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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Sonntag, 5. August 2012


if you was part of it till now, blame on you and the punishment you earn ... but if you still continue to support this in anyhow, just see how you are going to get your answer. This is the same if you are covering or denying it. You wonna be responsible for the Black Magic which will end Human Civilization? You really need that? What do you think they do with the Children? Do you ever think and emphatize? 
They are doing Voodoo with their blood on international level.

That matter is not different in Africa and you Africans know very well that Voodoo works. Bring your leaders out of office or force them to stand against the snake
US Citizens - better you check it: 
Your parliament is a Theatre filled with bad artists who they could not use in Hollywood. 
Poison Kitchen  
things will return

You will need to build your own system and to put all these gangsters into jail: all of them. They are all inside the game, do you get it?
If you wonna know what to do? Read the 
from the Guy called Mohammar Gathafi who you called a fool and agreed to let him murder along with his people who died with him, not by force of Gathafi but your fucking Killersystem which is terrorizing the whole Earth with murder. 
How many people did your terrorists rape and torture before they killed them? First in Libya now in Libya and Syria and a lot of African Countries. Do you know it? Can you stand this? You better do. Time is over for the lies. 

The list is not complete: We are missing the African Countries in which the US arranged their problems which end up in Genozides. Wherever you find the US/UN you find this, even this will be blamed on the black people ... Children "Soldiers", drugged and under Voodoo (or forced like this: we kill your parents or you or you do what we tell you; if you want to know more ask how the beautiful country Sierra Leone got attacked with Vampirism in this art. Most of their men got amputated, enabled to work for their families . Check it out.) 
And who do we find behind this horror?
You never knew? How comes?  
Democracy? Not for the owner of the country. When they are finished things get suddenly silent but the US has entered their structure of "humanitarian help", what it is another word for thieving the natural ressources and goes forward. Later they will call the African People useless Eaters and get orgasm when they see them starving or suffering. First they slaughter the people with the US Trained Muslim Brotherhood and when  this is "done" their Christian or other "Humanitarian" Stations then vaccine the people that they might be unable to do anything for themselves and die. It is so disgusting: I do not know what hurts me more. The bloody Reptile Elite or the Humans who go along with them. 

Move Rasta move it 
Do you believe in resurrection? Better do. 
There will be many Gaddafis
And this country shall bring any good to other countries? It never did and we pray that it repairs itself.

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