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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Montag, 2. Juli 2012

African Racism, Genozide and Colonialism

Schwarze Fürsten
In Europe and Northamerica people are well convinced that the white man introduced the slavery and colonialism in Africa. Okay then, things depend. Are the Arabs white men?

I, myself European, went to Westafrica a decade ago and got there my lessons in history, or let me say: some question wether I missed something. I did. Africa got not colonized and enslaved by the European and American White Men, not in the first line. In fact the black society got enslaved in first line by the Arabean White Men, and they had not been more soft than the European White Men, who came in the second turn: hundrest of years later, or?
So, we are speaking about two colonialisations of the African Continent and now we are entering into the third one under the leadership of Obama, Killery and France and their hidden dictators in the background, who we call they. Did you ever wonder how African people came to Islam? No? You should. It had been their gift by the arabean aristocrats. Lateron with the European Aristocrats they got another gift: Christianity. Isn't that fine? So much of God and Allah entered into this continent that the Africans are now in the need of a third turn? They love foreign Gods, who are coming along, sacrifice their children and kill whoever they can unless they are using them before as slaves. They love to get called devolopment areas? Don't?

You prefer me to speak in tounges and around the corner until we do not know anymore that we are talking about brutal torture, murder and genocide. By who? Mercenaries of Western Christeanity and eastern Islam are killing together the black race in Africa, now in unity. If you need to see that, please check out LybiaS.O.S >>>
If you need to see how to spread death even into the future, watch this video:

There is some kind of obsession to kill the black race which is considered to be the original race of mankind. We have to question why are they so obsessed with killing especially black people. Do they know too much?

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