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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012

Law of attraction

We got flooded during the last 2 decades with  the Law of Attraction tools. Their promoters used to promise us sheer anything we like to experience. They had given us the simple answers on a difficult question:  

How to stay happy.  

Although mankind is near to general suicide we can receive much of free letters about the newest Law of Attraction tools. But their Authors do not mention that things are serious unhappy. They do as if there is nothing to talk about: no poverty, no war, no earthquakes, no poison and so on. It simply does not exist in their free email letters which shall bring us to buy their super tools to get superman or superwoman. But imagine these things would really not exist. Would there be reason left to buy the happiness tooIs? They exist and so their tools got a big business. 

Sadly for them their prices fall together with the fall of the middle classes into depression where the workers had already been in for a longer while. Game over, people do buy now 

My statement for the meanwhile:

Some of the positive thinkers are some kind of leaders for the shepherds into the Agenda21; they are  leading us similar  to the plenty of religious ministries ideologically straight into mankind`s death by the even more than 2 decades of concentration for 

mass ignorance which hit into the Secret

Let us have a deeper look on the topic.

Does "positive thinking" work? It does to a certain level. Probably you find a job and better place to stay and so on, but you will not be placed where you should be placed by your real talents and commitment for people. 

You will not: we are facing the opposite, the best people are not on the top but the badest.

The question is, what kind of positive thinking we are talking about? Corrupting your soul and getting ready to manage the poisoning of the masses in the management of Monsanto or others of these cooperations? Or corrupting yourself by getting a member of the Army , a professional Killer? Is that positive or simple criminal and disgusting?

What do they sell us as "positive thinking"? 

Actually you can buy certain DVDs for some bugs of Dollars or Euros in which they sell you such sort of wisdom that 

Everything on which you concentrate grows.

Wow. Didn`t you know that already as a child? If you water a plant that one grows. You even knew much more: It is not always of well success to water a plant. There is a measurement for everything. You can easily cause a flood for your plant which cannot swim. There are certain other aspects as well, which form the whole composition. Is there enough sunshine, are there enough ingredients for the plant in the earth and water  or are there the certain poisons of the so called positive thinker? At the end they harvest what you had cared for so nice? It  goes further: Will you be able to eat, what you had planted or do you suddenly miss a pot to cook your fruits because they drove you out of your house. You concentrated such well on your plant while your other plants got dried out? You did not take care on them but took a credit to buy your newest red pullover in well positive thinking style that somebody will pay your debts! Who? They prefer to kill you than to let you run without paying your debts.

Yes Mam, this shit happened
while you were thinking positive 
and ignoring the masses yet under you!

So while you were expecting your newest toys under the Christmas Tree other people were cooking a war for you and your family and all neighbors. What a pity. Your "positive thinking" run into the darkness and radiation There are you now with your new red pullover which cannot even serve you well because the climate changed or even more silly: 

Red does not fit you. 

really fuck off
You should have concentrated on another color. But you wanted to have such pullover like the Beauty from the TV. But even it fits you like that Beauty, you might also feel so unhappy like that Beauty, who is only smiling because it is her job to smile as stupid as possible the whole day. 
I could go on to describe what all could bring up your sudden awakening. Let us shorten that: the red pullover does not free you nor make you happy. 

It is just a pullover and has no magic abilities.
Magic kitchen
As the business must go on they knew already that you would get such awakening and so they now offer you a new tool to buy:

Of course you will do that and throw the red pullover on the dust where it will take revanch on you one day: earlier or later. There is such much of dust on this Planet that the day will come that we die in it, not so? 
Let go measurement

And from here you get a new awakening and buy the next tool:

Probably your are now ready to get a Buddhist.

So what about such desire to live? 

Many sheeples are exactly in such stage of mind. Confused, depressive and out of a strong mind. They properly fit into the Agenda 21. No I cannot tell you if these people attracted that Agenda 21 or the Agenda 21 planners attracted them. Can you? 
You know my positive thinking is a bit different. I think that there are things which I really do not know. In fact the most things I do not know. God thanks. If I knew that Earth life could get such hard as it is now, I would probably have prayed for a later time of my birth to Earth or that I can just stay were I had been before. I always used to wonder how the human race could consider herself to be some kind of world wonder and even far above the animals. Any dog seems to be more wise than humans. They sleep when they feel sleepy and get a chance to do so. They feel happiness about any smile they get and eat what smells well and do not eat what does not smell well, even they got told in the TV: 
But unfortunately they got slaved like us. They have to wear red pullovers like their human Mamas and all kind of other bullshit. 
They actually pay me nothing to run around in this Polo Shit

But many of them even have to suffer much more by human cruelty. Their Gods are as hard, it seems, like our God-s. There Gods are humans. And positive as the humans are as a collective, they are slaughtering every day and night animals after tuff times of torture on them. The animals are passing the Middle Ages in Europe when torturing of humans was usual: as more harder as more better before the "witch" had died to hell. Only the animals do not need to admit that they are "sinners" to find some grace for a sudden escape from this planet. They do not get any sorry anyway. They are just judged as either toys or food for humans. I never heard any positive thinker even opening the mouth to say: 
Stop, no more of this!  

