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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Do not let them get away with this ... or you will suffer

German Speaker: check more here
 Why "they" need their EU Project ...in German language
Germans do not know much about the WWII, usually they got perma-flooded from their very start on Earth with the idea that they are the offspring of killers of Jewish People. This remains up to 2012 in all German Schools as teaching of history. That means that about 3,5 generations after WWII think that they are guilty somehow for their forefathers. They are like all Members of the Human Race guilty on wars. This includes active and passive support of wars. It means there are those, who personally killed over 65 Million Humans after WWII. We can call those people the most deaf people, soldiers or simply mercenaries, who attack humans in exchange for money. Most of them do not get directly forced into the Killer Armys: "Either you kill or we kill you" as this had been the case in WWII. No, greed or a big lack of phantasy how to do a living without killing humans or drug and sex addiction is in modern times the reason for those mercenaries. We could expect a lot of African and Indian poor people in these armies but we do not see that but them killed. We see US and Israel soldiers all over killing people - daily and meanwhile supported by another people picked out of the "Civilized Countries" and certain Arab Harems. Vietnam had "only" been one of these "Killer Parties" since WWII. Some people in the US even call this "serving their country". How is this? How comes that we are talking in 2012 not about the Massmurder Agenda of the US under the leadership of Israel and by payment of Germany? Yes the living Germans who never knew anything about their forefathers than what they got told in public schools, what had been nothing than "Hitler had been the most evil the world ever saw and your forefathers liked and served him"  ... In fact they do not even get taught that the whole Globe had had Killer Party time during the WWII. The well informed and all over loved and absolute objective Wikipedia as our common history book is teaching us how many people got killed, but especially Jewish, who are counted by a lost of their people by 2/3 of them. Is it harming your perception of the world, if I am asking such stupid question how comes that the US and UK only lost together during that big Killer Party WWII, by the statistics of the loved Wikipedia "not even" 1 Million people out of the total amount of minimal 62 Million people on Earth who had had all kind of nationalities, including the main looser Russia, China, Germany and Japan (still threatened with Atomic bombs now called Fukushima). Germany and Japan still remain in war with the world, did you know that? Yes man, nobody needs to make peace with Germans and Japanese. My mother never told me anything about Japanese in WWII, nor about China. Yes, they had some not so nice experiences with Russian soldiers because they raped and killed all women from my Mama`s neighbor  village. But Chinese and Japanese, so many dead? How comes? Can`t they kill so well like the US and UK soldiers that they had lost so many of their people in this Global happening of Massmurder. And we the Japanese and Germans had been those who were guilty of all of that? Oh my God, I cannot follow the counting. Especially I wonder why the US does not pay all the Vietnamese what they had lost or what about the 100000 Million of Natives of America? Why don`t they pay their guilt on them? Is that question too subtile? Or wasn`t there any guilt because it was usual to kill Natives all over the Globe but especially Natives from Africa, America, India and China. Brown, red and yellow people do not need to get mentioned such often as the Jewish. How is this? Oh, that it is not true, they get mentioned a lot but different, more like a plaque, which would spread like insects the Globe. They get mentioned again and again and again again since WWII and may be before, I do not know as I did not live those days ... They get mentioned as insects who trouble the Globe with overpopulation. It seems they shit too much although of their hunger and this cause problems on the Climate ... the story which we get presented since a while is that human breath outcome would spoil the atmosphere. Especially brown, red and yellow breath outcome is more dangerous, it seems. So the plaque must be eliminated and nobody in the fine world of US, UK and the rest of Europe worries too much if brown, red and yellow people get killed like insects. How is that all? How comes that in the US are still people thinking they should "serve their Country?" Hello? Humans are you all mad? Bloodsucking vampires who cannot do anything different than killing people who you never knew and who never did anything bad against you? How comes you stupid Germans (I can say that as I am such German) that you do not realize to get told fucking stories and pressed out like citrons to pay the permanent wars of the UK and US and Israel (which is their little Missile Station). Why don`t you start to remember yourself as thinking people. You cannot be guilty on all the past of the fucking history of mankind, which was full of Killer Parties. But you can change this. Think and stop the nonsense now. Stop to feed the Killer industry with your money. Refuse to pay further bailouts. Impeach Madame Merkel and the rest of the gangsters including all of their political parties in which they give us shows after shows why we never get better although we are working and working and working. No, not all humans are doing their living by slaughtering mankind. There are those, who really work. We do not need these mercenaries, these administrators who fill papers whith horrible laws and so on