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Webster Tarpley
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Dienstag, 14. August 2012

Matrix and Courts

The highest Court of Germany (Bundesverfassungsgericht) found out that the German Government is illegal somehow, is it? Yes man, they said that the Codes for the elections are not such correct. Of course this would mean, that they themselves, that Court, is illegal, or? Yes, because that court is called into existence by that Government, which exists because of illegal evaluations of the elections. Because that would be a mess, they did not release the Government but said, that that Government should make things more legal. Again: The illegal government got ordered by the illegal court to make itself more legal????? Things are confusing, I promise you this. In fact there is no more way by the current system of justice to get out of the confusions, not really. Because there are certain others problems as well.

Number 1
The Zone called BRD or Republic Federation of Germany is no state but a part of the State Deutsche Reich which was under the control of the US, UK and France since 1945.

This did not change when they added 1990 the DDR or German Democratic Republic what they also and as some kind of joke called the "Revolution" of the Eastern Germans or "The fall of the walls". Only that the DDR people do not know anything about such revolution. It was more that our governors suddenly opened the doors for the shepherds in the same way as they had closed them before. Just like in a farm. We had been the sheeples. 

The DDR got not added but included into the BRD. They called that "Wiedervereinigung" (Re-Union) of the Germans and arranged a big party at the wall where Kennedy once spoke surprisingly, that he also would be a Berliner. We are learning now why. Berlin is totally under the Control of the US. This does not mean that the rest would not be under that control. Let us continue with the rest. In 1990 they forgot something, that had been

Number 3: The third part of Germany is still included in either Poland and smaller part into Russia (Kaliningrad, ex Königsberg) .. and look for yourself: here are the Maps before and after WWI + WWII.

Now after 1919 (WWI) and 1945 (WW II) we find thisDatei:DeutscheLandverluste.svg

So nearly half of the 1000 years old Deutsche Reich (so please note that Deutsche Reich is not the Hitler Regime which was called Third Reich and lasted 10 years) is gone. But this Deutsche Reich is not gone by the International Law but therefore still considered as the enemy of about 46 countries. Yes, just like Japan we also do not have any peace treaty with you people out there. So all of us born after that WWII came here on Earth as some kind of "warriors" only that we did not know anything about that. I can  guarantee you that most Germans do not even know that there is no peace treaty in existence. Most of us even wondered what we suddenly had to do in Afghanistan. Therefore, that we got to know about that, they drove the former President Köhler out of office. That idiot told the people, that German soldiers were in Afghanistan because of "our" business over there. We should not know that we are now growing drugs in Afghanistan and care the business with our soldiers so that the Afghanian "Slaves" do not use them for them own but leave some of the drugs for our kids in Germany. Meanwhile they drove the next president also out of office. That one got checked out sooner than soon and because he did not want to sign bailouts for the whole EU paid by the Germans. Because of that "crime" they did not want "to bail him out" and told the whole Germany that he was corrupt, although he was not but they. So we have another Kasper now.  That one is for later. Back to the problem. 

Yes, the Deutsche Reich still exists. It is only kept somehow in sleep because it was occupied by Russia in the East, France-UK-US in the West. 

For after war born Germans this knowledge is some kind of shock, which it is bombing the matrix. Nobody ever told us this, instead they continuously lied us, in the BRD as well as in the DDR. The thing with lies is, that the day comes that they cannot be kept underground anylonger. They come into the open and that it  is in these days. Just like there was suddenly this Bush and then Obama, coming out from "nowhere" to the Germans again, so we thought. They never ever left this area! Since over 65 years the Germans have to pay their soldiers which are stationed here. Something about 50000 US soldiers are stationed in Germany. From here they go out for much of their certain wars against everyone and we, our troops are under their command. It is only played out to the Germans, that they would be sovereign of their own. Reality is different. Now it is Obama, before it was Bush who got pig and beer from Merkel. 

That had been pretty expansive because of that many police which they needed to defend their rendezvous in Germany. Many Germans resisted this  visit those days.

The Deutsche Reich has neither power nor peace. It has no power by itself nor and especially not by its people because its land is outsourced, so to speak. There are other Entities controlling its total former area, who  have nothing to do with Germans people. See it again on the map above. 

But its constitution still exist? Yes. Or let me continue the confusions: There are 2 versions of a constitution for the Deutsche Reich. The one before WWI from the time when Germany got nationalized in 1849 and the second one which had been the Constitution of the Weimarer Republic from 1919, so after WWI. 

But a Constitution of the BRD did never exist and does not exist, because the BRD is no state but only that part of occupation by the Western Allies: US, UK, France.   

