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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

Euro Collapse, unofficial

The following video will show you  
What shall I tell you? Advice? 
"ZERO"  or "I do not know either". 
Let me try out of my stomach wisdom, minimal to tell you what will not function.

Do not panic, get calm in case you should panic nevertheless. How? Lay or sit down, go inward and accept that feeling how it is. Do not fight that feeling; it will only get bigger by such inner fight. Panic is a function of survival, if it is not dealt by "your" snake occupied jinn or reptile. Do not believe in them? OK, no problem. Anyway you have to deal with that panic because you will not be able to do anything sense full as long as it is the Chief and not you nor your soul.  It is going to ride you as if you were the horse and not the rider, you get me?! But without the horse you would not come far as well, not so? So please do not try to kill the horse. You would surely regret it later on when you find yourself moving on your own foot. Be nice with your horse! That means: understand the panic as something which is showing you, that things are serious and that you have to act. Either you have to leave your current path or to change the art of your movement or both in order of your security and well being. That it is not bad at all. It would only be bad, if you allow that feeling to get the rider.That is what the snake possessed Reptiles need, so that they can offer the snakes your fear energy, the harvest for them. Some of the Reptiles do not like that but scare the snakes. They are acting like deeply horrified and fearing humans who are giving the pressure they themselves get forward to others. No need to demonize the Reptiles more than reasonable. Muslims are telling the very truth about that issue. They call the Reptiles Jinns. And they describe them as bad (Satan followers) and good (Allah followers). And in fact I can confirm that as true, because I experienced both of them. The second one served me deeply and well as if he was my horse probably even my angel. The first one led me nearly to death. Probably you saw the Movie AVATAR. If not, do it. Of course they are using the wrong color: blue for the good beings what it is in fact the satanic color for their and their human co-operations. It should have been green (unfortunately green is also misused by the Eco fascist). The good ones are green/yellow. The bad ones are blue-black and sometimes fire red structured like Salamanders. In fact they can change their color like chameleons. So do not take things for certain. The Devil plays in all variations his game on you. And if you refuse to feel and interpret your feelings by your own and use other people advice as a manual to do your live: OK, what is going to help you, if these people disappear, are not available, when you need them to tell you what to do? So, turn on your own generator; it is there in you. Nobody came here without such generator. Of course you can learn from people but only if you do not form yourself in a non-thinking and non-feeling copy machine. So please only take my information as report how I experienced things. In the Movie Avatar you will see how the "hero" has to learn to ride the dragon. It is that way how the good beings win the battle. So your panic is not bad but your personal good reptile (dragon) with who together you can get out of the mess. But you must transform the panic into movement for the good under your leadership. In the Avatar movie you can even see how they can deal with holographic impressions. 911 was played out in that way on all TV stations and let you believe that planes could crash the Twins. It is the same technology they will use to scare us to death by their faked Alien Armageddon around the Globe. And many people are going to believe into that show like many people believed into the shit of 911 and all the rest of war propaganda. So you must know, that humans can get easily impressed by horror pictures, you too, of course: me as well. But if we know this and deal with this we can observe and catch ourselves more easily; we can realize that we are in the mood of (overwhelming) impressions. That is not the reality. But it is our mistake to think that our overwhelming impressions would be the reality. 
So now we get nearer to the point that they will tell us that the EURO disappeared, collapsed. Huihihi ... madness will and shall go around. That it is the real problem as money is just nothing, had always been nothing and will always be nothing what could warm us, feed us, house us. But we believed money could do all these wonders. No, I do not think that they plan the big and global total chaos, only enough chaos which shall be constantly given to let us accept Computer Money and with that newest currency the Chips in our brain. Hallelujah. Do not believe me? That is good, you shall only believe in your creator and yourself. No belief system at all even they (the Religions and Philosophies) offer here and there great insights which we can use, why not? Do we refuse to write because this technology was given to us and not self developed? I am used to cross around religions and philosophies  since a long time, nearly all my life because my parents did not fall too much into the dogmatism of Religions but let us children think, what we wanted to think. So I got used to pick up good ideas out of everything on that Market. I move between Pagan, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and so fort and pick out of them what it is useful for my well being and does not harm another being. I am Vegetarian by the way. Further on I have only one Chief, that is God or Allah or No-name; the source which brought me in existence. And I refuse to fix myself on belief systems: none of them. It sounds somehow crazy to me that the one God should have made different religions and rules for the people on Earth and probably even forgot to write a scripture for the animals. May be this is the reason why the animals follow   God-Allah-Mannitou. Animals do not murder and create Genocides. Something pretty much holy with them and none of them ever followed any scripture of one of the plenty Religions humanity got already offered to  believe in for certain or would get threatened with death, more tax or torture. So somehow I got saved by my parents from believing in scriptures like a slave and even my teachers had been influenced by the first white people, who will do finally the freedom ride for their folks: the Hippies, the folks with the long hairs who love to hang out at the beaches and to make love not war; those who got recognized by the Hopis as the real white man leaders, let us call them shamans like this is usual in the other races of mankind. So how are we doing when the EURO collapses. We should make a party and share what we have to share: everything. As more people will do this as more easily we will win the battle against the snakes. They will starve themselves to their hell because they do not get our fear-energies. That it is the reason why we do not fight the system like a conventional war but with non compliance. We can even have our fun by turning the Matrix of Materialism against itself. As we cannot see money we do as if it never existed. They told us that Jesus had said: you shall be like the children or the birds. Do they follow money? Do they work in order to get food? No, there is a different way: intention and imagination.

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