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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Zombie Apocalypse

Do we really have to wonder about the recently reported incidents of Zombie like attacks in the US, hu-men attacking people for their flesh and organs? Should this not to be the expected result of daily bombardement with chemicals in everything: water (fluorides delivered by the states), sky (everything worse delivered by Chemtrails), food (pesticides and more delivered by Monsanto and Friends), pharmaceuticals  (la meme chose) and on and on and even taken by free will of the people. No it is not all by force. We are in the show especially with fast food. So comfortable .... Some bombs for the poors far away ... hahaha, let us make some money out of that ruling business on Earth. 
But in the times of the Death Agenda 21 created by the Illuminati (and probably their Masters, Reptileans Snakes and other demons) we must not wonder too much, if they created a Zombie Drug which they tested first in Africa and then induce-d them into science and military mercenaries and NWO-Police-Officers and such guys of lowtonone ethics again, which we face now globally in their entities of dis-order. Let us get some impressions by history here. By the way Zombies are also known created by Voodoo (please do not accuse black people  about Voodoo, it is a common "fun" by the Vaticlan and throughout history in all races).

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