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Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley
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Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

Belief and Vaccines

The following thoughts by Dan Schulz, DC may wake us to think things through. 

>Belief is a funny thing and I do find the whole idea very interesting.
I recently had a discussion that provoked new thoughts on the subject.  A very casual conversation turned deep the moment this (previously unknown) person said that "everything either contained demons or God."  "Everything?" I responded.  "Yes, everything."  As usual, I'm actually not very interested in WHAT people believe, but I much more interested in why they believe it -- so I quickly went to work to get to the bottom of it, where all the juicy tidbits are found.

"Can I ask you some questions?"  I said and she was most obliging in agreeing and answering honestly.  I asked if she had thought of this idea on her own and she said she did not. I asked who told her that and she admitted it was a preacher, from church. I asked if she had ever seen any demons or heard them and she confessed that she had never sensed them in any way.  I asked if all churches believe this and she supposed that they did not. I asked if mathematics contained either demons or God and she scratched her head.  No answer to that one.  I summed it all up.  "So your saying that someone at a church told you about this idea, not all churches say this but this one does, you hadn't thought it all through yet, but you're telling others about this idea, stating it as fact, and even saying others should be believing this, too.

Why?  "Why did you choose to believe this?" I asked, and a few minutes later she was kind of fuzzy on the whole thing. <

My mother died because of her belief in "them" (Chemotherapy). I do not know how much of things I suffered already because of my beliefs in "them". Yeah we do not even know who exactly they are.  Par example: Did Jesus ever appear in front of you and said: Hi, I am your guy, if you do not follow me you will be fucked for ever. Take that sentence serious. The guy offers sex without marriage or he is probably outing himself to be gay ... just change the name Jesus in Whoever and you get things as profane as they are. But they, whoever  triggered you and me into Hypnosis in the name of Jesus.  Are you, am I sure to be a thinking being? Could it even be, that certain vaccines help pretty much to fuck up our brains? Back to Dan Schulz you will find here a lot of sources about concerns and dangers of vaccines. Of course, these days we get vaccines through many ways: Chemtrails, Fluoride and on and on, but those one with the needles might be extra ordinairy as a welcome on Earth.

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