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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

Some might have realized me less engaging in this blog. I had been fighting my anger on humans who seem not to notice anything what it is going on. And I lost a lot of energies on these thoughts, that I deciced to take a break and just run this blog by some videos but no writings. Probably I can now find a more patient  and therefore less judging mode for humans allthough it still remains: If we do not wake up by a larger number of committed people to free ourselves from the Lizzards, we are getting into the hell they had been creating for us by compliance of human beings on various degrees. The most centres of that seem to be in the USA, in Saudi Arabia, in Israel and the encircled countries in Europe: UK, France, Italy, Germany and reaches like the arms of a spyder everywhere: more or less.

As said it is very hard to continousely inform people about the NWO and depopulation Agenda 21 as it is effecting ones self with a large amount of grief, even hopelessness confrontated with the human blindness which implifies stupidity and ignorance as aspects of the process. But the efforts, of course not my own but  hardly committed people around the world, got a break through:

The famous scientest Stephen Hawkin refused to be part of a meeting in ISRAEL. Of course the Lizzards  like to explain this as a matter of his health and to disrespect his own words. Let them continue their crocodile tears about their self launched (zionist) human sacrifice on their own people which they like to blame on others and count up into the Millions which should be paid by the Billions. Let us continue to support the truth: there is an ongoing bloodshed on Earth on Billions of humans over centuries. Let us get clear that the 20 Million Russians and 20 Million Germans and the 25 Millions of other Nationalities who had been killed during WWII had not been lesser humans and that we do not accept any longer those self choosen ones to destroy humanity by their certain voodoo practizes described in the old testament as nothing else than human sacrifice. By the way the self choosen ones can be Jewish but must not, look a bit closer to the Vatican and the British-German "Kingdom" .. They appear to you in any name and you can know them by their cruelty, that it is all you need to know. And that knowledge is written into your heart. 

In fact we can also not go on to blame the Leaders: they are representing what we are creating. If humans permanently fall for having something rather than being somebody of honour and love, what kind of society will come out? Cannibals, you name it. Cold blooded full idiots who sell  out everything of real value (actually happiness) in order to have something more than others.

I was born before the so called economic wonder took place in Germany after WWII. Unfortunately this wonder did not take place in my family .. or had it been a fortune? I did not fall for the materialism which took place more and more and brought people into a stage of hypocracy which could not allow them to feel with those who got killed in order of their hypocracy. 

Nevertheless there had been many humans of my generation who stood up against the Killer Agenda against the Vietnamese people - but we got beaten by the Lizzards: the human Lizzards who had been fallen for their red and green sofas, their apartments and houses and one car after another one .. who had no time to even spend a little thought on those people who got slaughtered in Vietnam. 

One loving person after the next who had  been standing up got sacrificed by those cold blooded humans: their leaders and them own, cold blooded masses who did not care as long as they got richer by the corruption of their minds. 

Nothing what we are facing today is done without the work of humans. Scientest and Physicians, Militairies and Police, workers in the food and chemical industries .. they all had been working to spoil up the Earth and their inhabitants, the animals and humans. The Lizzards could not do that by them own: we better find that out

It is also a very dangerous thing to point out on manipulations which are done, if they lead away from own responsibilities. Of course they are done but they cannot do anything if humans do not choose to pick them up; in fact they would disappear if people would not pick them up. 

How comes that there are always those on who these manipulations do not work? How comes that there are those humans who do not just call: this or that person is guilty ... only because the TV was telling them this. Aren*t they as much under the influence of manipulations like others? They are but they do not pick them up.

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