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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Montag, 20. Mai 2013

Stop to be in war against Earth and our Nature

Mankind is somehow in war against Earth and itself. And most of us do not even know it.

When my parents introduced me into eating a chicken, I felt so very sorry for that chicken and did not understand why I should eat it. But as parents are our teachers we are following, not so? But I remember that it had been an initiation:

I had to overcome my sorrows (love for that animal) and disgust (against eating flesh) to get able to eat that chicken. May be it had been a very conscious chicken and so it could still tell me somehow: this is not right.  I do not know ... but this chicken`s words remained in me, even I got addicted .... finally I find my way out of that terror on animals. I do not eat them anymore, since  11 years and love is therefore taking place in me allthough we  meanwhile are getting even fetus into our foods and it can happen that we unconsciously eat our own brothers and sisters. The Illuminaties do not care about anything: they like us to get cannibals.

Another initiation had been that one to the dentists. That had been an all-inclusive-terror-package which they praised and manipulated the Moms into doing that on their children: 

Noop, you shall not use your thumb to get sweet dreams ... we are going to break that bad habit

Oh yes, I remember that breaking procedure well: first they used the here so called "traditional way" and fixed my arms, hands and fingers, during the whole night, that I could not reach my mouth anymore. I wonder what happened that yet they had to put me into dentist care where they theft all my vampire teeth and gave me these plastique appliances to chew on. In fact they crashed all my teeth very well: I got a gold mine for them dentists till I lost them all. 

You people have to understand: If they stop a baby from sucking its thumb they stop it from  naturally stimulating its Pineal Gland, what it is the real cause of that so called "bad habit" and the real cause of  the Lizzards to stop little humans to do that because the little humans would open their 3rd eye with that habit. 

Are you getting it? It is natural installed in us; why else babies should do it? God made a mistake?  Please always ask that question, if you wonna be more clever than your creator and whenever you wish to go against that nature which was given to you or your children by your creator. 

Did God make mistakes creating you 
that way you were created 
that you now need all kind of corrections?  

I did not let any dentist on my childrens teeth  like I got to suffer that horrortrip. You wonna know the result? They have very strong teeth allthough  or shall I say because they were sucking thumb and their teeth were overbiting ... It is a phase, just a phase of growing. That overbiting time is a natural, phase of growing. The thumbs being used strengthen the whole mouth: the gumb and the second teeth get formed very well, of course the Pineal Gland will work properly as well as more it got stimulated.  

Of course if your babies have caries, you better stop to give them plastic sweety teas and so fort: unnatural food. Do not blame that on their habit to use their thumb.

The Illuminaties and their Mercenaries (soldiers, doctors and nurses and so on)  use that natural phase to manipulate you into believing that it were wrong and you have to put all that plastique and amalgam (mercury) appliances into the mouths of your children. Stop that, it is a crime. You are torturing and poisoning your child that way and they will loose all their trust into you as a parents, if they did not do that already while they were born in hospitals.

It is not for nothing, that they killed of the many female natural doctors, which were helping younger women to give birth to their children. That had been during the about 1000 years of inquisition. Finally they gave male doctors the responsibility to control the way we, the women are giving birth to our children. Do you think, that it is a good idea to give the mastership of that procedure into the hands of those, who cannot have any idea about it, because it is simply not their field. Do not get me wrong: I am for sure not a feminist, even the opposite: I love men and see them as the counterpart of women. Feminism is just another threat against humans nature: we are created to fit one another: men and women, it is horrible that the Lizzards got us to think anything different. Why shouldn`t we harmonize: men and women? That it is just another lie against our nature, the way God created us. Please take time to see the following video. I am really happy about that video.

And here you might find the rest of terror.

You here in the videos above that they are taking the placenta from the women. For what reason? May be you get some answers here? Do not believe these are practizes only among Muslim societies. You meanwhile should know about the human sacrificing and taking blood all over up to the top. You get in the videos a well introduction how they are doing magick, in smaller cases.

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