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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012

Glass-Steagall has to be done

No human needs more than some Millions, not even the greediest ones. Humanity will have to forbid such Richdom which allows to buy all governments. So we will have to put bondage on these folks. Over, it includes all of them. We need to refuse to pay "crimed in" debts. We need to put banks into government hands and we need to ban on international basic personal richdom over a certain amount including hidden societies who might join in cooperations. This is not communism but some kind of security against people who feel so boaring about there much of money that they find it more interesting to hunt the whole humanity and call it depopulation. Sick and insane is this and we do not need it. We woll also have to force somehow rich people when they reach a certain amount to contribute something well to the planet and people. This is another rule, which it is easy to understand and will turn humanity into the better.  Never we have to allow richest to rule.You do not get superrich by work. Usually this is done by crimes.

Please do your homeworks on Judaism, Zionism and ISRAEL. I am asking the honest Jewish to stand up against the Zionists hidden in their midst. You cannot kill humanity and rule over the rest of us. This is not going to be happen. There will be serious consequences for any collaborateur with the human massmurderers. You have to come out of your wholes and put the Zionists and massmurders into Jail. You better do.

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