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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Free yourself from illusions

This post is not about vaccines as we (think to) know them. I love this picture as it is arguing badly to the point and question: What do they put into these plenty of vaccines they give us but no success seems to be reachable. Africa continues to die and die and now they help that death process by releasing bigger mosquitoes. Our lovely Bill gates us but first the black race to death. In order to make things going sure they also spread into the African continent otherwise equipped parasites on two legs. They do that in order of democracy, of course. Who still believes in the Christmas Man ... Just recently while the football games (that it is their purpose; to keep us away from what it is of importance for us) we Germans lost  finally our "democracy". It had never been one but looked better than the EU dictatorship. But now they come up in the open: for ever we shall pay all European debts which might come into their (who are they) minds and will be presented to us as the laziness of the Greeks or other European folks (divide and conquer). We are used to that. Since WWII we paid for our historical guilt on a never ending amount of Jewish victims and we never wondered too much, why we did not pay such much for our Russian victims although they had been much more in their numbers; they had in fact a much bigger population than the Jewish. We shall not wonder why ISRAEL is more important than the rest of Nations which had been involved even without Germans; we are guilty. Probably one day they educate our children, if there will be any German Children (actually we produce 1,3 per woman)  and not excluding genetically modified in labors produced humans, they will have to pay for all wars which had ever been.  Why not? Germans are not the most aggressive people but for sure under those with the most patience or shall I say obedience? Probably this is not true, may be we find our masters in the US. They are living already under such kind of slavery, which was last reported to us by the Romans and later on by the Black and American native slavery. Obama and his friends can kill everyone at any time which seems to be an enemy (to who?). That is now not only policy for strangers (the rest of the world which get attacked by the US mercenaries) but also for civilian American passport holders. Folks they (who are they) inject us all. It had been called Globalization and shall get transferred into the New World Order. But even they declare, that there will not be any nations nor religions but that one of slaves for the NWO, they will use Nationalism,Religions and Racism to let us fight down one another to such amount they think they can handle. No I do not think that they will produce such World war which spoils everything by the use of nuclear weapons. They will kill us in different manners and timetables. The main warfare will be that one Geo and Bio warfare. That does not mean, that there will not be any use of Nuclear Weapons. Look at Japan. What it is that different than using Nuclear weapons. They got another style. They haarp the Atomplants and tell the rest of the unaware world that it had been a natural disaster. Look at Colorado/US: 30.000 households had to flee their homes caused by fire which got heated up with Chemtrails and probably mixed with H.A.A.R.P. They "vaccine" everything because they are parasites. They need to lock themselves into our systems, our societies, families and bodies. All over the Earth. And we better understand that we have to forget about nationalism and religions and blabber, we have to stand up as humans against parasites, the real ones and not those which live in symbiotic with our plants or in  our bodies. Those little beings (bacteria) are not harmful but get sprayed with pesticides or invaded by viruses (produced by so called scientist) like we get sprayed. Stop to spray your garden, stop to spray your skin and start to think and feel what it is on the menu if we do not wake up and organize against the Geo- and Bio warfare they are fighting against humans and animals and the plants. I am not so optimistic like David Icke; I scare that a lot of people will die before mankind arise. But I am sure that mankind will arise upon these parasites. 
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