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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Freitag, 13. Juli 2012


today I had had a pretty heavy debate weather the Bible could be a matter of hypnosis. My problem had been this:
I am Mary .... and I am the mother of the Allmighty God, of course.

How to debate with hypnotized people? Yes you need to decode them to bring them out of mind control by these folks
My problem is, I only know the code for the rapid hypnosis induction but not the key to free them. You wonna know the code for the induction? Okay, here it is:

You shall not eat from the tree of knowledge.
As you are hyped you will not question why you shall not eat from your tree of knowledge with other words you will not think. But probably this visualization gets through to you. The snake wants to harvest from your brain, so please do not use it for your own. Never ever never. So it is fine ....
By the way this is Jewish, Christean and Muslim Non Thinker Style of hypnotized Eves.

And here now you get the most best sleeping pill for free but therefore for your own choice by Jim Katsoulis, who I used to call the Voice man. I promise you, never again you will miss out any sleep unless you wish it. From now you have the Voice man. Enjoy, it is super.

After this deep relaxation you might like to use your brain and eat some brain food. Do some studies here and here. By the way. I do believe in God. But for certain I do not believe into any religious schemes, scriptures and priests. Very simple I think God had not been an idiot when he gave me my brain. He wanted me to use that  one. If not, I guess he would have created me in a different style; he would probably have given me a head without a brain ... We actually know that this leads directly into death. 

So what had happened here that the Western Religions, all of them forbid the people to think? I cannot tell you who exactly had  been the "entities" who made up these perfect hypnosis but I can tell you that it functioned on many people, actually throughout so called civilization since Pharaonean times. Overwhelmed Jewish, Christians and Muslims will explain you that God or Allah gave us a free will but only to be used to obey God. Is that mad? It is. If God needed Slaves he would have created us in that way, not so? So probably, there had been "Gods" who exactly needed that: blind slaves, so blind that they would not mind if they and their children were eaten, raped, tortured and exploited by all means. This is actually Jewish, Christean and Islamic history: first by torture then by religious hypnosis this blindness and agony got burnt into the Earthling people`s brain and one native folk after the next got either ripped of or embedded into the so called civilization. Don`t you see that? America is the biggest of all successes like that ever. 100.000 Million natives got killed by hypnotized Christians who had been even hypnotized to call that Freedom but not mass murder on humanity. This process is still unfolding. Strange hypnotized American mercenaries are killing all over humans which shall get exterminated now even by the use of play stations.  The methods of hypnosis got such well that times come that they do not need the religions any longer. They have got the microchips. Folks wake up to yourself.  There is no Jesus who will wake you up nor free you. Jesus is actually the symbol for the sacrificed children of plenty of virgins who got raped, killed and bestolen about their children. At any time when the Catholics drink their red vine they are confirming the mass murder program on humans done by hypnotized humans. By the millions of millions of humans got already mass murdered during that horrific history since we got somehow overwhelmed by the Pharaoneans.  Did the religions ever brought the people peace on Earth?  No, they brought destruction of humanity.  We had had peace as long as these entities did not visit our planet. You can still see that. Wherever there is an  untouched native or indigenous folk they stay in harmony with each other.  Not much of them left. None of these natives ever worshiped Jesus or Mohammed.  No I am not talking about the Mayans or Incas who had been Pharaonean enslaved folks. 
Slavery of the many does not function excluding by the use of force. There will be resistance and the slaving entities will get finished if they cannot hold enough mercenaries of their own.  So the mind control is the solution and got always used. This is the reason why we find the two system of religions. The natural one which we call shamanism. This is our real human "religion". It does not know neither priests, nor churches nor scriptures.  We are connected with God or Mannitou (alike how we call it) with our hearts and brains as long as we got not brainwashed. We can talk to any human as well as any animal, those nearby as well as far away. And at any time we can connect to God what next is to be done. And more over: God implanted into us the knowledge to know what it is good and what it is evil. Who might be those who need us to forget about that? Who are those entities who are telling us that this inner knowledge is causing us death.  They might wish to be seen as Gods but they are not . They are simply entities who need to overtake Earth and to rip us off.  The scriptures are their tools not ours even if some of our knowledge is there included. Jesus, the son of the virgin is not only the symbol for the plenty of children they theft us but also the symbol for the never ending circle: The virgin is the month September, when the wintertime starts. In that time she will carry out the new turn when the sun will rise up again. And so the Sun of God got the son of God. They used our own wisdom to  confuse our minds. Now the second sun is near to us and they are desperate to let us stay in the darkness. They are totally scared that the two suns of God give us too much connection with the real God and will destroy all their fucking hypnosis on us. It will. Even they cover the whole Globe with Chemicals we are feeling the both suns. They cannot do anything at least. But we can get out of the hypnosis so that we do not loose too much of humans which they try to kill. Stop believing in Armageddon as God`s will. It is excluding the hypnosis manual of the snakes.

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