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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Samstag, 9. Juni 2012

Death Agenda 21 - The Great Culling in

We are facing the biggest challenge one can consider. It is not a joke but practice that they "call us in" what? Death. Yes they really call their project "the great calling in". All over the globe they find humans and probably also non-humans and clones to implement the big cadaver show they wish to face. They use poison and war for that show. They poison the waters, they poison the air, they poison the foods. They left nothing out to reach us. Drugs all over, even when ours are just born they first experience not only beats but also vaccines, up to 25 within only the first 2 years of their innocent lives in the US. The next generations of parents will be forced to allow that to be done on their babies. They do not think that parents are considered to be the one to care the baby. They consider you as a sheep and you and your babies as their property who are to be slaughtered. In fact the Agenda 21 is the creation of Planet Earth as a big slaughterhouse. 
In Modern Scout, my former Blog, I posted as much as I could to transfer the knowledge of the big picture. Depopulation by the 80/90% of humans alongside the animals who will also be killed or die already by the masses in the air and the oceans. My former blog reached about 27.000 visitors, so I do not know how many of them used to come again: let it be a third of all visitors which came again and again, so that the blog reached approximately 20.000 people within 2 years. Not bad at all. But did I really reached what have been needed? Did people start to empower themselves to change that Agenda? I do not know this and can only speculate about it. Probably all these 20000 persons told minimal another person what they read here and elsewhere. So it comes to 40000 persons, and among them there were probably another people again who spread the words.  But the same times there were about 100.000 people killed in Libya as an initiation of "the great calling in". They slaughtered those people in manners we must call alien to mankind. But the way how mankind is slaughtering animals is also alien to mankind but yet people are eating these horrible tortured fellows. We reached now the point that they boil not only cancers to death but also humans. Yes this happened in Libya aside a lot of other cruel slaughterings especially of leaders, black people and Tuaregs. All this was brought in by the name of democracy. And they continue the move: they went over to Syria where they attack everybody they can catch to make the big TV Propaganda Show out of it: Look they are killing even Children; isn`t that bad? Let us go and overthrow that bad government .... And people in the West still believe thus kind of lies, called false flag operations. This is the biggest challenge of all. Like lobotomized they still believe, that Afghaneans came out of their mountain caves and nuked the Twins. Others are still busy to convince themselves, that it had been a false flag operation by the use of US Sacrifices and not like usually Arabs, Indeans or Africans. They are busy to get able to see the American Dream as a dream, gone and changed into a nightmare. Europeans are not yet at that point, or? Our greek fellows and most ancestors of Europe are fucked into the ground next to Spain. About 2800 people went for suicide in Greece in the last year. Indean people might feel astonished, that I even mention this "little" amount of selfkillers. They are used to suicides by their farmers, who got overthrown by Monsanto. They are "used" to starving women and children. But US and EU? Children of the Frees are living in the undergrounds, homeless and eating rats. Yes, they couldn`t make it, so to speak. They challenged the US Doctrin, that everybody there can make it. Yes we can is all what it is left from that dream and who is hiding himself in the second floor in the house of darkness, otherwise also called the White House, where he plays with his playstation: Drones ... you never know where they come from. Usually they land and kill in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bahrain .. but just wait until the US Toy Man send them to China or Iran or Russia. Ah, that could give him some troubles. His masters are outraged that Putin could master the democracy show they usually play out in the West nowadays as International Community, other description for the NWO Mastercommunity. Yes Putin showed us that he can also play these games: Hollywood in Russean style. Brilliant. Putin conquered their bullshit. Democracy, what a big word for the much bigger shit behind it. This globe is a nightmare. No, not by its nature. God is for sure not responsible for this shit. Everything was pretty well created. The Sky, the Oceans, the Land and the fruits and the lovely animals and ... the Challenge: humans. Sometimes I cannot get it. My fellows are moving under the sky and do not even catch, that there is something wrong and that they do not breath air but Chemtrails. When they start to feel sick they run to the next Drug Dealer (doctor) and take some tablets to overcome the pain. The doctor said ... Ok then: When the doctor tells you to kill yourself you also follow? Answer: Of course not. But I need my tablet against my pains.
This is the real challenge we are going through. Lobotomized humans, who are following everything, their slave masters are telling them, what would be good for them. If they tell them: Fly some Chemtrails around the Globe. Eieieieie Sir, I will do so. If they tell them: poison the food, poison the water ... same reaction: Eieieieiei Sir, I will do so.

