant? Radiations are going around the Globe. Do not hope that only the Japanese will get killed. Better stop such a bad thought. It is a thought which they implanted into you while you went in school. That there would be better humans here than there, better declined by their flag. You are not better nor more worse. What do you think your fellow US Brothers are doing in Irak on them Children? Treating them fine? Teaching them democracy? Or killing them how they also do so in Afghanistan and furthermore. Soon the same US Killermachines are going to kill US humans, if they do not wake up by time. And what do you think other soldiers from other nations are allowed to do? Better things than raping, torturing and killing humans?
Finally I want to finish this essay with ideas to reestablish human society. The African people have a system which does not need any government. It is the System of the Elderlies which crisscrosses the whole organic system. Any Elder has right and duty to care for the youngsters which means to direct them what to do and what to leave. The youngsters have to obey the Elders. Elder is everybody who is elder than one year than a younger one. So, if you par example are 20 years old, you can direct a 19 years old person to carry this or that for you. This is very natural democratic because from alone you will be in the same position as those who are elder than you. This is one part of the cross. It stands for the heritage of the Elders and assures that the Elders lead and not the youngsters. The same aged people are on the other hand connected, they are building the rest of the cross which carries a society through time and space. The same agers are going together through their particulaire part of time and respond to each other as brother and sisterhood. They build groups to safe money or to plant trees of whatever. We must find back to such systems and release the politicians and those folks who have nothing to do with us than to trouble our lives.
News from the Sky: Pilotes are dying from the Toxins they used to spray on us. This sounds to be  good news. But do not let me get ignorant. We do not know if these dead pilots were spraying Chemicals nor if they have been threatened to do so or to die or to see how one of their familymembers would be killed if they do not obey. Nor do we know if British Airways sprays Chemtrails. But we know that they are spraying us with toxic Chemtrails and that more than these 2 pilots are going to die if they continue to fly. So, we do not know how many pilotes they have in reserve to continue the sprayings. The dying process under them obviously started. You should consider to stop flying. If you do not need to cross the continents you can help a lot by boycotting these flights. You can use a train or car or bus. Anyway it is better for you too: you do not know if your pilote dies and takes you down with the whole aeroplane. Humans can obviously stand more toxins than birds who were falling already by the Millions from the sky but there is a limit to it. Come on and do something.

Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

Stop this immediately


They, I mean those without means than destruction, those, who are considering themselves the Elite, those who are holding back the best technologies such like how to use energy simply for free as well as without environmental destruction ... They, I mean those who could press humanity down over about 6000-10000 years by the use of black magic and horrible violence and rape .. They think they can do it again. They think they can depopulate us just as they did par example in Europe whith the pestilencia in the middle ages or as they did with the Natives from America and Australia or as they did with the so called 1. and 2. worldwar or as they did with the drugwars in Asia (India and China) and on and on, yes they think they can do it again. They, who have no ethics, neither against humans nor animals nor the Earth herself, yes those .. the Bilderbergers, Lizzards or however else you might call them because Elite really does not fit; how can we call these Monsters Elite while they are simply soulless Monsters with no sense for any beauty .. Yes they think they can do it again. Israel, which it is their front bastion in the Middle East to cause problem over there, just went a bit over to Syria and demanded the US: now or never. Yes they are on it, they wonna cause WWIII: they wonna overtake the whole Africa and rip off its people as they did with the Natives from America, they wonna attack Iran and from that point Russia and China and of course they are expecting a flash back: nuclear desaster for the US and Europe. This folks is their Agenda. Are you going to allow that?
The folks from Northamerica and Europe (by the way including Germany) are those who better get active. Yes we got very lazy to the Freedom and Corruption money which they spend on our Countries. They bought our minds. We should not say anything about their killings from people elsewhere. It is how they operate all the time. As said: they are Monsters. Devide and conquer is their game. They are not beautiful like the black, red, yellow and white humans. They are ugly. They have fun in our suffernis and pains. That it is all to say about them. And they know that. They must force love, you get me, I guess. How many years they are raping women all over the planet? How many years they are raping and killing children? Fears had been all they had for us to let us go along with their horror. But people are loosing them more and more, minimal they do not let themselves be dictated by them. What then: the game will be over for them. 

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