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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
Radio Podcast

Montag, 16. Juli 2012

Gathafi told you ...

that they mixed the mercenaries up with pills to alter their humanity. And they came into Libya like the besties and raped, tortured and killed children, women, elderlis and men who bravely faught to defend the people. And they called that democracy what it is actually the demonstration of highly drugged crazy beings who have lost humanity or probably never had such humanity (Clones, Reptiles, obessed by demons) but got grown among a drugged society which does not realize anything than the next "kick". It is actually the US UK Lifestyle and not a new tool to destruct humans.

Too much of people worldwide did not realize what the Libyan folk did for humanity. Without them there would already be the WWIII the Zionists like to bring over us. Because of their brave resistance Russia and China can now resist the horrible
led by US Beast Killery
which need to rip off Syria and Iran and Venezuela, then Russia and China. Because of the Libyean resistance it got clear to the world, which Beast tries to ride the Globe.

But of course they care for the US Citizens

And they care for you, who believes everything they tell you through the TV.

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