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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Who are we ...

shall I tell you? I do not know. This seems to me the most honest answer. If you cross through all the "Secrets revealed" which appeared during the last years, you might agree in this conclusion. 

We do not know but want to know.  

But many of us gave it meanwhile somehow up to ask that question because the given answers are simply unbelievable. But these fucking gangsters refuse to tell us the truth and continue to ask our faith on their stories. But we are getting out of patience.

We want to know, not to believe

Tree of Knowledge Olympic 2012
Okay, the forbidden Tree of Knowledge made things pretty difficult throughout our history. We would end up in the fucking Hell for that curiosity. They promise that all the while. 

Here the newest idea for 2016, for the few   survivors of mankinds extinction after too much of their curiosity or so.

Is that foolish? Imagine you would ask some elders around who of them would be your parents and they would tell you, that you shall not ask or will be driven out of the community. Okay, you would be quiet but deep in your mind you would wait for a chance to find the secret out, not so? And they would be prepared for that; they know that you are curious. So the Hell is ready for you ... and me of course.

They know that the story of the Bible is really challenging our intelligence, I mean that intelligence of humans, who are thinking to be somehow the onliest  higher  developed creatures on this planet. 

Let me take that look again, just like  I were a child again, when I got the story presented first. 

Eve is made out of Adam. But how this Mama, didn`t I climb out of you? Okay, you can imagine the view of Mama. What should she answer without breaking Bill No, was it 4? 

You shall not lie.
What should she answer without breaking Bill No, it is 9. She got not pretty much serious with sending me to the storytellers in the Church. My father anyway had had more experiences with making children, so he also was not serious in that matter of the storytellers in Church. That gave me 

Thank you Mama and Papa. I really enjoy my freedom of thoughts and it could probably save my life, even that one of others. Think folks, think as often as possible! Do not copy, you are not copy machines, or? This is what you should surely know as an answer on that question: Who are you?

But of course as the storytellers were insisting such often in their funny story with the bones out of Adam as basics of our creation, the story remained somehow. So God could take DNA out of Adams bones and create Eve. Now our scientist can do that too. 
What a shit. They ate too much from the Tree of Knowledge ... but they were not us or let us say, they were not under our control. We did not tell them to manipulate any plant, any animal and human. We did not do that. They did. So there are suddenly 2 questions 

Who are they? Who are we?

May be this short article brings some light to our questions. Is this also the answer on that question how it came that the Neanderthaler suddenly left this Planet? We in fact have so many questions. But the main one is: are we going to behave as humans and put these Evils out of control of this planet, who are deeply engaged in playing God and destroying the Planet, our lives, the plants, the animals, everything because they are maniac? 

Libya: the beginning of the end of humanity

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