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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
Radio Podcast

Samstag, 11. August 2012

Some people have surprisingly contact with the Pleiadiens others with the somehow holy Galactic Federation of Light, and me? I feel overwhelmed by humanity.

Actually I am trying to figure out where the humans could be. In other words: I find animals more "human" than the humans and I do not scare them but those - who call themselves humans - I do scare them. Most of them. It is quiet special. For some days I am caring for a big dog. He has more the seize of a horse, so humans consider him as a danger. He does not even kill a bee, but humans do so. They even hunt ants. I must admit that I tried to get rid of earwigs, who had been living in my place in Gambia (before I moved in there). How? You must know how. I treated them with Chemtrails

But after one week of their united resistance I gave my idea to be the controller of that house simply up. Notice how the earwigs did!

Instead I went into conference with them how we could use the place together. So then it popped into my mind to build a fine road for them. I did that. I spend them a nice road built from vanilla sugar throughout the whole kitchen and they agreed. They never left that road and I learned to lift my legs when I wished to pass their road. I was living in Gambia those days. Anyway we white people over there had had some kind of crazy-chips on our foreheads so that there were no need to defend my reputation in the eyes of the Gambians. And white people had not been among "my people" over there. They were busy with hunting black flesh ... you know what I mean. The same thing you get to see in all countries with nice beaches and low currencies. No, I am not saying that this is a white people behavior; all over the Globe we find prostitution - people who do things against their nature. Or is it the human nature to be a prostitute?
Some people interpret the Adam and Eve story  in such way. Eve made dschiggidschiggi with the Reptile in order to get the fine apple and Adam the idiot followed her example. He copied Eve`s manners. That also seems to be human nature. I never saw that from animals. Even my pets had been more original, big individuals who only did what they wished to do, so that I could never identify them as members of a race. And so I also never saw in their societies racism. But human societies are full of such shit. They see races at any corner and if they do not see them they trouble their minds until they see races.

Chosen ones and unchosen ones: however there must be one or more to hunt. Humans build groups for such hunts. Fairness? Hei? Try to find such manner among the mobs. Human sacrificing is a pretty much common manner of human societies. Within few days they can establish such movement of a hunt for a sacrifice. If they would not have the Illuminaties they would form them out of themselves!! Just look on working places. There must be one to be hunt down ... and then the next and next. They call that mobbing.  Of course everybody tries to be under those who does not get hunt. So they go on their only risky other opportunity: they hunt together with the mob the sacrifice. Scary, isn`it?

Humans stick to the theme of offenders and victims. One cannot survive without the other one, not so? Big problems occur if there are more offenders than victims. Humans call that war. You know how deep you were into such mind, not so?

It is very dangerous not to comply with this shit. You are with us or against us, says the whisper. And you fool do not believe in conspiracy? Poor guy. Things are so conspirative that you do not even know how you function: totally out of mind and heart. You do not believe in mind control? So then you must explain these human manners all over the Globe. Try this explanation.

Could it be that I am not one of you? May be I am a Pleiadian or Member of that Galactic dingsda. But I would not know anything about such membership. So probably they forgot to program me for that offender and victim game.  I used to defend anybody who should get hunt.  I do not comply with such shit. Somehow I survived this behavior of mine till now but none of my "prophets". No ... I do not have prophets: all they say I follow. I am not a Slave unless by this fucking Globe where there is no more space to escape. Not even among the Natives. They get attacked like shit. No, I am not programmed to follow a prophet. I just like this or that person and what they stand for. As said they all got killed. None is left. Oh oh, what does that mean? Okay sometimes I think it is better to follow my prophets into "I do not know where they are now" than to remain in this global hell of human prostitutes.
I do not mean the "real" prostitutes, who everybody can easily identify as prostitutes; those who admit that prostitution is their job. No, I do not mean these people. In fact it is easier to live around them than to live among the philistines. The "real" prostitutes do not spy after other people. I never passed such experience although I had been living 3 times in my life around such areas: Reeperbahn (Hamburg Germany), Senegambia (Gambia), Negril (Jamaica). These people do neither spy after you nor do they deny what they do.

You do or did!

Probably it was/is you. You want to know what your neighbor is doing. No, you do not knock at their doors and ask for a nice talk. You spy after them. And then you move out with your newest spy hunt stories. 

"Did you hear what 
Mister Doodle did last week?"

In case you did not find anything special you got very creative and just told stories. 

Where are the Illuminaties?

It is important that you understand how they could come into such powerful existence. You did it. And that it is also the way how to undo it. Get a human.

A big hunt seems now to be the one of "conspiracy theorists". They all get accused sooner or later to be Reptiles or somehow related to them. I can only wonder about people in the US who usually put such "investigations" into the Internet. 

Why can`t you/they just shut up. You/they never said anything about those Reptiles when they were killing children around your/their yards but now you hunt them among those who made this public? Is that normal or mad or mankind`s nature? From here you want to evolve into the 4th dimension where ever this might be? 

What about evolving in this dimension, right now?

This is not by consuming but acting accordingly to the situation. The situation is right now pretty much horrible and you know that. Do not tell me bullshit. They are spraying us like earwigs with Chemtrails and they do not do that caused by love. So no more discussion whether but how to survive that shit now. That it is what has to be talked about. 

You know how we came into the shit - philistine bullshit. People in the US call that the American Dream. So probably you can catch it now: we must change. In the US it looks actually more horrible than in Europe but  this is only a matter of time. That does not mean that we must not act in Europe. In fact everybody must do something now. Everybody. In the US things might come sooner worse. How to face the coming extermination? 

The best would be to not let this happen. This only works out if many many people do their daily prayer for peace, health, housing and so on and of course freedom. Do not wait that they do it, the many people. Do it for your own. If everybody waits on everybody ... you know where this end. 

This prayer is functioning in the following way, by programming yourself on another reality. That it is real creativity. You have that power to create reality, so do.

Here are my suggestions how to program yourself.

I leave every being which 
(needs to) harms me. 
All Beings who (need to) 
harm me leave me. 
I stay in peace. I am healthy. 
I am housed.
I am fed. 
I am free. 

Do not think about how this might work out but follow the inner advises you get.

Impress your brain with these words about  5 times daily, just do it. Write it down, this brings it "in" even more stronger because your fingers are involved, that means your senses are connected with the pineal gland and more. But talking them is also well. But do it. Repeat each of them 5 times and that procedure daily 5 times. It will also help you to stay steady.

This is also by catching manners of humans. Do not panic, minimal not in actions. If you are supposed to die, it is better you die calm than in panic. Avoid idiotism and false heroism. Do not harm anybody else. Whatever you can do now to keep water which is not poisoned or something to clean it up, prepare that now. Store food. Have collodiale silver and vitamin C (essence) in store. They are the onliest helps in case of infections like Cholera and so on. Know also that you can clean your body up with clean water with salt (NaCl 0,9 = on 1/2 liter water 4 gram salt, just drink it that way). Go on with the prayers as suggested and follow the inner advises you will get.

This is by helping one another as best as possible. Do not hide help from your fellow humans and animals. What goes around comes around. Put that into your brain. Help.

Things are not nice. No need to quarrel about it now. We allowed things to get such far. Now  we have to face the consequences and try our best to turn them into better.

This guy here is not talking to you in the usual manner but taking things how they are. He does not refuse "Aliens" or the reptiles but does not talk bullshit about Pleiadians who would not have better to do than to rescue mankind from itself. Stop being an idiot.

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