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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Montag, 1. April 2013

Take care of your DNA

Who stranded here might not be shocked (anymore). I do not know. But as we are running out of time to defend ourselves, the animals, the nature - speak the whole Earth Creation as it was given by God (Allah) -,  there is no way of bringing things in a smarter way to you. You have to understand things fast and you have to act immediately and constantly as well. Let me give you a Summary of the attacks which are surrounding us already.


Our masters, whoever they are is not quiet sure, have decided to get rid of mankind by the amount of 80-90 % and to bring about - during this process of depopulation - a transformation called transhumanism which shall leave the 10 % of survivors as some kind of humanoid Robots or clones. We do not talk about movies anymore but about insane science  and reality

They (those masters, who they pretend to be) wonna do that as follows:
  • Poison-s and viruses in air (chemtrails) and water (fluorides)
  • Spoiled food: genmodified (Monsanto & Co) and poison (pestizides)
  • Vaccination filled with viruses and poisoning medicins
  • Radiation
  • War-s (permanent wars) and WWIII
  • Electromagnetic vibrations: HAARP, Mobile-Stations, Smart Meters
  • Genmanipulation of humans
  • Starvation caused by the above mentioned operations also called Geo/Bioengeneering  
  • Socialengineering: through
  • destruction of relationships between women and men 
    • feminism
    • cause of much more than natural homosexuality (lack of hormones through wrong food supply, medicins)
    • destruction of love through porno all over including for children in so called sexuality lessons in public schools
    • childabuse and promotion and practize of pedophilia
  • destruction of relationships between generations
    • attack of parenthood, attack of grandparenthood and attack of elderlycare through the families (public child care from early stages, public elderly care and those in the middle working all over for few mones) 
  • destruction and genocide of native tribes
    • red, brown and black tribes who are still living in rural regions including the destruction of the regions: especially cutting off the trees
  • destruction of nations
    •  wars, orchastrated terrorism which cause depopulation as well as waves of migrations which lead to destruction of traditional values and a lack of roots and can be used to orchastrate social unrest between different religious group or races.
    • partial financial disasters which cause social unrest and migration in special (preplanned) regions
    • slaving nations into debt
    • building of superstates like EU or Africom
  • causing of conflicts                                                                 (problem/solution as preplanned by the masters) through
    • devide and conquer tools by the use of stigmas: race, religions, sexual habits, generations and by the use of democracy (party systems without personal responsibilities of the elected persons: political theatre)
    • orchestrated terrorism and demonisation of political leaders, actually in Libya, Syria, Venezuela ... on plan for Russia, Iran and much much more
    • the mentioned operations shall lead into WWIII or minimal big war here and there and all the time somewhere
    • Militarisation of societies, Policestates
  •  Genozides of humans and animals
    • tribes, races, religious groups (no matter which one, as long as they let the others believe they are not part of it)
    • animal races such as birds, fishes, bears, whales, dolfins
    • slaughterterror on domesticated animals "for food" (Sorry, so very sorry ... I do not know how to call that different) 
    • genozide of manfriend-animals (pets): dogs, cats, horses through slaughter, castration,  mindcontrol by chips, poisoned animal food/vaccination 
  • Genozide of Nature
    • cutting of forests all over, transforming villages and cities in cementaries
    • spoiling natural water ressources: oceans, lakes, rivers with poison, dust, radiation, oil, chemtrails and HAARP
    • causing of Earthquakes through HAARP
  •  Destruction of Morals and Values
    • through Satanic Rituals, Massmedia Programming of everybody but especially the Youth, telling of lies and showing naked and used skin, use of programming symbols, use of science-fiction videos, use of music (subliminals)
    • introduction of after birth abortion (another word for child murder)
    • religious fanatism
Alles Schall und Rauch
Read in German

I guess I got it all, no I did not: there is much more out there in space: like total control satelites and who knows what else again: just watch the moon which is always hiding his back part and got fat like Americans by the use of djunk food. I did not mention yet the invention of sugar and other hardcore drugs, the supply of alcohol for even little children ... all that not by coincidence but planned.

So I guess you are finished now. Here now we go to give you the rest:

After this overwhelming Summary you might now need: God or Allah (what are just other names for the same Supreme All what can be. 

And that it is the advice which I am giving everybody. No: I do not talk about Religion and running into the arms of Priests and Churches who heavily caused all this but I am talking about your inner connection with God. 

But let us first list everything what you have to stop, if you do not want to be a supporter of that AGENDA above.

Do not kill. That includes animals and children, that includes all other people on Earth: you have no right to support war. Stop working for companies who are asking you to poison either people, animals or plants: it does not matter if you are doing such things as a Pilote who is spraying Chemtrails or as a Farmer who is spraying pestizides on the plants or feeding animals with drugs and poison. It does not matter if you are a nurse or a doctor: stop vaccine people and giving them poisoning medicins. Stop being mercenaries of all kind. How? You have to survive?

Exactly, so do we. To give you now some clear words: if you believe that you can only survive if you kill people because they pay you for that: who do you serve? In who do you put your trust?
Into the Satanes or Demons or Archons or Lizzards, who you cannot see but follow like a blind chicken, who does not know what it is good for it. So, I am telling you, that your argument is not true?
Yes, that it is what I am doing. God is the most powerful source of everything: not these invisible beings who you follow like idiots. So let God or Allah feed you. For that you must let him/her dwell in you and not the Satanes. Again: this is not a matter of Churches and running after Priests. This is a matter of you and how you practize your relationship with God or Allah. If you are somehow involved in all the spoilings mentioned above and wonna get out of it: talk to God and beg for release. And do that with strength. Soon you will see different doors opening for you. Do not blubber again as if you would know: you never tried that way. Do it now.
I know that Jordan tells you the dark side of the Bible, Bill tells you the other side.

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