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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Samstag, 28. Juli 2012


Oma got thrown out of the Sky direct on your heads. Is it? Yes man! Who did that to Oma? James Bond! Yes Sheep I know, if I was reporting you this in a normal class or something like that, you would look at me as if I was crazy and not you too dumped to check out what it is going on.  
You would not believe me this report like you do not believe as well, that they throw usually poison out of the sky on y-our heads. In fact they did not change too much  in this Event from Heaven: Oma is made from poison. She got so strong by that procedure that she in her age (86) can handle such Entertainment for you easily. Afterwards she looked more like him awaiting the further Akrakadabra  
The Queen's expression was businesslike as she took her place in the Royal Box - all part of the act

so that s-he can come to his food faster than you
(Ric Clay got killed) can come to your fast food-do-something-about-it Sheep 
back to her castle hidden from you and can then praise as   
Defender of the (blind) Faith 
her savior of y-our flesh.
Bon Appetite Oma
New world: Depiction of cannibalism in the Brazilian Tupinambá tribe as described by Hans Staden in 1557. But Europeans also consumed human flesh
another Kitchen in mordern days

Precautions: The CDC has posted guidance telling people what to do if the world experiences a 'zombie apocalypse' - such as in 2004 film Dawn of the Dead
Prepare they tell you because they are royal and that means they hunt us fairly, telling us first that they are going to do so - up to us to listen or not.

So, those of you, who have ears and eyes to realize, what it is going on, probably we can arrange something like this for Oma?
“Olympic Toilet Dive graffiti” (photo by Tim Callaghan)
Let us see here some of their fair hunts 
of Humans in Syria
GIF - 91.8 kb

  "al-Qaeda" All Over Syria


Back to the Demons O-Game


Just coming in a better picture like that one above; pure Death-Voodoo

Just coming in a better picture of the Death Voodoo

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