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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

I like you to think and sense this through

When I was small my brother and me had had plenty of debates about God as well as about Aliens. My brother used to read Perry Rhodan Science fiction and had been highly impressed of these weekly books. During those days I got a dream which had been more than clear. When I woke up I told my brother with some kind of certainty: God is just dreaming us. In those days it had not been "forbidden" to discuss the ability of Aliens. Meanwhile things feel like "forbidden" and people scare to get called "crazy" in case of ... I do not mind if anyone calls me crazy or not. I find it pretty crazy if people do not think, nor speculate a bit around but put their brains in the boxes which the mainstream media is tuning in.They are robots, that it is all. But those humans, who are not yet imprisoned in the non-thinking-box, are starting to debate openly: What it is out there? And that it is a good question especially as it seems to be more than important to no more let us see into the space: Chemtrails close our view. So what it is my "opinion". I have no opinion on that topic of Aliens but questions and thoughts and some strange experiences. First of all: why there should not be different beings in that big universe which we could see any night in better days? It makes no sense, absolutely no sense. Why should the Creator have created such much of planets and stars and nothing living there? If you were God ... You see?! It is a matter of arrogance to believe that we are the onliest one but probably more a matter of hypnosis. That brings us to the question of who is doing this? I guess these beings are not our friends but farmer. Evidence for that? Much of evidence. This Earthlife is a constant hell of murder, is that human? But aside of these thoughts I get to meet two of them. The first one was observing me through the eyes of my ex-husband while he was pretty drunk and needed to get divorced. He had been completely under the dictatorship of t-his Reptile: yellow eyes. Pretty special, I am telling you. I should tell you that my husband had been an African man. I should also tell you that the Africans do not have any problems to consider other beings in different dimensions nor human possession by them. They actually consider them to be in existance but do not stress with us European-Americans about our closed-box-views on life. I had to give up the European American view by my day by day experience in Africa. Even my African dog considered them to be. It got our evening hobby to observe these beings who had much of fun to trouble our place. He, my dog, could smell them; I could sense them. So the both of us used to turn our bodies silmutaneously into their direction until I started to get a demon hero and told them: Hey guys, if you have fun, come all here around. You cannot scare us. That helped a lot. The problem with these beings is none as long as they do not succeed to possess ones soul. This is unfortunately the case with most of the worldleaders but not excluding them. It would really be a mistake to think that it is only them. There are many possessed by these entities.
But there are also nice Reptiles, one of them escorted me out of a not so fine lifesituation and showed me the eternal love before leaving me, with other words he was showing me the reality different from that faked one full of desaster and hell. 
So, these beings are "here" and acting interdimensional, so they are also "there" and some of them are those who are troubling our senses and lifes since.
They will (like to) give us a pretty well show of an Alien attack, we learnt about that. But moreover there could be a lot of other Aliens. Who knows? But I do not believe that there are Aliens waiting to help us in our troublings while we continue with out horrible bullshit. But my believe is not a fixed thing. If I get other impressions I simply change my belief. I prefer knowledge over belief. And for certain I do not make my knowledge depending on any mainstream or governmental confirmation. Misses Rosin states that Aliens disabled already our leaders war machine. Probably and of course hopefully. But it is us to disweapon these folks.

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