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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Montag, 6. August 2012

Do you know Meria

Meria With the News

8/6/12 Meria With the News: Curiosity lands on Mars; Another psyop shootout in Wisconsin by ex Army Vet who specialized in psyops, were there four shooters? Who got shot connected to the Disclosure project? Boy Scouts,no gays allowed but pedophiles welcome; thousands of fish die offs from the heat (who benefits); chemo boosts cancer; mammograms useless; solar superstorm and power grid; radioactive cesium in Japans fish; child-porn network revealed; Walmart oks Monsanto’s GE corn; Obama turns 51; Storm Ernesto; 40 bank failures this year; fires in Oklahoma; $360 million of our tax dollars went to Taliban; CIA drones in Somalia, Pakistan and the US; US nuke bomb facility closed; new pig/human flu; is Obama planning a false assassination ? Garden Fresh recall; dehumidifier recall; $166 a night for prison prison confinement; $440 mil lost on a computer “glitch”; Megachurch Pastor guilty of sex with a teen; Vermont farmer crushes 7 police cars with tractor; voter purges continue; Susan Komen foundation oversells mammos; 67th anniv. of US nuclear attack on Hiroshima; Midwest gets some rain; latest in Colo. shooter case; Romney’s $100,000 horse and $78,000 tax credit for it; and more stuff.

America, are you healing? Respect for him
Who is left to invent?

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