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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Montag, 9. Juli 2012

Dear People all over

when I came back from Africa to Europe I thought I was going mad to see you European-American people again. No, it had not been happiness but fears which touched me when I was seeing you ... moving around like Robots. Many people were talking to themselves. Those had been the "crazy" ones. Aside them the other crazy ones were moving: also talking somehow to themselves: "Soon around, in 5 minutes I am there!" and more of such important stuff I could identy to be "communicated". Meanwhile you can identify people talking through there headphones all their stress and non-of-any-sense which everybody around shall listen to while the one at the end of the line might have left the phone already. The speaker would not notice it. The laptop human was born and it had been you, who did not even realized it. If you people could have seen yourself with my eyes and heart, which was crying....I got an alien among my own species. Impossible to reach your hearts, they had been fucked up with your greed to have the newest the TVs were telling you. A real conversation about something of beauty or importance? 

What to speak with a youth, which it is busy with their fingergymnastik games but nothing in their brain? Or their parents:  

"Hui, we had been young as well, 
let them be young! 

and then they feel even younger than their kids and rush to their facebook friends. Now I have to reach them through this fucking so called community to warn them that they are on the way to loose their humanity. May be the day comes and I pray: please God let me meet some interesting Aliens with who I can debate about this and that philosophy or just sit and enjoy the beauty of nature ... Which nature? could be the problem. The sleeping humans allowed the Reptiles to fuck it all up. Super, congratulation.

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