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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
Radio Podcast

Donnerstag, 4. April 2013

Mark of the Beast

I like to make up things in my own way. I do not tell you it was meant like that: how do I know, what the editors of the Bible had in mind when they wrote it? So let me lead you into my version of the 
of the Beast

You know that picture of a human left for us by Leonardo da Vinci. Imagine this Human as the Earth but turn us (human ity) looking to the West. What you now see is a human with a fat stomache representing the US, which simply cannot get enough. It seems to be a whole without any ground. Then we have the area of the Genitals, representing Africa. Usually this area should give us inspiration and swing but you know how it looks like when a fat person is trying to move on sticky legs like this ones. Not that well.

The hips, represented  by Venezuela and Iran are trying their level best to balance us but things are rather difficult. One of these hips got broken not long ago, the other one is still strong. But we have problems with our heart, we suffer a heart attack in Irak, Libya but God thanks it is still beating in Syria allthough of the Military base of the US in so called ISRAEL. You know some choosen people are residing there and terrorizing people as best as possible. Unfortunately our Pankreas is also in a worse stage after our heartattack in Libya. Viruses embraced by the big mouth of our Head are troubling us now not only in our Abdomen (Africa) but nearly everywhere. Our lounges are seriously effected (Canada), we are dying more and more. Our Soul  (Russia) tries its level best to intervene: Stop, stop, stop but the stomache is asking for more and more and more, greedy for all kind of junkfood, drugs and pills ... it needs to have his daily debt to consume ourselves. No wonder that the Spine (China, Northkorea, Japan) is really getting nervous and is telling the stomache to be quiet. But it does not listen and lies and lies and lies that it never got any food but only threats by many Ben Ladens. And what about the brain?Well, things are really outminded as well. We suffered already a serious stroke in one part of it and the other part is in a  momental apathy caused by this sickness for which we could not yet find a name. Some call it the Hitlersyndrom some the wore of America. Remember Germany is occupied by the US: yes we are. But nothing last for ever. In Germany about 1/4 of the people are knowing already what it is going on. It is our style to wait before we act. Actionism is not needed but whisdom. We will figure that out somehow ..

Boys and Girls, we better get aware: we are sick from the top to our legs and now the stomache wants to eat the mark of the spine, the Mark of the Beast unfortunately that it is all of us, our embodied spirit on Earth: or what do we do without our bloodcells which are produced in the Spine and serve the whole system, but only if we do not feed it with Dollar Notes. So let us try to feed ourselves with other Notes, like these Notes from our Souls. As proven already twice: they can enter the brain.

But this time we do it different. The German people are a bit slowly (sorry for that, it is our temper) but we are observing things and we will not go for war against Russia: forget about that bullshit America. It is pretty much cold there and anyway many of them Russeans live with us like the Turkey do and we learned to manage that in peace. In fact our country is filled up with foreigners and still the wore could not trouble us into war with one another. We are living here with Muslim and Christians and what ever people believe ... and they know us: more than 70 percent, I guess even more do not like not any war. Mister Putin was living in Germany as well for many years. His child grow with us. Did you know that?  And it happens that we listen more to him than to the Madame. In fact we do not like that female embassador of the Stomache. Stomache... get quiet. Just get quiet and stand some fasten time. Is more healthy. Pipe your dogs in the houses and things get well on Earth. Do not force the worlds population to come and look for you - just do it your own, care for your mental health, we care for our.We do not need your democracy. By the way a bit social thinking should enter into the US: sharing is not that bad. Mister Hilder is a well person but his hate of socialism is nonsense. Russia is over it, China is on its way to get over it - only the US cannot get over it? It needs an enemy? How many children in the US are starving? Not since now! You did not care not even about your own kids ... but want to show the world how to do life? Cool down: you are the child on Earth, very shellfish ... about what: collectice Murder? No more.

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