This part called BRD got some kind of basic law (Grundgesetz) which got implemented for the times of the occupation. It should end when there would be the reunification of the Germans and a then by free will of the Germans chosen constitution.

But who is German? Nobody knows that exactly, throughout so called reunification and on the other hand migration and asylum demands Germany got a different population with different legitimations. The Bavarian Authorities defines that everybody is a German Citizen, who is born in the Deutsche Reich in its boarders from 1937 or  a follower of them by its bloodline. This includes somehow german minorities who were living in Eastern countries. Their sometimes funny called "return" to Germany (after 500 years of their immigration) got heavily promoted by the "Government". All other people who are born in the BRD and DDR are supposed to be Germans or find recognition as foreigners.  foreign nationality. They are also Germans because of their blood. This mix get used for political disorder by the Governors. First they tried everything to induce discrimination, now they do as if they were against discrimination. We know that this shall be used against the people so that they fight one another. They need us in mood against one another. It will be very important for the people not to allow such divisions. 
Back to the topic: the constitution. In 1990 when they added or included the DDR into the BRD many people expected a new constitution to be done and elected by the people from both parts. This did not happened. While the constitution of the DDR got totally dropped the Grundgesetz of the former BRD got in certain aspects changed and then law for the united BRD and DDR  now called BRD. No one was asked, the common folks had never anything to do with this procedure. They had been busy to get used to the new situation. It is now and while this situation got misused to include Germany into the EU that people start to wake up and understand certain things which were hidden. Par example that the constitution as well as the area of the Deutsche Reich got never touched nor overtaken through the US, UK; France or Russia. They let the entire german area of its boarders from 1937 in a situation which they could change however and whenever they would like this.

There are now people who are trying to get back the sovereign of Germany. This can only be done by the whole Germany as this is the only entity which would allow the claim of sovereignty legally and peacefully. So they wish to have back the Constitution of the Weimarer Republic which indeed would be fine as that constitution is a very good constitution for the citizens. But there is no reunification on the whole area. In fact the third part is outsourced to Poland. And the claim of that part also reminds all by the sudden on the ideas of the Nazi Regime and can easily be brought into such dimensions. Truth is nevertheless that the East part is legal recognized part of Germany by the International law, so in a way it could not be outsourced and implemented into Poland as the sovereign over this area. Poland itself is not recognized as a member of the so called Winner Allies of WWII. Its people are now living on German ground since 67 years. That it is a lot of time in which 3 generations grew who also feel the area as their home area.

But apart from that it should be understood that the current government is hiding the fact from the people not to be in anyhow the legal sovereign of the Germans. They are not. They even took part in its destruction into a company. And so it can happen that the US is spraying the inhabitants with Chemtrails and the non-government says it does not know anything about it. 

But what it is that?
Datei:Flag of East Germany.svg
This was the Flag of the DDR since 1959.  Must be by accident, or? Take this photo to understand things a bit better. They are seizing areas in their needs.
Freimaurer von Joern - H. - A. Lindhorst - Moll

So may be, not the East Germans but the West Germans got included into the East? One could think so since the current Masters of our disaster originate actually from the East. 
Another guy also originates from the East and is the current President Gauck. We had a lot of them during Mam`s government of us. But this one had been pastor just like Mama`s Papa had been pastor in the East. So many Angel Speakers from the East: wow, even our warrior minister who defends actually our interests in Afghanistan and elsewhere against German Citizens Will is the cousin of Lothar who grew with AM in the East. So so, it is. Now please do not fall into Schemes of left or right. West or East: just understand that this country has never been free from hidden societies, the same ones who killed Mister Kennedy.

So please be aware that Nationalism might look like Freedom for the people but it is not. You can be sure that they are going to use such mentality in order of their agenda  of depopulation.  The "German bloodliner" please understand that they have to unite with the Turkish and Polish people and so on. Do you get that? We must stand together.

That does not mean that you shall not estimate your folks and their cultures. That it is another thing, it is natural - it is your tribe. But Nations have nothing to do with that, they are the slavery halls for one or more tribes used by the Freemasons and Aristocrats and Churches. And so are their regulations. 

So, Germans: we really do not need to stress with the polish people about "our" land. We need to unite with the Polish people to free up that land from missiles which got placed their by NATO and the hidden government.
More studies here

Please take the following videos only as an introduction and do your own studies. Stop to believe everything they tell you.
 Hier finden die deutschen Leser die besten und sachlichsten Ausführungen zur Lage der Deutschen: 
1. es gibt keine BRD als Staat
2. wir unterliegen noch immer dem Kriegsrecht bzw. haben keinen Friedensvertrag mit 46 Ländern
3. die Grenzen von 1937 gelten völkerrechtlich ebenso wie die seinerzeitigen Grenzen

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