How many of these Eieieiei Sirs are around? 10 or 20 % of mankind? Even more? It feels to me like much much more. Can you imagine: human beings who are permanently agreeing in their own destruction and now even in the big Calling in Agenda 21. I am telling you: I know this not any different since I am on this planet. Sometimes I think, I lost my move somehow. I wanted to be born on another planet, beautiful like Earth and all her plants and animals but ... you know, what I mean. When I was small most of the girls had pleasure to hurt one another with bad words and bad games what we call today mobbing. No animals are playing such games. What kind of disease is that? I grew allthough of them and met some better people until they also forget about peace, love and harmony and thinking: Some of them listen now to the German Greens (unfortunately Gathafis also use green): Gaddafi is raping women and Assad is killing children. Yes, the same people, who opposed in their young years the war against the Vietnamese, do not even open their mouth against the wars: Afghanistan, Jugoslavia, Pakistan, Irak, Libya ... Syria. Some might support the propaganda actively: they turned into killer. What it is that? What kind of humans are that? Is it that they all drank too much poisoned water, what turned them into such weakett monsters, who have no problems with the masskillings in Libya. Some might not even know anything about these wars. Fukushima ... They forget it already, yes - is true. Many forget that already because their TVs are not talking about this. What is on with mankind? This is my question and my challenge. If we all to die, not nice but please God: my next incarnation put me on another planet where we people are able to see in one another people; where we people are able to see in other beings feeling beings.

Forwarded text in Facebook by Will Davis
Many think that the spirit realm is above or beyond them. It is not. That world exits right along beside you. It is intermingled with this world. Intellectualizing and science make no difference. Disagreeing will make no difference. This Grandmother Earth is moving and changing. It does not matter what you think. The Creator of all things is in control. Having no belief will offer you maybe a temporary and very transient sense of security. The people who are in this physical realm have a short time to get it together. To come to a place of understanding the real meaning of “All my relations” and to really see that everything that exists is your relative. Everyone, all people have been given time after time, the opportunity to come together in a cooperative spirit and each time you have not. The Creator of all things has now decided to take matters over. His patience and the Grandmother Earths' patience have worn very thin. Your belief or disbelief no longer matter. What you think about me or this message matters even less. Things are going to be as they are going to be. Your becoming cooperative is all you have now. It is all that will perhaps bring things back into balance. The conflicts, both globally and inter-personally will be over soon because those who monger these things will be given a way to exit this world, if they choose not to change. The Creator of all things no longer sees your disbelief as humorous, He sees/feels sadness. He cannot break His own laws and the first law was freedom of choice. He did not create religion; man did in his attempt to contain the Creator of all things within a singularity. Your religions are dying because they do not feed the People, nor lift them up, they only take. The Creator of all things only asks that people walk in a spiritual way and stay in contact. Those that choose to see any aspect of His creation as wrong or bad is putting wounds on His heart. He created nothing that is not supposed to be. And everything without exception is his creation. He did not create evil/devil, man did and that put the biggest wound on His heart. Man was trying to escape responsibility; something/one to blame for his own short comings. Periodically the Creator of all things gave examples through people He had chosen, of how things might be done and man straight away destroyed them. He still destroys them. Take only 30 minutes out of your life and allow yourself to feel love for all of creation including humanity and suspend all judgment, anger, dislike, hatred and lack of understanding, and just see how that feels. If you don't like it then go back to the way you were. It is not enough to write words. It is not enough to talk in an empty way. It is not enough to just offer prayers to entities you are not sure of. The Earth is in pain and suffers. She has been raped, abused, enslaved, and stripped of her lifeblood. You are the inheritors of the last seven generations of abuse. Will you be the progenitor of the next seven generations? It is now time to do something more. It is now time to speak directly to your leaders and decision makers because they are the biggest perpetrators of this abuse to your Grandmother; to you. Many warnings have been given and not only has the messenger been killed (ignored) but the warning has been killed (ignored). Your need and addiction for and to convenience has killed you. Your great factories, and automobiles, trains, planes and boats belching out breath that is poison WILL cause the beginning of your death. Your religions will serve you nothing. They too, have contributed to your departure from the Creator of all things and your death. Do not ask anyone or thing outside of yourself what could or should be done. You will find that answer within yourself and do so soon because even the soul is in the process of dying.--Will Davis

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