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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012


Are you sick or already dead? Not yet? So we do not need to talk to each other through the channeler, you know all these freaks, who cannot communicate anymore with their fellows in life so they "connect" with the dead. This is an American wave of life, which did not reach yet properly in Europe. Unfortunately we had had here the experience: Anything what got born somehow in the US used to come over us as well. So perhaps you will find soon many people who try to channel with the dead who will then tell you:  
Come over here, it is fine here. No problem. And they will whisper into your senses: Just take some of the plenty of diseases to get here. It is easy. If you do not know how to get sick just visit a doctor, he will lead you for certain to us and some much of money, of course. But when you are dead you do not need that money again. So just follow, what the Doctor is telling you to do and soon we can meet in the Dead Man World.
This sounds sarcastic but it is not sarcastic, only the truth which it is sarcastic, indeed. Let us start in the headquarter, the WHO. Yes these people had a lot of engagement to distribute everywhere some Thimerosal through vaccines. You do not know what that is? It is mercury, one of the most hardest toxins. Can you believe that they did not know what they were doing when they implanted Mercury in teeth and vaccines and elsewhere? They knew well but you did not know.

Organic mercury compounds

"Compounds of mercury tend to be much more toxic than the element itself, and organic compounds of mercury are often extremely toxic and have been implicated in causing brain and liver damage. The most dangerous mercury compound, dimethylmercury, is so toxic that even a few microliters spilled on the skin, or even a latex glove, can cause death, as in the case of Karen Wetterhahn.[29][3"
They even have a negotiating Committee between Countries to debate the amount of mercury which will be allowed. Hello? They discuss how much they can legally kill us, or how shall we judge such Committee? Yes you better get clear now now. Long enough these gangsters killed humanity, slowly but surely between their certain war events for us. 
Get further studies here how else they poison us willingly. 

As long as they did not poison the air (Chemtrails) and water (Fluoride, also in Teeth paste) but this and that food we could try to defend ourselves a bit by choosing better food. Many did not do so, many still do not do so and many probably are not even able anymore to understand that they should do so. Dr. Schnitzer was trying since after WWII to pretend the German Society from diseases through wrong food. On his website you get English and German informations how to protect human health. Of course the government did not listen to Dr. Schnitzer but continued to destroy the people against better knowledge. 
As soon as you start to study the Death Agenda you will know: there is nothing left which these gangsters did not attack and still attack: the Water, the Air, the Food, the Soil, however they could deliver poison to us: they did not hesitate to harm and kill us. While these gangsters cause mass murder through wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan (actually, they wish much more war: Iran, Pakistan, Russia, China and to depopulate the black race from Africa)  they cause in North America and Europe mass murder through the Pharmaindustry and their distributors, the so called Doctors or Physicians. You have to understand that these guys are making their living from your sickness and slowly death. If you are healthy you are not a good customer to them as you will not come back. You should give them the same result by not even meeting them. You can heal yourself folks. Clear your mind and study the facts instead of relying on stupid beliefs: the doctor knows what he does ... Yes, he knows or should know. But you will neither see any expert nor doctor taking responsibility for your sickness nor death. You even signed them people that you accepted their doings on you. Grow up by time. It is already too late. All these gangsters destroyed already a lot on Earth. Probably with your support. Did you put poison in food which people should buy? Did you vaccine patients? Did you poison the soils with pesticides? Did you poison the lakes and any waters people must drink? Or are you one of those gangsters who are poisoning the air around the Globe with Chemtrails. There are many ways of compliance. And there are only few arguments of these people which get used again and again: 
1. My Boss told me to do this ... this is the straight Slave who cannot imagine himself doing anything in own responsibility. Such kind of person is not better than any mercenary who is killing humans on order by his chief.
2. If all people stand up, I am among them ... this kind of argue is even more ugly.
More arguments? They do not exist. Only these two arguments are used to poison and kill humans, animals and plants and the whole Earth by those who get poisoned by themselves, the human race.

The initiators do have other argues, usually that the Globe cannot bear such much of humans. They simply cannot control us all. Because they also live from our blood and harvest humans they need to control humans.

You can get here more information about the current depopulation agenda. It is not the first one but probably the biggest one they are exercising. If you and you go along with it, you will be depopulated like those who you depopulated. Be sure about it.  As far as you are a human you need clean water, air, food and peace. That it is that simple. There are people who try to excuse the human ignorance. They say that 80 percent of humans cannot handle bad news. Probably. But this is not my experience with these 80 percent. My experience with them is, that they are scared to loose their abilities to live, if they do not comply. They know things but comply. In many cases it is even more worth. They find it well to get money for their compliance, usually they use that money to feel more better than others. This mentality get fed by the different religions which tell the people that they would be the "choosen ones". There are many traditional religions but also the New Age and Eco religions which are feeding human minds with ideas to be more worthy than other humans. So we can find vegetarians who think they are morally better than other humans. This makes the vegetarian life dirty although everybody should live without killing any animal. Read Dr.Schnitzer and find many arguments. The main argument is: we were not "issued" to eat flesh.This is for tigers and so on but not for humans. What about the ECO people? You find them not saying anything about the Chemtrails. Nothing at all. Should this not wonder? It should. They are fascists to the ground of their mind by that very thought to think to be better people than others. They even believe that we are too much people on Earth. And so we find them among those who supported and even cried for the attack of Libya and Syria. But because so many people are well sleepy (probably caused due to the Chemtrails) they might not check anything than doing their all day. It is really horrible to watch people`s abilities to check things going lost. Some already move around like robots, some like zombies. And the New Agers talk to dead people. Why I describe this? You must know with what you deal. The awakening will come latest when it gets obviously that we die on poisons all over if not in wars. This is already the case and many people really wake up. It is on us to educate as many as quick as possible. The main virus is: the thought to be the choosen one. Pick that out of anything and let it go. You are not better than anybody, not the animals as well. Not you and nobody else.
As soon as you did your studies and own researches you will have to decide which path you choose. Complying with the "Chosen ones" by non talking? Complying by staying in Jobs in which you kill? Or complying by doing nothing? Everybody can do something and has to do something. Of course you can refuse, but please do not complaint then, if your children die caused by bad medicine or Chemtrails. Do not tell me such complaints. You know latest now what it is going on and are responsible for everything which goes on in future. Yes you are. Stop to hide yourself. There are many people who do on a daily basis information work or prayer or or or. You also can do that. You are not too special that you do not have to do anything. Please argue in that way with people if they want to tell you bullshit why they cannot do anything.

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