Watch Earthlings deutsche Untertitel HQ in Activism & Non-Profit | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com
Or do the Positive Thinker work under cover? May be we do not know that these people are worshiping Positive Thinking while they are speaking out against animal torture and killing, or while they are even acting accordingly, namely by refusing to torture, slaughter and eat animals. 

I usually hear people talking any kind of bullshit to legitimate their cruelty on animals. They would need the flesh to be strong by them own. So we might find some  

Asterixe and Obelixe 

who positive-think a big pig per day into their experiences. Later we call these ++thinkers sufferer of adipositas. That looks this way And they will tell you a lot why all that bad happened to them, but never that they were attracting a big pic per day into their stomach. Be sure. For some reason -in most cases their genes so they argue- they got just too fat. Be sure that they will not ask the following question: 

Why are the Vegetarians such healthy compared with the fat and often sick 
Animal Eaters? 

Please do not look for statistics, they do everything to keep you "in flesh" - just compare with your own eyes.how vegetarians look like and you see the difference. In the times after WWII most of the German people had been by force Vegetarians. They could not effort to buy flesh. They ate potatoes and beans, fruits and mushrooms and such things and they got as healthy as they never had been since the Industrial Revolution took place. As soon as they could effort to buy flesh they rushed to buy it and got sick. 

But as real thinking is not the humans hobby they went on to eat flesh till they reached out to the proportions of 2/3 flesh and 1/3 veggies in  their food. Many still do not think nor wonder. They have better ideas.

They meet on a regular basic their doctors to get treatment for all of their pains. These doctors do not advice them to try Bill No, 5? They give them painkillers instead of giving these pills as a matter of grace to the tortured animals. 

Many of us wonder-humans do not even reflect how it comes that the churches are so strange in conflict with Bill No 5. They are killer organizations all over the Globe and since they are known on this Globe. They still kill, they never did anything different. It is how they got rich. They love flesh. We never hear any Positive Thinker reflecting this either. Could it be that they simply do neither think nor feel nor act what could get called love or something in the near of that great attitude. Do they just feel empty which leads them to grab whatever they can get into their fingers and from there into their mouth?

Are they having such emptiness feelings which they need to fill with red pullovers or pink pigs through positive thinking tools? 

We are going now in some kind of finale of this cruelty all over the Globe. Who knows: some Hindus are even expecting much harder times of cruelty in which humans are going to eat their own children. Yes, this is what they expect to come, their priesthoods (so we must be critical, may be it is only their plan?) In some way all of our priests on Earth seem to think pretty much bad about the human race. And can we tell them to be liars? Imagine you could listen to all human thoughts through a microfon - I guess although of the plenty of US-EU/++thinker you would wish to escape. If you want to learn a foreign language: just learn "fuck you", "ashwhole", "I kill you" and "money" and you got the most of the words you need to continue your life as before.

A non thinking and non feeling human race is about to kill one another including the animals. Super, really super.

It is positive to act in the mind of love and that includes to say No more.

In shorter words, we must first clean a house before we put a new decoration in. We all know that in such simple issues but cannot bring them on such topics like the food production, like the way we organize and so on?

Those positive thinkers who do not mention anything of importance for all life on Earth and the need to clean things up lead people willingly or unwillingly deeper into the mess. I am sorry to say this, because there are a lot of people under them who are looking for a better way to make our lives. But we have to understand not to form new religions which only bring us in blindness, we must understand that we can use tools, many tools accordingly to what it is just needed.

So some of the teachings around Positive Thinkings can be exerzised, if they get integrated in the whole complexity of life. Of course, if we clean our houses we must plan what next shall live in there or we will get the same shit as before. So therefore we must proof the qualities of our desires. Does it make sense to wish a further pullover if there are already 30 of them? But it would probably make sense to wish further 30 pullovers and to distribute them to everybody who cannot effort sometimes even one of them. So that it is the next point to reflect on. Most people go for their changes in their lives on that individual level where they believe to have influence on and they ignore the rest, which it is effecting them horrific. They deny anything around them and practise this or that tool. This does not function but bad. They do not pray for clean water supply as it is a collective affair, so out of their responsibility - they leave that with the Elite. But this is what must change now not later. We must act for free access to clean water, for clean air for clean food. We can repeat and repeat again or visualize ourself breathing clean air. It will not happen if we do not go for this collective. and  in ourself. There is clean air available but the dark forces are destroying them. Some of these dark forces are pretty much in our comfort zone where we feel not responsible for anything.

So we need to visualize ourselves in power of all of our human affairs. 

This guy is not a priest although it looks so, he lifts some questions to a deeper level.

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