and so on; we do not need doctors who kill us because they cannot imagine to work another thing. We do not need all of such dead agenda. Think human race and especially Germans: It is your turn to make it now. Impeach all of these banksters and gangsters behind the scenes who are leading humanity into death and murder and torture. Refuse to pay them if you do not want to be guilty. By the great and brave engagement of many humans of all races and nations we are having now the chance to impeach the Cabale and their spyder network. Do not wait any longer to do something. As told here and I will repeat it until it enters into your fucking brain: turn the human race into something on which we can be proud. There are resources enough on Earth to make everybody happy but especially you got equipped with a brain and a heart which can create love, peace and wealth all over the Globe for any single human and animal (stop to torture and eat them now). Stop to believe that you cannot do anything to change the world. Yes you can, but of course not by following Obamas and Merkels and Queens. Talk to people, inform them properly. Go ahead and shut down your foolish TV-propaganda. Do that, just shut down the TV and see what happens .. suddenly your brain will refresh and you can think again and that means you can create not consume the creations of Evil beings. Do not pay debt rates without questioning how they come into such amount. Demand the Zero point set back of all debts and a new money system which counts positive. Any child knows, that if it is productive, it gets more not less. How comes you do not understand this. Why is it, that you work and work and the month is always longer than your income? This is not normal but sick like the banksters who are arranging not only child sacrificing in US, UK and Israel (taking children from all over the world) but all kind of Evil everywhere for 99 percent of humans before they lead them into the slaughterhouse of global war. You know who they are and now you should know who you are. A Human who can create. Create how you and me and the rest of real humans put these gangsters down and go into a nice future. See it, visualize it and do it, now because you will not get another chance Darling. 
For the US people here: please stop blaming the Chinese for this and that. Just stop that. You do not have any right to curse them. China never caused any violence on Earth like your Nation did so since a small time of your existence.  Your nation does not have a good but horrible history, that is is all to say about it. It is also not you who killed the Natives of America, you were not alive those days. But your Nation breeds much of mercenaries who kill now all over humans - without any reason than mentioned: greed, deaf senses and addictions of drug and sex and TV. Your secretary of I do not know how you call that is the most Evil the world ever saw, even Hitler might have felt shamed and you people have problems with Obamas birthticket. What a bullshit without consequences. You people know that the Twins got shot by the Mossad Gangsters but still you cannot connect the dots and do not do anything of value to shut down your war happenings. What do we hear from you about Gaddafi? As if this horrible nonhuman mass murder were not ongoing you remain too silent, the good ones among you. You are those living in the middle of the beast. Your nation is the Cancer Centre of humanity - not China nor Russia, nor Germany nor Japan but the US. Stop to deny this and take responsibility, we please you. You must impeach Obama and you must get the Indian style of non compliance. The World cannot bear your Nation anymore in such bloodsucker style. We cannot allow anymore that on your soil they are practicing voodoo rituals with human babies in order to mentally enslave the whole human race. If you do not want the world to defend herself against your cancer by a worldwide alliance which will by force appear if you do not change your way of life seriously and suddenly. You can be sure about it .. we do not want your soldiers everywhere ... neither in Germany, nor in any European country, nor in Africa nor anywhere on this Globe including Southamerica and the Caribbeans. We are not afraid from China, nor Russia nor Syria nor Iran. We are afraid from your Nations many people who are bloody deaf against human suffer. People who are playing Game boy Machines to kill with drones people in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iran. These people go freely on your soil around. They are murderers. Mindless murderers, bred on your soil. Even if 911 was not an inside job, don`t you think that people had not have enough reasons to do such thing? Again: 65 Million people got killed since WWII, the main of them by your people not the Jewish, they prefer voodoo and people like you to serve them. They are so few that they cannot their evil alone. They needed your greed and arrogance to do that. And they got that. It is your people who also kill humans in Haiti, causing there earthquakes and then Cholera to get Gold out of the country. And it is your people who do not mind your own brothers and sisters in poverty ... do not tell me bullshit. You rather run into the Christian ministries where they wash the money somehow instead of giving the poor people bread. Your society is utter asocial and must heal. I am telling you this because you need to hear this. You must know that Russia must act how it acts, trying its level best that things come clean without a war against your nation. You must know that China is doing the same because otherwise there would be a blood party on Earth which will leave this Earth dead for a long while. You must know that Germany will not go along with the US on long hand. We are your countries slaves, under your occupation since WWII. Much of