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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

Checking the German situation today, which I usually do not follow such much, as I am writing this blog in English and try to focus on the international situation, I nevertheless came by that German research on something which might be interesting for everybody out there. 

That point had been: there must be much more people out there who know what it is going on than we think. How did I find that out? I just checked the numbers of followers of some German sites and those numbers really impressed me. Plenty. We should be proud about that. Only one german blog which I checked had had 6 Million visitors. So count that up!!! Germany has only 80 Million citizens. If we just estimate another 10 blogs with about 1 Million visitors each we reached already the critical point  in Germany which is by about 20 percent. Of course we need much more, 50 percent or so. But who says we do not got them already. I do just a little estimation by 10 blogs. We have got much more blogs and the visitors again also know other people ... so things are spreading and cannot be stopped anymore. They are out there. 
Next I was impressed how well people are aware about the Illuminati. They are connecting the dots. That it is great. The Matrix got proper wholes. That reminds me on a prediction from David Icke from his early times when he said that exactly this would come. Nobody was believing him this but laughing on him. Now it is common and no more out of imagination that Reptiles could be behind the night mare even many might not be able to sense them. It is not necessary even. Time will bring things into the open. The truth has got such force now that nothing can stop it to come into the light, whatever exactly it will be. The thing now will be to act reasonable. And we do not know how, not so? There are so many points at the same time crashing into our senses that we do not even know where to start but feel overwhelmed by that horror which they created for us. People seem to fall into apathy about it. The former problem of mankind is facing us like the biggest of all monsters: our own ignorance from centuries. The corruption and the fears, but we also know either we overcome it or we are dead. That it is such simple. And I can see signs of that as well, especially in Facebook. People start to develop some kind of black humor about all - that it is great. That it is that mind we need to have enough inner distance to that monster film. It would be great if we can also find that inner emotion which is called: Freedom, the break through the slavery. This reminds me on the prediction of the Hopis who said that by the time when of a spider around the Globe (Chemtrails) would appear, man would stand together, rich and poor side on side. And I could also see these signs already in the German Internet. There are people speaking out now, that it is really nearly unbelievable. Professors and Lawyers and so on as well as people who are living from social warfare. Probably I should more often study the German websites to inhale that clearer mind. We are not such concerned about the fall of the Western Empire nor afraid from the Russians and Chinese. In fact we are afraid of that Western Empire, of course. Germans suffered that one enough already. But we also have the two sides in our history. The West Germans had been under the control of the Western US/UK Empire, the Eastern Germans under the control of the Sowjets. We are also the Nation in Europe with the most foreign citizens and the smallest problems with that although they try constantly to devide and conquer. But my feelings are telling me that it will not work out. They will not be able to break us into Germans against Turkey and Russian, Christian and Islam people. No this will not work out. Our kids grow together. And the president of Russia, Mister Putin was living for a good while in Dresden Germany, he speaks well German. His child grow in our kindergarden and society. It would be good if the US Citizens could be able to take us as their stars while they give up their supremacy ideas which had never been of any value. Folks bind yourself into humanity as a whole and things will be much more easy for all of us. It is a very good thing that the US soldiers break emotionally down and are crying now out all their tears from years in which they were hold as monsters against mankind. That had never been a good thing. Mankind must get free from US/UK Imperialism. No, do not worry about the Chinese. They are humans and wish freedom just like the all of us. Pipe your dogs in and there will not be a Chinese Invasion to control you. For what? No, I do not believe in that nightmare of the US Citizens. Chinese are business people no warriors. It is not their style. The main cancer herd is laying in the US, you must know that folks. Stop provoking mankind with your permanent wars. Work out something how to improve your society into the better. You cannot hold on on racism and fights between the religions. That it is bullshit. You cannot hold on on your ideas of being a rich man while plenty of your people  do not even have food, are living homeless. Why don`t you invite them to stay in your houses? Do something to limit the barriers between the richer middle classes and the poors. Offer the former soldiers food and your ears so that they can grief about all that horror of their living as monsters: heal that out. That it is your work. Of course the US will crash, that it is as certain as the AMEN in the Churches. But it is the US as a Superpower which will crash, not the US in generally. Overcome please all your racist bullshit as well. How can this even still be in your country? Shame on you for that. Love your natives, love your migrants .. you had been migrants as well. It is so much in your hands that mankind can win these challenges now without a big nuclear war and starvation. You must socialize that it is not the same as communism but it is to do with the love of humans for one another. How can few eat and the rest lives underground? And while such lifestyle you are bombarding each other about the right religion? That it is madness. Stop the Ku Kux Clan mentality which you allowed over 200 years. The seed  of all the shit. It is not for nothing that the main place for djinns or reptiles got your area. You deserved them somehow by your fucking racism. Racism is a big sin. That does not mean that you need to love Obama. Oh my God, he is a mindless mass murder just like DoubleW. You people need to humanize yourself after all the wars which you burnt on Earth: on the Natives, WWI and WWII and Middle East and Africa ... everywhere. The so called Western Empire must fall. It must simply give up its parasite style to live on the behalf of the rest of the world. The Illuminati will not have any bigger chance to succeed if you people get rid of all that racism which used to "allow" you to cause mass murder everywhere. Mister Putin was telling you people this but you do not listen. Please concentrate on your country and reform it into the better. That it is your job and not to bring your mental disaster to everywhere. What about par example helping the Germans to get rid of you: you are still feeding on us. Do you know that? Not Russia but your Nation. We are not against you people but we do not want to be occupied from you people and get used for your never ending wars. Make them ending now. Start that in your minds until it can grow out from there into reality. We want you to leave Germany and Poland. Do you get that? You are holding 2 Million Soldiers plus who knows how much of mercenaries who you released from certain prisons if they would only kill for your idea to be the best the world ever got. We need peace, you people as well need peace. Any single human needs peace. 
I am asking you in the name  of the German Soul please leave Europe. And please leave the Middle East. There is no place for you either. You took the heritage from the American Natives: now do something out of it which it is of value for you and mankind. It is not Supremacy. 

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