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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

God and his many sons ..

if you are a Christian you are following the truth, right? You do not lie, right? Can I rely on you in this? So if there are certain things which sound somehow not so lovely but are the teachings of your bible, you will admit that? Of course, you will ... unless you cannot because you are under mindcontrol. There are people who have eyes to see ... others do not have them. So try your level best and tell me what you are seeing here. What I see there is not so very much the all loving Jesus but a shape shifter from human to Reptilians who gets served by the Vatican. Probably you should read the bible with new eyes? Here you get some help because most people do not read what they claim to believe in. They better do, it could be true that we get raped, sucked and killed and sacrificed, openly admitted in the Bible. Only that we miss out the claimed love for human beings, it is rather the opposite. Yes, the Vatican also admits that Jesus was an Alien; why not?, they are ready for their next big flood to rip humanity out: it is harvest time. After they will start a new turn and tell the "fresh humans" the same bullshit again. Probably we can cross this time the program before we get harvested.

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