your wealth came out of us or Japanese, do you know this? But even we got utter mind controlled also we wake up and will do an alliance with the Greek, the Turkey and the Russians: Many of them live with us on our soil, in peace although we got willingly by the Cabale overloaded with foreigners from all over. Our nation got a mixed nation and will be boarder less one day because we want that. We are one human race; no chosen ones nor any other utter bullshit like that. We want to create beautiful things and bring out wisdom on Earth as we have a lot. Unfortunately your Nation stole the bloody bullshit from us: the advanced military equipment and their creators, certain figures like Werner von Braun. But also Einstein had been a German and Wilhelm Reich had been a German, who your Nation killed. There are many more whose technologies you excluding used to enrich yourself by killing humans all over. It is okay now. Enough is enough. We do not want your drugs nor your Holy Wood TV Shows. We want to stay in peace. Please pick up your mercenaries from German soil by free will. Any of you has a soldier in his family: not so? Why do you wait for Obama or the Beast Killery to bring them back? You really think these bloody reptiles will do so? How stupid you are? Why don`t you bring them back your own? They cannot sleep in your houses? You cannot feed them til they might get normal? Why do you still praise on your serving soldiers .. keeping the oath? Which oath is that. What did any American Soldier ever did for the US humanity? Nothing than bringing human killer trophies back and the money they got for their killings. Be honest. If then they are spoiled none of you cares for them; they are junks or drunkhards. Of course what else they should be after massmurdering, raping and torturing humans? Why is it that you people wonder that they kill themselves. What else can they do. Do you think a human can forget what he did on other humans while full of drugs and alcohol? The drugs and alcohol will be finished but not the rememberings of wicked torture and murder in the Name of the US. Horrible. Really, I do not want to think anymore about the WWII and all that horror in those days. We, the living generations after that war did another worldwar already, as mentioned we have to respond another 65 Million killed people: active and passive. So you people can do a lot now to stop that bullshit. You are still armed. They know that. No, I am not asking you to use these weapons. But it is good to have them somewhere, not so? What I am asking you is: shut down now now the TV. Talk and blame everybody who still watches  TV. Imagine the Energies who you can free if people get out of the Hypnosis Machines? Call your relatives who are in the Army. Tell them to come home. It is a big step, if they get the will. The next step will be the "how to", if they are under contracts. If there is a will there is a way, you should know that saying and follow it. There must come a huge family claim for your soldiers to be home for healing from murder. This is in first line a mental affair. Any family can do something about it just like drunkhards and their families do so. They first have to admit to be sick, then they can claim and pray for healing and go the needed steps. You can start this with or without your families, you are one of these families who can admit: yes we are sick from murder, we wish to heal. That it is by the way the same all other people can do. Not a matter for Americans excluding. We know that murder is boarderless a sickness of all humans and needs now to get healed from the inside. You people can do this on a daily basis. Start to heal. A healthy person does not need to kill another person. A healthy person loves. Next you can stay away from animal food. That is no food but torture and murder of beings. Obama did not yet issue a law that you people must consume tortured and mass murdered as well poisoned animals. So no excuse for this. He also did not yet issue that all of you people must watch daily about 4 hours TV. These simple steps can be done by anybody without being in danger about it. Do them and you will see a serious change on Earth only by these simple steps. You will see them getting mad if we people do not watch their Evil TV nor other medias any longer but simple talk to one another or the animals. Pack the TVs openly on the dust, put a paper on them: dust and poison, please take care, you will get murder sick, if you take this along. Then eat grains and peas and such things. You will see how your greed gets smaller and smaller because you feel not anymore hungry like after eating tortured and poisoned animals. India got rid of the UK by a lot of Vegetarians. Think about it. There is a simple but true saying: you are what you eat (mentally and for food!) Remember when you were a child and they pumped you up with meat and it had been nasty and you felt that and then they told you laughing that it had been the cat ... you know what I mean. This is organized animal sacrifice to change us into active and passive murderers. Even a normal dog does not like to hunt before he get not introduce to blood. Do you know that? I had had 3 dogs and all of them had been nearly vegetarians and very strong and loving dogs. They defend but never attacked anybody just to murder. They were not hungry. The male dog even refused any meat in the morning, he asked for milk soap with bread and would not have gone out otherwise. He was my defender in my African days. When I got him he was quite skinny but later on by the much of love and vegetarian food he enjoyed he got the king dog in the whole area. A Police man from Holland even wanted to bring him to Europe. I told him he can talk to the dog if he needs to join that fucking army. He did not.


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