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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Donnerstag, 2. August 2012

You got warned - do you warn others?

The Queen and her stuff alias James Bond had warned us how they are going to kill us. 

Watch out, it’s raining bacteria

You should not hope that they just joke a bit but stop certain things, par example eating 

NO ... Yes my dear, it had anyway never been nice from you to kill me caused by no need on your side but listen: Because they think that you will go on with that holocaust on me they gave me some arsenic, so that you die as well. Is that Karma, yes it is? Everything returns to its creator unless there is a quite change. This must be now.

You are not the creator of all this shit? 
Who then constantly does not mind anything but TV and talks bullshit even to its children to behave "bravely" even if it is full shit to let them obey boring and uneducating teachers (do you need evidences or can you remember your experiences?) and dangerous managers. 
You never knew? 
But who put all the shit in the foods, in the vaccines, in the air, in the water ... sheer everywhere. Not you or your spouse, even into our daily bread

Rockefellers folks put all the shit therein? 
Many good sources but careful webmaster thinks to be the chosen one
T-He-y and his Masters designed it 
but we did it by 

it is an 
all color mankind ment-ality-prison

which is working on the basic of human emotions
1. fears from torture and abuse
they gave our forefathers a lot of reasons for that
2. our wish to depend on Father in Heaven 
and Mama on Earth and how ever else they provided our wish not to grow up. It included our wish to be the choosen one ... the more loved one.
May be we caught the second mood through the first one: the torture of mankind anywhere on Earth, some kind of hopelessness which results in a split of our souls and from there in the mentality of a child who feels jealous on its sisters and brothers (see the Abel and Cain Story) 
It really does not matter if the Jewish claim to be the choosen ones or the white people or the black people or ... It does not matter but it matters because this can be proper used to devide and conquer mankind. 

It got and gets used like this

White people enslaved (us) black people ... 
They (white) are Cain (bad) and 
we (black) are Abel (good)

You must know that this "go-o-d" includes your death! You should know that there had been black people who enslaved black people. How this?, if it was a matter of the color of skin? We know that it is still  happening in Africa. ... (in fact everywhere on Earth). We also know that white people enslaved white people and black people and killed the so called red people. We know that yellow people enslaved yellow, probably also red people. No, man I do not excuse slavery in anyhow. I want this history out of Human Future. Racism is a tool of slavery, a well working tool and hallelujah mankind if ever it comes to such point of 
eye for eye
on a global scale. There will not be any "labelled group" by its color of skin or religion or gender which it is not stating that it got right for revanch. And they all will be right but mankind will be finished. 
Racism can be turned like this: 
But we (black) suffered more than you (white) .... 

What a childish shit of humans of all colors and religions and nationalities or gender 

Do you know what it is coming out of such shit?
Where there are two in distress 
there is another one who benefits from that battle.

Why do you think, that 
"God" created such much of Religons for mankind?
Because that "God" benefits from childish humans who fight one another.

Humans of all colors of skin and religion used to project our/their childlike mind into beliefsystems which are feeding the wish not to grow up but to depend and to be the best treated child among of all the children. We have to get rid of this. If mankind goes on like this we are fucked. So I am stressing you, hurting you - however, but wake up and go for the better of humanity. NOW ...  and note the difference of the spelling to NWO.

But if we go on like before we will not need our capacities to create: we will be dead. Killed by our brothers and sisters who had been foolish like us to follow anything They -over us (in Heaven)- tell us to do for being the chosen one under many of suffering humans. The following theory is quite interesting about our human race: it is one, it states, and I guess it is true.

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