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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Transhumanism, do you need that?

Check his data out
Dr. Beter hunted them already, please check his letters. But Dr. Beter thought it had been the Russeans ... he could not consider yet the existance of nonhuman intelligence on Earth.

There are for sure more complicated explanations for transhumanism than the simple one: The end of humanity, the use of the human body and brain for a different specie. We get and shall get harvested. Is that clear, really clear? Think about it. Do humans, even the worthiest need to transform humans?

The first survival tool of a human should be his/her ability to figure things out:
Who is onto me? 
Answer: friend or enemy. Woman or man.
How many are "they", this question gives us an estimation of the strength of the friends or enemies.
Where are they, should be the next question so that we can visit, avoid or attack them. 
For who do they work should then be asked because they might have masters. The real enemy loves to hide himself behind his mercenaries.
What it is their goal for their contact with me/us, what do they want to do, give or take (from) me and
How and when and where do they operate their ideas on me.

So simple are the tools, which we describe combined as thinking; you might even knock me because I remind you on that simplicity. 

Do I think that you are stupid? No, not yet. In fact I do not know you. But I experienced a lot of people who do not use these simple questions, chronicle not. The most intelligent answer you can get from these human looking beings on those questions is: 
I do not know, I did not go to figure things out. Such answer gives you a glimpse of hope, that you could talk to a real human being. If you cannot get such an answer in case of none investigations in which ever affair, you should consider to talk with a non-human who is using the human body and brain or a human who is not using his brain. We are in the times when we must learn to differentiate the types of (non-)humans. There are those non-humans, who are in fact humans but forgot that, willingly. These people have 2 goals: sex and money and no other values. They are basically hunter. They are the human mass for all kind of mercenary services: buerocrats, politicians, police officers, soldier - short: the state worker. They have only one answer on why: I am only doing what I get told. The perfect slaves but nevertheless not to be trusted (neither from the side of their slaveholder nor the side of a human) and from time to time to be exchanged. Did you realize that "they" changed a lot of them out? No? Are you paying attention on the questions above? Sure? No, otherwise you would have noticed that they exchanged the state workers, of course not all at once, little by little that you shall not realize things. The enemy is not stupid. They are using the tools to think

Next to the state workers we have the mass receivers. They are connected with the TV and from time to time with the state workers. Then the receivers must get controlled if they are still hypnotized, well impressed by the TV Shows. If not, they send them some letters with a lot of nonsense questions, which must be answered and of course bills and certain punishments. These beings are also humans but out of human mind. They do not ask who is talking to them through the TV. Never. They "think" these holographic TV Show masters are real human beings and that they are talking the truth, that they are friends.

And now we come to those who we cannot classify as humans but excluding as non humans.
Another article by the same ideas: Terraforming: Aliens or Human, It`s Here.

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