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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Mittwoch, 8. August 2012


What it is of more value for you: To loose your and your families live(s) or the lies you have been told?

You better think about it more than one time. People tend to get totally scared when their perspectives on live get somehow threatened by the reality. 

We see this with the Chemtrails. Still many people cannot take it; they cannot allow themselves to see what they see. Everyday they see it, minimal if they trust themselves to look up to the sky. Many don`t do that. 

This guy choosed to believe the Global Warming Story in order to not catch the real one, but then he thinks on another idea. Yeah, there must be an enemy, that fits in his perspective:
Russia and China  and so on ... attacking the US. 

He cannot imagine that all of us are on threat, inclusive  the people in Russia and China. He cannot imagine that there are no nations unless in our perspectives. It is what we got teached. He tries somehow to keep this perspective of life as a matter of his inner security. He cannot catch the idea of Beings, either Humans or Reptiles or what, who need to finish humans. But he is even better than many, minimal he does not deny them clouds as Chemtrails like so many other people still do.  

Here is a Dutch TV discussing the Russians to put these things into the air, by the way Holland is filled pretty well with Chemtrails either. These TV people use the denial need of people, keep them holding on their perspectives on life. So they serve them with the old enemy Russia/China. And that shit functions because it seems to be more horrible to loose the usual perspective than to face the truth and to act reasoanable on it. 

You got to see the picture yesterday, what they are praying on in the Vati-clan. Okay that really challenges our perspective of life.

I am so sorry, but we are going through something which is like a bomb into our brains. But we better try to take it now and then to act on it than ignoring things. I am sure you want to survive. So please try to think reasonable. We have not much of chances but if we have chances it is by our numbers of some Billion people on Earth.
They are trying as much as even possible to keep us in national and religious perspectives so that we might be ready to kill one another. That will pretty much help these guys to get rid of us.
Intentionally they are killing here Christeans, there Black people and there Muslims and so on, always pretending that one of the other groups was doing it. We have to understand this tactic. Of course they also use Nationalities to devide and conquer. In fact anything which can be used as a label. Poor against rich, educated against uneducated ... and so fort. 

Please get out of this, even if you will shake for a while like a lost ship in a big storm. The storm we might face if we do not overcome the labels will be much bigger.


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